Participating in certification exams is the only way for many people to seek professional development, and each additional certification will bring a salary increase. Although the domestic salary level is not as high as that of foreign countries, it is also very impressive compared with other domestic industries. If you can reasonably plan the study and examination of the certification certificate, you can not only learn comprehensive and systematic knowledge, but also easily find a working environment suitable for your own strengths. But there are so many certificates on the market, which one should you take? In the network engineer industry, the CCNA.CCNP.CCIE certificate is a very good certificate, and the employment prospects are relatively good. The degree of recognition in the society is also good.

As the primary certificate of the network engineer industry, CCNA is also the network industry. The threshold of entry. CCIE.CCNP is hot in the CISCO certified network Internet world. CCNA is often overlooked because it is the most elementary stage. So is it really unimportant? I think this statement is completely wrong. From the height of the building to the ground, learners can't be too ambitious. They should build a solid foundation first and then carry out the cycle gradually. At the same time, some people are wondering whether the value of CCNA is depreciating? It is understandable that CCNA certification is an essential certificate in some low-level network industries. Although CCNA is a relatively low level in the certificate, it has a certain gold content. CCNA certification marks the ability to install, configure, and run medium-sized routing and switching networks. , and the ability to troubleshoot. CCNA-certified professionals have the knowledge and skills to establish connections to remote sites over WANs, eliminate basic security threats, and understand the requirements for wireless network access. This certification can prove that the certificate holder has mastered the basic knowledge of the network, can use the LAN and WAN interfaces to install and configure Cisco routers, switches and simple LAN and WAN, provide primary troubleshooting services, improve network performance and security. It can be seen that CCNA is an indispensable part of the network industry certification system

Of course, some people may ask me if I only have one CCNA certificate and whether I have employment prospects in the future, which industries should I be able to engage in? ? Here I would like to introduce to you, CCNA is a certification of Cisco, Cisco is a communication equipment, and can get involved in the communication industry. The operator is the manufacturer that operates the entire communication network. Your mobile phone uses the operator's network to make calls, so the service fee will be charged; the equipment manufacturer is the party that sells the equipment to Party A and some third-party companies, etc. Personal work in the company is also divided into many situations: one is to do Party B's sales - buy equipment to Party A; the other is to do Party B's technical services; the third is to do Party B's research and development - software development. To put it bluntly, Party A's work is to look at the equipment and find Party B to solve the problem. Of course, every job has its own meaning and value. Doing communication is the same as other jobs, either technology or management, but generally starts from technology. CCNA's certificate is still recognized by the industry!

Since the CCNA certification still has a very good employment prospect. But how to use a better method to learn the content of the CCNA certification? First of all, you can choose to self-study or enter a training institution for professional training. If you want to self-study CCNA certification, you must try to select appropriate CCNA textbooks, consult CCNA study guides, and formulate study plans. Intermittent learning, can not lose strong interest in learning. If you want to choose training, the key is to choose a reliable CCNA training institution or school, Xinmeng Education is a good choice. You have to understand which way it is , the most important thing is to have study preparation and plan to clearly understand the importance of CCNA, and to master each key knowledge point well. During the preparation process, you can know the information of the CCNA exam, such as the address of the exam room, exam rules, etc. Let You face the exam calmly and be foolproof. Secondly, you must have a correct understanding of network technology. In fact, network technology is indeed not difficult to learn to decompose several technologies into small and organized knowledge points to understand and apply. Then be patient in the process of learning. Because with learning and applying step by step, it is easy to encounter many problems in actual operation; at the same time, the solutions are not insurmountable like a flood. While proposing solutions, it also leads to a number of problems. At the same time, the solution to new problems is very simple. In the process of encountering and solving problems again and again, we must learn to draw inferences from one example. Summarize the key points and discuss them in future problems. In the end, there must be perseverance, and if there is a will, things will come true. Knowledge of network technology can be boring. It may be that there are countless related problems and technologies waiting for you to discover, learn and solve. So you have to choose persistence. Gain the joy of learning the Internet through persistence

CCNA certification cannot avoid doing a lot of questions. But to pursue the efficiency of the questions, if you blindly take a lot of questions It's easy to lose important knowledge points in the question bank. Practice is an important part of the review process. Only through practice can you further consolidate and deepen the knowledge you have learned. Otherwise, the quality of the review will be poor. It will be affected. I can understand most of them in class, but when I actually practice and do exercises, I realize that understanding is one thing, and doing the right questions is another. Many students have understood it. But do not do the right question, the fundamental problem of this problem is to do less. When it comes to practice, we can't avoid the tactics of the sea of ​​questions, but we have to do the questions. Doing the exercises is not a waste of time and a waste of time. There are many advantages to doing exercises, such as: doing exercises can check the effect of our learning. In the process of learning, to what extent we have mastered the knowledge, and what defects and deficiencies are still there, most of them have to be tested in the exercises. Therefore, do Exercises can more accurately check the effect of our learning and are the most practical reference to test our understanding of knowledge. And by doing exercises, we can deepen our understanding of knowledge. It is impossible to thoroughly understand and master the relevant knowledge only through the elaboration of the textbook, explanations, a few examples, and a few exercises. Therefore, through and must do the questions, we can deepen our understanding of knowledge and form a complete grasp of things. In addition, doing exercises helps to improve our ability to analyze and solve problems. The stable and up-to-date question bank in the training institution is very popular with everyone. The questions that are often tested in ordinary times. The questions that are prone to errors will appear in the question bank. For the questions certified by CCNA, the experimental questions and logic questions should be done in a hurry.

No matter you are studying or working in your current state, you must develop a lifelong learning attitude. After all, the times change quickly. Update yourself and change yourself frequently. Whether you are doing network technology or doing other things, you must There is the concept of lifelong learning. I have seen too many examples. People who no longer learn will stagnate. This learning is not necessarily technical, but also other aspects. For example, in the IT industry, if you are not in the network industry, you may I feel that it is impossible to come into contact with network knowledge again, but if you are engaged in other IT industries, you will find that it is closely related to the network industry, so long-term study is necessary. If you are interested again, it is also good to learn other knowledge in the IT industry . If there is a long improvement.


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