Why do we take the CCIE exam? Are you still worried about taking the CCIE exam? Do you want to be the internet god in other people's mouths?

CCIE is globally recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the top certification in the global Internetworking field.

How do we get CCIE certification?

There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE certification, and candidates must first pass a written qualifying exam followed by an appropriate hands-on lab exam.

First: Must pass a two-hour written qualifying exam, which covers networking concepts and some device commands, to be eligible to schedule a lab exam

Second: After passing the written exam , you can take the lab exam. If you do not pass the lab exam within three years of passing the written exam, you must retake the written exam before you can try the lab exam again.

Third: For CCIE Routing and Switching The Cisco Expert Training is a complete blended learning program designed to enhance competencies and develop the skills needed for expert certification.

Why do we take the CCIE exam?

Only having the traditional technical ability of after-sales implementation will only be able to mingle at the bottom of the society.

First: The routing and switching knowledge learned in traditional universities is far from enough, and everyone needs to systematically learn more new technologies to improve their own competitiveness

Second: Engineers who have obtained the new CCIE EI certification have higher certificate content and greater social competitive advantages, which virtually improves the return on investment in CCIE learning

Third: Because of the more comprehensive learning knowledge, future CCIE engineers The direction of development will be: the development path of one super and many strong.

Fourth: Since the content upgrade rate is as high as 40% or more, the practitioners who are old-fashioned only have some configuration commands and want to learn by themselves and read a few books. Those who can get high salaries can rest, and the future will belong to those engineers who have studied the network in a complete system.

What does the update to the CCIE certification program involve?

First: CCIE RS certification is about to retire from the stage of history and will be replaced by CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification

Second: CCIE Wireless Certification is changed to: CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification

Third: The mode of CCIE exam is changed to: written test (350-401 and CCNP certification core exam are the same as written test) + design (3 hours) + deployment optimization (5 hours)

Fourth: CCNP certification no longer needs to take the CCNA test first. The CCNP exam has changed from the previous 3 exams to the 1+1 mode, namely: one core exam (350-401 and CCIE EI certification same written exam) + one elective exam

Fifth: CCNA exam no longer distinguishes multiple directions and is collectively called CCNA, exam code: 200-301, CCDA certification renamed: CCNA Devnet

Sixth: re-certification form Changed to 120 credits before activation, requiring engineers to continuously and systematically learn new knowledge

Seventh: CCIE re-certification time becomes 3 years


Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the CCNP 350 701 SCOR Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps.


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