Now this is probably for all the exams except the CCIE lab exam. So if you want to go for CCNP certification or basically you don't - you don't have any prerequisite exams to write so earlier like if you are going for CCNP security exams, You have a pretty visit to pass the CCNA Security again before that. You need to have a CCNA certificate as well the CCNA routing, Switching one, But now there is no prerequisite exams to write and the validity of the certifications will be for three years and the duration of the examination will be either 90 minutes or 20 minutes depends, Like I think, The core paper is 120 minutes and concrete papers or the concentration exams. Basically, I think there are 90 minutes, But again, If you go to the specific URL and click on these links, Individual papers you'll find the information.

So, Basically, Here, If I check the exam topics of the security core people now, If I go to this overview, You can find the information here like here. You can see. 120 minutes is the core paper so, And this is also associated for your CCNP and the CCNA security certifications. Like already said, You have to pass the core paper for ccnp and one concrete example, And also it is a prerequisite for your CCI security exams a similar way if you checked any other paper, So basically the other papers. I think the duration will be a little bit different, But again you had to see , So either it 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

So this is a SNC of paper. The firepower, Cisco firepower paper like here. You can see this. The only Associated certification for this is CCNP security and the duration is 90 minutes. So, Depending upon the paper, You are writing the duration may vary and edit again the registration you can register with any authorized Pearson VUE testing center for your Cisco exams, Costing is not approximate right now, So basically it will be around two hundred to three hundred dollars.

I can say, But until February we cannot tell the exact price in general, So there's it's not again listed on the Cisco websites till now and if you want to see the examination patterns you can use this URL. So the examination pattern is nothing not much different than what we did. I can walk through with this article tutorials here. This will give you an idea like like this is like single, Multiple choice, Single answer and multiple choice, Multiple answers so more like the exams. If you have seen so, If we just walk through with this article, Basically this will show up like like the single choice questions you have to select any one option from that, And likewise you have multiple choice.

Questions in the multiple choice you have to take choose three or two, As given in the question, So additionally, You will have a drag-and-drop options. Now this dragnet of options like similar to match the following, Drag the appropriate boxes in the appropriate columns. So this is, This is like first type of questions you'll find. Apart from that, You may also get some fill in the blanks and desolate exams like if I, If I try to check this tutorial here in the article tutorial, This will give information of filling the blank and the tests and exams.

 400 007 Dumps

Now. This is like filling the blanks of its liberal trail, You'll find in today's exams, But you have to fill in fill in the correct answer. Basically, The numerical answer to to just mention the correct answer. So, Additionally, You will have something like distillate on the desolate. You will be given some kind of scenario here, Some kind of diagrams, So basically you have to understand the scenario and the diagrams and based on that scenario, You have a set of four questions like this is the first question you have to take the correct answer Out of the choices like what is the problem? So what about whatever the scenario given you have to pick the correct answer similar way you have to move the second question third question and the fourth question.

So we recall this kind of questions as Teslin kind of questions, So there's no configuration again here now. If we move to the third one, Like the other kind of question, Like simulations simulations or the practical part, You do in exams like here, You will be given a diagram and scenario. So read this scenario and then this is a console table to get into the command line of this device. So basically, If you click on this particular PC, You get access to the device and you will be given like the requirement is so let's say the requirement says that you, Basically you have to configure some kind of NAT.

Let's say with a private IP this one and you to 168 1 dot network should get translated to this public IP. So, Basically, You, You will be doing some kind of configuration here and you need to go to the command line by clicking on this host and you can go to the command line. Ok, So basically, If you have to click on this host to get into the command line, And then you have to configure exactly the same thing, What you generally do in the real cisco devices, So additionally, The the last one is like. You also have some kind of simulate.

A similar pattern is like you, You will be given some kind of scenario, Understand the scenario and you have to go to the command line of that particular device. And maybe the question says: what is the subnet mask on this interface? You can verify that by using shore, So you have to execute this command and verify the output, And in that output you will. You will have the answer. So, Basically, You are not going to make any changes here, But you still need to get access to the devices to find out the correct answer.

So this is what we call a similar, Similar kind of questions. So, Basically, If you are going for any exams, Not only this CCNP, Even the CCNA ccnp exams, Except the CCIE lab exam - you have the same pattern of questions will be the same.

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