I'm just putting the finishing touches to my CCNA exam coach Ian. I ran a really successful coaching program in 2019 for students to pass the exam before he changed. As you know, It's changed now.

It's got a lot harder. So I've changed, It format got feedback from the last crew. There was a few hundred that went through it and I've launched a new program, But I'm launching it now and the article. So if you haven't heard of me, I've written quite a few.

It books some on my own, Some with other authors CC II's, Which you can check out the latest one CCNA simplified, Actually cuz the pen v6 just launched on Amazon. There's a link in the description I'll come to. Why, In a bit so well ensure you can read all out so I'll put it on the front of every article. I'Ve got a few old online. It training websites used to teach classroom courses and used to work for Cisco.

Now I do everything online. How to network comm 101 labs netted in 60 days? Calm! Please! If you want to hear more from me about IT, Careers, Certification and having a successful career, Then just click on the subscribe and hit the balls. You get notifications now. This is the problem for the CCNA there's a 90% quit rate. So if we go through all of these people up to from 1 up to 9, T all quit. So what I'm saying is t don't even attempt the exam? These attempt the exam, But there's a problem so you're, One in 10, Say 10 out of 100 will attempt the exam, Bert and the exam.

I think even online cost. You $300, The average pass rate is 25 attempts, So the average person is spending 750 dollars in order to pass the CCNA. Now that's a lot of money, Even for someone who's on a good income. It's a significant many! Now I don't there's a article.

I just looked at the pass ray - I don't know if t're intentionally, Making it highly rightly t're, Intentionally making it hard. I guarantee, But if you just do your own research there's around a ninety-five percent failure rate for the CCNA her first time. Second, Attempt is a bit higher than the third attempt is there higher than that. So we've got a lot of problems here, Not only the money but also it's a real blow to our morale and motivation and we're taking many months to pass instead of them.

Just a few months, So this is around the pass rate first attempt bearing in mind already and your hair. What was it? Was it ninety percent who quit so we're getting down into a very tiny percentage of people who actually attained the certification? We all start out with a bulk, So we're hitting the box we're going online, Taking practice, Exams or reading articles, Either paid ones or finding free ones, And then we hit a wall. Now your wall can be any number of things, Depending on your circumstances.

From the years I've been teaching and coaching people get overwhelmed. There's too many topics, There's hundreds to learn. What do you study when in what order? What do you review or when do you review it and can't get into good habits? Is the main complaint people have? What things do you lab up in the exam is scotum? If you look at it, It says describe so that isn't hands-on, Configure or T shoot normally means . You have to have hands-on skills, But you still, If you want to understand and up, I think it says just describe up - do a lab on it. It's the easiest way to learn, And when do you take practices exams? Most people make a mistake and t actually leave it to just before t're ready to take the exam.

The paid exam and I'll explain the coaching course mobile. You need to be starting from day. One can't remember: you've read an entire chapter and you can't remember a single thing you just read and how to know when you're ready. So you don't waste $300 per go dealing with nerves, Which at least a memory loss and people go blank in the exam.

So this coaching program - I can't find you, I don't have the time you know, There's thousands tens of thousands of people on all my different email lists and article lists, So I've put together a coaching program that will help you it's a battle-tested plan. I have taught thousands of students with this - probably tens of thousands actually we're going to train your brain in order, So you can use it as a tool to help you learn and then remember what you're studying fast track. All your studying.

So what to study when how often and when to review motivational stuff, So you don't run out of steam, Forget you were working on your goals said that and how to pre pass the CCNA so make sure you can pass before you actually take the real exam Streamline everything you need to set aside around two months now, So I'm coaching you I've got my coach as well. I'Ve got a business. Coach Emerson is a good friend of mine, So I'm not alone in the process. I need to have someone to be accountable to too so this is the online course you can see. We'Ve got this is on how to network comm.

CCNP 300-710 Questions

So all your Theory Theory you've got minI labs, MinI labs, MinI labs, So talk about the theory and then we go and lab it on. You can normally use packet tracer, But we've got live racks that you can use and 24/7 as you go further on. You go from minI labs into full labs, So these are the full-on labs and then we do practice exams, One two three and you keep taking those over and over again I'll, Explain more in the course. So, There's a whole coaching program master your memory, Which is a book you can stream and also you can see. There's a PDF here, Also the download and reads every day we're tackling the different parts of motivation and brain training.

Ebooks speed reading ebook, Which is also a lot on retention as well. I do I read books. This is one of my favorite books ever Tom Hopkins, The official guide to success, And it's obviously written a few years ago. Look at his jumper he's got a Christmas jumper arm. I'Ve read the entire book and I've summarized it for you all the end like 10 or so best tips. So that'll save you a lot of time and effort.

I'Ve got an entire goal, Setting and goal and taking her course that I wrote myself now every day. These are the articles I use, So we've got day zero day. One day, Two each of these days contains I'll show you in a second t contain and lessen. So you, When you I'll, Show you what to do in a minute, But when you follow the coaching course module one you'll do the introduction day. One you'll do all of the tasks that I set you for day one.

So here's an example: if you, If you're on the coaching course there's a article of me, Telling you which topics to study for theory which exams to take which motivational has to do and every day at from it's from 1 to 60, Has got a number. So the goal set in for day one is mark for day one for day two, It's marked for day two. So it's easy to follow. If you can't get a good quality study guide, I personally recommend mine because I wrote it and it matches the course if you've got a different one from Francisco or whoever you can use theirs as well.

It just won't match the same order as mine, So this is my magic. You do your theory, Which is articles or books or both may be best to do both we do practice exams. Every day.

Almost we do hands-on labs, MinI labs and then full labs. You do review so we'll do days. 1, 2, 3 and days 4 is a review her days 5 to 7 day 8 review, And then we some big review sessions every say roughly every 10 days, So we're learning learning learning the strategy. You leave that to me. You follow my strategy exactly and you should get the results.

If you do exactly what I say, I know what I'm doing. These are just a small selection, Some of the students. I'Ve helped pass not just the CCNA ccnp April of security plus a whole bunch of exams. I can't fit them all in there's thousands, But these are some of the people have just emailed me with photos and testimonials. So just showing you, I know what I'm doing.

I can get people through and just before. I started to record this and I got a message posted on my forearm past, The CCNA 200 301, Which is the new exam thanks for all the great material in supports. What's next, Too many good certs out there.

So this is one of my members and it I just happened to check the forum before recording this article, But there's loads of others have actually got a forum and topic for people who've, Passed and all the time we're just getting people pass and put in their Post on, T also give study, Tips and advice as to what t did so CCNA is still the gold standard. Certification is the best once again in terms of making a good money, IT career prospects and getting your foot in the door and getting ahead. It's full of all the latest technologies cloud security, Wireless tcp/ip, Ipv6, You've, Obviously got Network automation, Troubleshooting, All your routing and switching so whether you're going into project management, Sales, Design and consulting all of this. This lays the foundation from where you want to go and then obviously, At the top you'll be specializing all righty. I use this is extra 2g to pass the new exam which I passed a few weeks.

Kara there's a article somewhere in EveDumps about it. So I did my strategy. Put it to practice, Took the exam it's really hard and got through the exam.

Why come to how to network comm? Well, All the people you see here on the right. T are not. It trainers.

I guarantee 99% of other people who are writing books, - in articles and on EveDumps and not all, But 99% are all teaching and t have been teaching since I started out studying in 2002 the same people, So I only use IT industry experts who were all Working and designed and install in troubleshooting live networks. We'Ve got loads of practice, Exams, Loads of hands-on labs. The whole coaching strategy session live cisco racks. These are 24/7 and just read the training articles to see how it works, And then you can log on and use the racks, Little mini, Quizzes and practice exams. There's the live racks if you want to take advantage, There's a link in the description when you come to the join page.

If you put CCNA, I presume that's the course you want to do, But also put CCNA exam coaching and will allocate the coaching course to you at the moment. T'll be the first couple of days up and I'm adding more and more days. So in two months time the entire course will be there if you're reading this in there a June or July 2020. Alright, So usual join said that there's a $1 joined link in the description for 30 days. I'm gonna be launching that month of the 25th of May.

You can start any time you want after that day, On or after that date. So here's the offer as a special URL and in the description and there's loads of course, Is not just CCNA. If you come and you click on the courses here, You'll see, I think, There's 35 plus maybe 45 I'll have to count them. Actually, We've got courses on almost everything you need to study for the IT industry, Loads of practice, Exams, Tons and tons.

I'Ve said the life Cisco Rack will help you on the forum as well. There's experts and other students career training, The exam strategy support alright. So that's it.

The CCNP 300-710 Questions is a wonderful tool for evaluating your performance in terms of the number of questions you can answer and your ability to maintain a healthy level of stress during the final exam. Additionally, it supports you in planning for a buffer, which acts as a safety net for you throughout the Certification exam.


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