I'm a senior network engineer, I'm Cisco Certified, I'm a CCNA CCNP doesn't so I'm a little invested in what we're about to talk about in this article anyway.

I knew about this change here for a minute now shout out to the people at the Cisco champions, Loren mat and many others that have been extremely helpful in this relay in this information to myself and many of the other Cisco champions that are out here. Man, I've got to tell you when I first heard this. I was like what the in all honesty, Because this is pretty huge when he talked about the CCNA. Like I mentioned before, I had my CCNA and I got it back in 2015.

When I achieved my CCNA, I went the traditional now I got my CSUN, Then I got my CCNA, Then I went on and get my CCNP now many people go for the CCNA and then t go for another CCNA and let's say, Data center wireless security, Collaboration And many of the other CCNA level areas that you can get a CCNA in, So I understand why cisco has made the changes that t've made and we'll talk more about that here in a minute. So, Like I mentioned before, When I first got my CCNA, I had the option to go to another domain or go for my CCNP. What I chose to do was go for the ccnp cuz. It never made sense for me to make a lot of movement to another CCNA certification. You know to me and I think a lot of people felt the same way.

So what Cisco has - and this is one of the first changes that t have made to the new certification structure - is t eliminated the CSUN altogether, There's no more CSUN certification and t also eliminating the rest of the domains when it comes to the CCNA certification, There's Only one CCNA, That's my point: there's only one CCNA certification now and this supplication will be a foundational certification for the network engineer as we know so when I got my CCNA before which was in rouse, Which, Because that's the one you get in the beginning, I Went on to get my ccnp routes which, Which you have to have your CCNA before you get your CCNP Cisco's eliminated - that prerequisite we'll talk more about that as well. So what I'm saying there's one CCNA and t've eliminated the prerequisite to go for the CCNP. So if you don't want to get your ceasing repeat or your CCNA in the beginning, You don't have to you can go straight for the CCNA ccnp with that being said, There's only one CCNA certification going forward. What does that mean? The skill said that this CCNA will cover will be bright, So you no longer just focus on the routes which you're going to be focused on wireless you're, Going to be focused on data center.

You'Re gonna have some focus on collaboration, Many of the areas that she actually may - or I should say you may cover in the industry in the field as a new technician. As a new network engineer, I can understand why cisco has made this progression and made this change because, Like I said before, Do not own the movement just never made sense for me moving on there's no prerequisite for the CCNP. Now that's awesome now. What would that do for the industry long term we'll see it will probably talk more about that before we wrap up this article another that another change that t've made.

Well, I mentioned of the many domains that you have when it comes to CCNA. Moving on to your season, There were so many different domains and routes that she can travel. It was kind of hard to have a clear path. Now cisco has divided up the certification instruction in many areas, But assuming so you have now your DevOps or your developer, Certifications, Which is a whole CCNA structure that aligns with your infrastructure, Certifications so with network program ability and developers joining the infrastructure.

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I can see why cisco has utilized definite to create its own certifications to correspond with the infrastructure, Traditional CCNA, CCNP CCIE certifications, As we know with that being said, So there's one CCNA certification and then there's for CC and P I'll. Take that back, There's five CCNP certifications, So you have your Enterprise CCNP, And this is all on the infrastructure side, Your enterprise certification. You have your security certification, Your service provider, Supplication collaboration, Certification and your data center certification. That's the gist of the infrastructure side of the CMP level certifications.

Now how hard how many exams what's the same numbers? I don't know that information yet, But I'm sure it's gonna come out by 2020 when these certain new certification pathways will be released, But to correspond with that t're not definite, Is doing the same thing, And I could see why cisco doing this for two reasons. The first reason being that when you learn the infrastructure, You need to learn the foundations before you automate in program, For the second thing, For the second reason: Deb net is this whole environment in yourself? So right now, If you want to be a network engineer, You don't want to do network programmability, You probably could survive another 5-10. Many you 15 years. I don't know about 14, But you could survive without doing any kind of network programmability, Maybe another five years, We'll say that, But and with the whole damn that structure developers really don't need to know the core foundations that are network engineer needs to know t really Just need to know how to communicate to the Cisco devices through the apI's and understand the protocols, The Netcom rest cough in the different structures of the Cisco Network programmability. So I can see why Denver has done that and cisco has divided up the infrastructure in the tomb. So it makes a lot of sense to me.

We'll see how it shakes up shout out to paint Preston and Suzi. We I'll have a link in the description and also maybe I have a link in the description where I've been interview them at Cisco, Live Barcelona earlier this year and t'd be laid out a ton of information and resources that you can use to get started and Definite right, Nana Denver is a free platform, So see den net is a totally free platform to where you can reserve infrastructure, Environment or you can have an always-on environment. Let's say you want to learn about a CI, What t actually have this built and ready to go on their net so where you can reserve it and t got laughs where you can walk through and set up and discover your whole entire, A CI deployment. It's pretty cool, Pretty awesome, Shut up and down there. Back to the certifications, There's no prerequisite for the CCNP.

The CCIE is still the CCI you, But what would it do for the industry? That's my number one question that everybody I think wants to know. What will this do for me? How would this benefit me? How would this affect me? I want to hear your thoughts before I provide my thoughts. I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below, Because a change like this coming from industry, Heavy hitter like Cisco, Who you know to have one of the best entry-level circus in the game - that's going to get you 40 50, Maybe even 60 thousand.

Just from that, One supplication it's going to affect a lot of people and people want to know how it's going to affect them. So I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section below one thing. That I think, Though, Is this: will the CCNP become the new CCNA? That's a real question that I have because in many places and many people that I've talked to, T stopped at the ccnp because money-wise financially in time effort to not only get the CCIE but maintain the CCIE. Is it worth the benefit compared to already having the CCNP, So it's sis constant, Ejek ly, Making it so now? CCNP is no longer our, I would say the standard when it comes to being the top level engineering.

Now CCIE will be what you have to achieve. It's like going to college and getting your bachelor's or getting your associates and saying I'm good. All. I needs an associate and then you go up and then now there's a whole bunch of people within such as or people with the bachelors. How do you want to look at it? Not everybody got to get that master's.

If you really want to stand out, Maybe that's what Cisco is doing, Not sure on that. Well, I would love to hear your thoughts or comments, But in my opinion, I think the ccnp will still be a difficult certification that will discourage a lot of people, Because it is a journey where you have to laugh every day, But I think the benefit of Getting it and then saying you know what well, Let me learn some more damn neck. Alright, Let me get to see CIE and then those that actually achieve the CCIE on this new certification structure will really stand out and in because not only will t know the traditional infrastructure t'll also have to understand network, Probably programmability in devops.

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