And I want to show you in just a moment on the board how you can register for those you don't need any equipment, You don't need a headset, You don't need a credit card just about 45 minutes of your time and a desire to get cisco certified. We'Re going to go through the questions, As we always do at a pretty fast clip.

So if you need to pause the article for a moment, That's fine and then we're going to take a look at the answers whenever possible here on real, Live, Cisco, Routers and switches again to learn more about the free webinars and everything else coming up at the Bryant advantage, Please visit the bulldog blog out at the bryant advantage. Blogspot com we'll see you there now, Let's dive into question one here which of these cannot work properly when the broadcast option is left out of your frame relay map statement, So we've got pings and then we've got some s and update types there, Which ones can't Work properly, Let's go to question two which of these four things will happen. If you attempt to put a frame relay map statement on a point-to-point interface, Is it legal or you're going to get an error message? Will it just not work or will routing protocol traffic? Not be carried we'll see that live here in just a moment see what happens. Here's a classic, Though, What's the default encapsulation for a cisco router serial interface got to know that one. What's that default end cap type and then finally, Question for which of these four statements accurately describes is l and as always, The questions and all of my exams are choose all that apply . I know ooh, But we got to know how to do that too.

So let's go back to question one then and take a look which of these can't work properly. If you leave the broadcast option off your rip updates, Ospf, S and eigrp s, None of those are going to be carried. If you leave that broadcast option off now a lot of times and my webinars, I noticed that some students think Ping's will not go through, But actually t will.

Let me bring up the live pod here and just to show you what I've done with show frame map and we'll also talk about this dreaded mapping 20 here in the webinar as well, But here notice that I've got an active frame relay mapping to 172. 12. 123 too, But you don't see the broadcast option in there and also if we did a quick show config, We would see that there is no broadcast option or broadcast word here at the end of the frame map statement.

CCNP 350-801 Dumps

That's perfectly legal, The router! Let me put it on there, But I do want to point out to you that pings go through with no problem, Because pings are unicast, Especially in this particular instance. I peened one single address and that's going to go through with no problem, But your rip update. So SPFL OS and eigrp s are either going to be broadcast if your version, One or anything else, T're going to be multicast, And that is included with that broadcast option when you enable broadcasts to be carried over frame you're also enabling multicast at the same time. But your pings will go through now.

What happens if you try to put a frame map statement on a point-to-point interface, Let's go over to router 3 and take a look and we'll see if I save my work here to show you in the config and I did you'll see what I've created here Is a point-to-point serial interface and I've got an IP address on it, But I haven't put or tried to put a frame map statement on it. Yet you do have to put encapsulation frame relay and no frame relay inverse arp if you're disabling, That on the physical interface. But now we're going to go to the sub interface, Which was 0 point 3, 2. 1.

And what happens if I try to put a frame map statement here? The router will not allow you to do that and you're going to get a message that tells you frame relay interface. Delsea command should be used on point-to-point interfaces, So what we would need to do here instead and just use the proper del c and then you can go from there, But you will get an error message when you attempt to use a free map statement on a Point-To-Point interface, Now I mentioned a moment ago: we gotta have that in cap frame, Relay command and I'll bring the router back up or routers, And you can see encapsulation frame relay right there. The reason we do that is that we're changing it from the default of HDL, See that is the default on a cisco, Router serial interface and here, Which one of these accurately describes is el bit of a curveball here, Because I SL doesn't have anything to do With frame relay, It is a Cisco proprietary protocol that you need to be aware of for your na + NP exams. That is, L is a trunking protocol. It's a Cisco proprietary trunking protocol, So that would be be, And it definitely adds some overhead.

So C is false and a and D are false, As well, Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this article if you're, Reading on EveDumps or one of the other article sharing sites that were on we've, Got literally over a dozen of These five minute, Article practice exams, Plus over a hundred fully Illustrated article tutorials for your cisco certification server 2008, Is on the way, Including my on demand. Webinars and again. I, By invite you out to the main website. Of course, The Bryant advantage com, But on the Bulldog blog we've got all kinds of great features coming up, Including invitations to those free webinars.

Now that you have known about the fact, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable CCNP 350-801 Dumps provider like that of the EveDumps.


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