Cisco CCNA certification is not an entry-level, IT certification so stop acting like it is stop pretending like it is, And stop telling people that it is yes. I know this article is going to cause a ton of controversy.

If you had the choice between choosing somebody with a Cisco, CCNA certification or the CompTIA A+ certification, Which person would you choose just based off the certification alone? And there was tons of comments? I think I've had over like 50 comments on that over 9000 views for that post and, Of course it was mixed. It was a big mixture. There majority of the people said that t wouldn't choose the person with the CCNA and there's many reasons for that. I'm not discrediting the CCNA one bit. The CCNA is an extremely valid important and amazing certification that you can get.

But if somebody is coming to you and asking you what certification should I get if I'm looking to get in IT, I'm looking to get into an entry-level job? What's the best certification, It's not the CCNA, It's an intermediate to advanced certification. So, There's nothing about that that is friendly to new people who are looking to get in IT. It's a great certification to have. Yes, It is only specifically geared towards Cisco Networking and, As you probably already know, The world of IT is vast. It's huge and there's so much to be learned, 99% of the time as an entry-level IT professional you will never touch a Cisco switch.

You will never touch the network that you will be working in 99% of the time and I could tell you from my personal experience from entry-level to mid-level to senior level positions that I've held. I was not allowed to touch the network. We had network administrator's for a reason that was their job.

T handled that and as the positions I was in as not a network administrator, Didn't need to know anything about the networks now I did because I that on my own time and I did held other positions where I did have to have some of the Cisco Knowledge to configure a VLAN or configure a port on a switch, Very basic stuff right stuff that really you could learn and obtain the knowledge from just by reading a EveDumps article and at the end of the day, When it all comes down to it, You don't Even need a certification to work in it to get an entry-level job. There have been plenty of people who have been hired with no certification, No degree and no experience. Because, As entry-level positions are concerned, You will learn everything that you need to know getting into it. Right, T're gonna teach you everything you need to know about, Entry-level IT and having a Cisco CCNA . While it looks good, Any other certification looks just as good.

I assure you of that and if you go and look out on indeedcom or any other job site and search for top t, A+ certification, For instance, You're gonna find thousands of jobs requiring you have that certification and you're gonna find a ton of other jobs Requesting the CCNA certification as well majority of the time, T're gonna, Be for positions that are more advanced than entry-level, Or it's going to be for an entry level, Networking position and many times you know you can obtain these entry-level jobs in networking obtaining a CCNA. But I mean those are few and far between, And I know I'm gonna get comments from people like I I did it. I was able to do it. Congratulations and good for you. Anything is possible in this field.

Anything and everything. It's all about you like, At the end of the day like again like it's, It's you, The person behind the screen who's reading this article. If you have the aptitude the personality, The enthusiasm met that specific job is looking for. You'Re gonna get hired, Doesn't matter what certification you have it's an entry-level position.

If you understand that, Like entry-level position means you don't need experience like you, Don't need to have certifications, You don't need to have a degree, Because you learn everything on the job so . While you could get noticed, Maybe slightly more for having a CCNA, Ultimately it doesn't matter. Who cares that you have a CCNA? I don't care, I'm not gonna hire somebody just cuz. I have a CCNA. It doesn't tell me anything about the knowledge that t have to do an entry-level IT job, So you just throw it out the window. I'm gonna hire somebody because I like them, Because t have the enthusiasm, The the thought process to do whatever it takes to do.

Entry-Level things, You know, Fix a printer change, Somebody's password all the things that you learn on the job right, So I'm not discrediting the CCNA by any means, I'm not telling you that it's a bad certification, I'm telling you that it's not an entry-level certification, Which leads To like people saying well, I'm gonna choose somebody with a CCNA, Because it's more advanced certification. It shows that t're capable of learning this material and and passing an exam right. Well, It's still it then the date doesn't show you that t have any knowledge right. I would trust somebody more with the A+ certification, Because that certification shows you the fundamental knowledge of entry-level IT.

It's specifically designed for this, Like t developed the A+ with entry-level IT jobs in mind the CCNA t didn't so having this knowledge of the CCNA could be completely useless to you, And you might find that after somebody tells you to go out and get your CCNA. You just hate networking, You know . I don't want such a network for the rest of my life. You don't like it.

I completely understand that's cool. Go get something like an A+ or an MTA Microsoft technology associate certification, Even an MCSA. The fundamental knowledge that you're gonna learn from those types of certifications alone are going to better help you in an entry-level job, Then a CCNA will ever help you in an entry-level job and people are going to say well getting an A+ is easier it's easier Right, It's many people say this all the time it's an easier certification to obtain, But you know what it opens up the door even further for you getting an IT. So if you are still looking to get your CCNA after you've obtained your a plus go, Get your CCNA and advance your career in networking or revenge, Your career, Wherever the hell it is that you're looking to go, It's not something that should be considered as entry-level.

It's not thing that people should be saying: go get this for your certification and the reason I bring this hall up. The reason why this even exists right now this whole article that I'm doing right now is because, In one of the Facebook groups, I'm part of somebody posted a article that some other youtuber did where he said always get your CCNA for your first certification. Never get a CompTIA certification, But at the end of the day you don't have the required skills and experience and knowledge that somebody with an A+ would have - and I know the right. This is totally going to offend you that I'm saying this and I'm so completely.

Sorry not really there's no reason why somebody should be getting their CCNA as their first. It certification, Unless I guess, If t really want to get a networking job, Which again it's very rare, That somebody is their first. It job gets any type of networking position. It happens, Everything can happen and, Like I said you don't even have to have an IT certification to get into IT.

You only have to have a degree to work in IT and many times you're gonna find you don't even have to have experience, Because it's all about you. Yes, You the person behind the screen right now. If you have the ability to shine through in an interview, You can land a position. It's possible. There have been many people who have landed IT, Jobs with no certifications, No degrees, No experience and t're working an IT, And we should know nobody is sponsoring me in this. Article CompTIA has absolutely no part of the cisco.

No part of this microsoft, No part of this nobody else, I'm sponsoring this article Zak from IT career questions is telling you what's up, Because I think it's a disservice to entry-level IT to tell people to get the CCNA, And I know you are gonna flame Me in the comments and t're gonna have many people supporting me in the comments, But I welcome each and every one of you to share your opinion. So don't just say: that's wrong: you're you're wrong you're, An idiot bla, Bla, Bla, Bla bla. Tell me why tell us: why tell the community? Why? Because it's it's silly to get people involved in something that's so advanced when t don't need it, T don't even need it unless t want to get in the networking.

It's absolutely ridiculous to tell them to get a CCNA, And you should know this by now. You should understand this. You should understand where I'm coming from and sharing this my thoughts right and sharing my opinion. You don't need it and to people out there again saying CompTIA certifications are useless, You're, Wrong, You're, Absolutely wrong. You go out on any job site and search for CompTIA, Certifications and thousands of people. Thousands of employers are looking for people who are CompTIA certified and the knowledge that you learn it's geared toward entry-level period and it's easier to get so why not introduce somebody to IT at a level that is better understandable to them, Then you know tango.

CCNA 200-301 Exam Dumps

Get your CCNA, Which is honestly it's complex right. That is a complex certification and anybody. I said this before say it a million freaking times anybody can go out and study for a certification and pass the exam. Some people are amazing at taking tests. Some people are just amazing at retaining knowledge to go and pass these exams. It's great wonderful good for you.

You still don't have the required experience, Even sometimes the knowledge that it takes to do some of these jobs, Because, As a new person, IT experiences. King experience far outweighs anything else. As far as this field goes because what you're gonna find, What you're going to learn is that every single IT job that you could potentially go to it's so completely different from one another, That every time you set foot into a new environment t're going to teach You how t do things, What you need to know in their specific way now you're gonna think when you learn some things about networking, That every single organization has their network set up the same right, Wrong, You're gonna think that everybody has their Active Directory, For instance, Set up the same wrong or group policy or a CCM or whatever the case may be, Everybody does things differently and learning the knowledge on the job is: what's going to help you the most so getting into entry-level IT again, Don't need a certification, Don't need a Degree, Don't need an experience. I know broken record right. You can get your foot in the door with anything.

Go get an. I tell certification, Go get your comp TI. Tf plus certification go get a security plus certification help go get a pen test, Plus certification go get your EC Council's ceh certification t're! Not sponsoring this. That's just ironic right, But it's just going to help you get noticed period.

Any certification is going to help. You get noticed again goes back to you know. People just say, Like you know, Obtaining the CCNA certification shows that you have this aptitude to learn this more advanced material.

Well sure I respect that. I understand that and, As a matter of fact, There's plenty of other youtubers out there and plenty of other people that I respect and admire and Duan lightfoot is one of these people who tell people get your CCNA. I respect his opinion. I understand where he's coming from, I'm not saying he's wrong. I'm just saying I think, There's better options out there and I'm not trying to start anything with him or anybody else.

I'm just trying to say I personally feel like telling people to do this to go down that route isn't necessary. It's not what people should be doing to get their foot in the door. I mean again going back, You don't need anything.

Just go apply for any freaking entry-level IT job. I know that all t want R experience t want this. T want that. Well, At the end of the day, T're gonna teach you everything anyway. I'Ve said this. If I said it once, I said it twice.

I said it a thousand times by now. I just want to help people get into IT. I want to help people and give them the best knowledge that t can possibly get to get their foot into the door, And once you get your foot in the door from there, You can decide where it is. You want to go whether you want to get into security, Whether you want to get a networking system. Administration doesn't matter like get your foot in the door and figure out the rest from there obtaining something like an CompTIA certification which, Again by all accounts, Is so much easier than any other certification out there.

It's a check mark on a box that helps you get noticed so obtain that study for the CompTIA A+ certification in six weeks and go pass. It you're more than likely not going to study from the CCNA in six weeks and pass it while some people can like we've said, That's just not as likely so. The point of this article is helping.

You is sharing some knowledge in this telling people to stop. Really being toxic to the new community of IT professionals, Because that's not the route to go that's really not and again, You're gonna tell me I'm wrong. You'Re, A idiot and all these other things. Sorry for all the language very passionate about this, Because I want people to step foot into this field and have the best possible experience that t can and while again that's, I said I said this - you know obtaining a CCNA certification for your search. First, Certification is great it.

It can be wonderful for you. It still doesn't show that you have anything other than piece of paper right like that piece paper. Anybody can obtain a piece of paper.

I don't piece of paper we're out there right. Sorry right right, Right, Read their it security plus certification, Just a piece of paper. It's me. It's gonna be me that that gets me the job, Because I have amazing wonderful personality and I could talk to people and I can communicate my thought process to people and I can explain things to people that t understand not using stupid tech terms.

24/7. Actually explain things to people in a way that t understand it and communicate with people in ways that t appreciate right. There's, There's so many other barriers that you should be looking at to a you know to to gain more expertise from than just obtaining certifications. You know there there's just a lot, So I encourage you to go out unlinked in read this post read all the comments that you know were left there there's a lot of great opinions that were shared there, Whether it's me telling you twon, Lightfoot network chuck.

It tester or Bill Gates himself telling you you know this is the best route for you ultimately, Like we don't know like. We can't tell you for sure, Because every single employer out there is looking for something different and just because you have one of these certifications. Doesn'T mean that that's why you got the job and I know people are gonna, Be out there well, Like I didn't get a job until I got the CCNA certification. I went through 17 job interviews and it wasn't until I obtained my CCNA that I got my first job.

Well guess what maybe it was the 17 interviews that you went through before where you were crafting your interview, Experience! That's what helped you get the job, Not a piece of paper right, Like truth and depending on your area, It that's a huge part of picking the right certification if you're looking in your area, And you see that many jobs are requiring a CCNA well sure. Maybe a CCNA could be right for you. If you see that it's all across the board, I'm still gonna say, Go.

Take your A+ and at the end of the day, I'm always going to tell you to go. Take your A+ for your first certification. If you're looking to get into IT, The knowledge that you obtain from that, I think, Far outweighs the CCNA when it comes to entry-level. It work. That's very important that you understand what I just said.

The A+ far outweighs whatever you will learn on the CCNA when it comes to entry-level IT work 99% of the time you will never touch a network in an entry-level IT position unless it's a entry level networking position. I hope you understand this. I hope this gets through to your head, Because it's very important that you understand before you start flaming me in the comments again not trying to start any trouble with anybody not trying to be an not trying to tell anybody. That's wrong not trying to tell anybody that t're right, I'm just trying to share knowledge that I think, Will help people break into this field in the best possible way, The easiest possible way and ultimately help them lead to a successful IT career.

Again, If you want your CCNA go out and get it don't, Let me stop you, Don't let anybody stop you, But never tell somebody to get their CCNA for their first certification, Because I think there's a better option out there not telling you're wrong for telling Somebody to get their CCNA first or first certification - I just think, There's better options, Because I think the other certifications help round out the knowledge a little bit better and again easier, More obtainable. It still helps you get noticed because thousands of employers look for people with the CompTIA certifications. That's all I got for this article. I know I'm gonna piss you off, Or maybe I'm gonna, Make you happy.

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