Ccna ccnp total garbage. I have both. What do I think? First, I want to tell you about my chair, Because I got the ccnp right that qualified me to be a network engineer and you got to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Come to find out so t had us do an ergonomic assessment at work.

When we started working from home and t told me you've got to get a new chair, T said your chair is unacceptable. You just you got to replace t recommended, T said . You know what you get for the price of this chair, The value. It's actually really really good.

We recommend the clatina executive chair, So you should look at that, So I looked at it. I decided I went ahead and ordered it, And let me tell you this is a throne of an office chair. We had the thousand dollar chairs at the office and the only reason I can say t would be any better is t had more adjustment in the thousand dollar chairs, But in terms of how it feels to me sitting in the support in this thing, Really really Really surprised me, I was really happy with like the cushion and then just the the thing that I like really the most about the chair is that it comes with this really heavy solid, Like metal base, And it's not too heavy to move around or anything like That, But you just feel planted in it when you sit down, And it's really nice, It's like rolling around and I'm just so smooth silky, Smooth rolling in this chair. It's just really solid. It feels like a solid thing that could last for a long time.

You know you get those office max chairs and you just know that fake leather is going to be all over the floor and this cheap brittle plastic that just you know it's going to be wobble around. You know it's like it's no good and there's none of that with this chair at all, So I'm really happy with it. What do t tell me next, Though? Right t say: , Well, Sitting's, Bad for you sitting too much is bad for you, So I had to get the standing desk too, And this is the flexI spot standing desk, I'll, Say the amazon reviews.

This is for the electric desks. This is one of the less expensive ones, But the amazon reviews are true. It's solid. It's a really nice great value desk. You see, I have the two monitors there and it works really great.

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I'm not going to go much more into it than that. For me, The chair, A really nice chair and a really nice desk, Really put the cherry on top of the ccnp and made it feel official that I'm a network engineer, Because I have a great place to work. So, If you're interested in owning such a fine working setup as this, There are some links in the description you can check these items out. I would definitely recommend them now in terms of why you clicked the article ccnp is total garbage is the ccnp worth it? Should I get the ccnp after having it for a year? I think I can share some interesting input. I think it's interesting.

I hope you will too, And I'd like to share that. So is it worth it? Is it garbage? Well, If I never got my ccnp, I probably wouldn't have to worry all about having a chair that desk to support my body. You know and this line of work and all that stuff, But then I probably wouldn't have a job either, So that would suck so, Of course, The ccnp at a ccna is not garbage right for me, The nrc, The advanced routing the track I took. I think that really laid a really really solid foundation for the advanced routing that you're going to see in the real world. I mean it pretty much exposes you to just about any kind of like enhancement or manipulation that you might want to make to routing, And it at least gives you an exposure to that which is really great. I use that, But what I want to say, What I want to share is that the real world experience compared to what you get from labbing and taking the exam is really really different.

So if you've been kind of looking in the industry for a while or you've worked in a place or two or you've looked online, You probably see everybody arguing and debating some say. , If somebody tells me t have searched, I don't even listen anymore, Because I know that t only learn by a book and I don't want to things you gotta say: oh, I like them this and that in the third and oh certs are great everybody. We'Ve hired with one has been great, So there's always a lot of debate about this. Now I never used to understand, I say: there's no way somebody can take this exam and not be at least you know pretty well qualified for whatever kind of job. It's just a it's a very respected: it's a challenging exam.

It's true! I do think that, But after taking it and then working in the field, I can kind of understand some of the other attitudes. So here's what I'll say to the question of you know should I take my ccnp without that much experience this and that in the third, No matter which way you look at it in my articles on how to pass it. I tell you: look at it like an exam, Treat it like an exam you're trying to pass an exam figure out. What's on it, Take it in learn the question style pass it I still advocate for that, Get it on your resume.

The way I view certifications, T're, Like tickets into interviews or something like that, You know it's like it. It proves that you've got some baseline level of knowledge that you've gone out of your way to take the time and money to guarantee that you, You know to some extent to some level, And it says to anybody that you're trying to talk to for some reason. Like this person might at least be worth giving the time to talk to, And then you've got the opportunity to be in front of them and sell yourself in whatever skills you have now. This is where beginners, Who might be asking, Should I get it.

Should I get it with no experience whatever? This is where it's going to be key? How you sell yourself in the interview, If you come in here saying you know, I got my ccnp, I'm ready to go. I know advanced routing and services from cisco. You know I'm ready to put me up where's the core put me in the core. You know it's like that's not going to be good. Anybody who's been in the industry for any amount of time is going to you're going to instantly lose credibility with them.

If you try to present yourself as oh, I took the ccnp, So I know what I'm talking about. But if you lack a little bit of experience and you come in with the ccnp and you say you know, I got my CCNP, I'm proud. I blah blah blah, But I know I have a lot to learn. I know it's different in the real world. You may have a certain way of doing things which I'm interested to learn about, I'm interested to grow with your senior engineers and apply what I learned in the book to the real world. I do have experience with the lab blah blah blah.

You know if you, If you present yourself that way, You're gonna come off as coachable motivated invested in your career things like that. Whereas if you come and say you know, Oh I'm missing that because I have ccnp, I think that's where a lot of the the bad, The bad reputation comes from for the certifications and also I when I I got my ccnp and then I went full Queue and when I say full key, That means I'm just I'm taking cases all day each day, New cases of some problem and some network somewhere in the world, And I I had my CCNP and I was like I'm a surreal. Now, I'm really a network.

Now, No more you know baby stuff, But then I was on these calls and realized troubleshooting ice. Like correlating what you know about the foundational protocols to the symptoms of the problem. That is manifest in that hand under pressure and then test and hypothesis trying to find a fix or the answer to why something happened in retrospect, That's a whole different skill set than studying foundational concepts and applying them to like a multiple choice, Exam or even an Exam with some lab exercises in it, So that's kind of where the discrepancy between some people say. I like them. I don't like them in the organization.

I work in tech, Some people in tech just say t're completely worthless for attack. I wouldn't say it's completely worthless, But troubleshooting hardware and software upgrade type stuff, And not even only that, But even networking strictly straight up, Networking related problems, Actually troubleshooting them and then trying to solve them. Is it's just different and it's much more difficult than you would expect and it's something that an exam can't really train for and that's not the default of the exam, So the exam is totally not garbage.

If you're experienced and you're asking you know, Should I get it that just comes down to you, What you're trying to do from what I've seen there comes a point where experience, Trump's, Certifications, But certifications can look good in certain roles if your customer facing and you Need a certain certification, For whatever reason you know pretty much by the time, You start getting experience when what why you need it, If you need it, If it's going to be worth it for you, It's always worth it. If somebody else is going to pay for it right so always try to take advantage of those programs. Everybody knows that that's pretty much common sense, And I mean that's my take on the ccnp. For me, It was a humbling experience to go from a theory guy a book guy a I did well on the exams. I do well in my labs, I'm just a technical type person to actually seeing some real problems in a real network, A real large organization and how t go through. The process of you know responding to that and then trying to root cause that it's really interesting and it's a totally different skill set than anything you could really learn on the exam.

I think the closest you could probably get is like the ccie exam, But I haven't taken that and I don't know if I will so we'll see. Let me know what you think should I take it. Have you taken it? Are you going to take? It has CCNP work for you, I mean, Let's have a discussion in terms of me. I forgot to add.

I want to add here money and raises I'll just say I do think all certifications have always been beneficial to me in that regard, And even for experienced people no matter what I think having a certification is a bargaining chip that works in your favor and it's Something to satisfy hr, So I like certs, But there does come a point where you're getting too many. Maybe that depends on you and your role. I think the most important thing for new people to understand the type of person who would be looking is the ccnp worth it or ccna or any cert. I think the most important thing to understand is you're not getting a cert and then saying I'm ready to go. Put me in charge of your whole ship.

It's more just proven that you're worth talking to in an interview, And then you sell yourself and say . I have a good attitude: I'm ready to learn, I'm fun to work with and . I have a base level skill set that I've validated here's the projects, I've done the certifications.

I got more important than that, I'm a team fit you know things like that. So I hope this has been informative for you. That's what I think about is the ccna and ccnp worth it. If you like this, Article give a like give a subscribe, More will be coming on the way.

I don't know what else I'll try to sell. You if you click the links of course, It helps the channel a little bit if you're, Reading by this. Far by now. You probably know that these items, Though t're really that I really would recommend them.

I wouldn't say the chair and the desk this hard. If t weren't great so click those by the like the article subscribe, The article - I hope you have a good day morning night, If you're getting your exam scheduled. Good luck! by the way, If you are at the ccna level and you're trying to learn, Subnetting subnetting is a big thing for a lot of people check the description. There's a link to packetflippercom. It's unlimited subnetting practice.

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