Most important thing for you as a cisco student is the hands-on access to the live rack of Reuters. There you can see a photograph of our web hosted, Live rack of cisco, Routers and switches. This several lessons on the website here to show you how it all works.

You'Ve got 10 hours set up as soon as you join the website. Go through the lessons, Then you can log in and anytime night of the day on weekends, You can put yourself a session and alive rakha, Cisco, Routers and switches just go to the live online timetable, Click when you'd like to book a session and then go ahead And book in lots of other cool stuff on the website, A lot of stuff is actually free for you to try out there's a lot of free, CCNA level challenge labs covering IP address in access lists, Routing, Troubleshooting vlans. You can actually download the labs for free. The challenge labs - all you need to do is click on the link. It give you an option to download the PDF or you can view online.

If you remember, You can check all of the running configs for the routers and switches you can do these labs at home or on the live rack and there's also articles. If it's a part of the website that you need to be a member, It will it'll indicate that you need to sign up as a member and here's a article of me actually showed you how to configure all of the challenge labs. Who should be able to easily get through the challenge labs in the CCNA exam? Alright, Another really cool tool for you to use a the CCNA study cards.

You can download these two new cards as a article, Showing you exactly how t all work and whatever your have access to your pc or laptop. You can go through lots and lots of study cards based on routing switching vlans IP address in and you keep drilling those flashcards until you. You continually get in every single answer right to every question, As repetition is the key to get through the CCNA exam. .

So that's the flashcards for you to use as a member there's a free deck on there. If you wanted to try out the flash cards before joining the website, You click on the free exam link. The all of our exams have been certified by serge guard dot. Org to make sure equality of all exams, Our brain dump rate, So we're not giving you the answers to what you're going to get in the exam you can download these or you can do them online as long as you've got HTML working. Ok! So there's about 10 15 exams. Some of them are specialized examples.

CCNP 300-510 Questions

You can just concentrate on access lists and security or wireless, For example. Next is one of the best parts of the website, For you is access to a live discussion forum. You can post questions problems or ask advice about anything to do with getting through your cisco exams, The forums moderated by cisco consultant. So you laws get an answer within around 24 hours fit. Not me a lot quicker. Another really cool part is the easy way to subnet.

I explain everything you will ever need to know about network summarization addressing subnetting super netting a whole lot, And I make it very easy for you to understand. So if you like to read articles, You can read them otherwise, There's lots of theory and lots of really cool tools to help you understand subnetting. Finally, CCNA labs: we've covered lobster for every single chapter on the cisco CCNA syllabus access-list routing VLANs. So we don't presume any knowledge will presume you've got access to some equipment, And then we tell you step-by-step exactly how to configure every single lab, How to avoid making mistakes and how to troubleshoot as well. So there's the access this labs, Just as an example, And it tells you exactly how to test all of your access lists as well.

Really cool facility on the web, Citing is absolutely free, Is how to pass your CCNA in 60 days. You don't need to be a member and you don't have to have access to anything on my website. That'll help you pass, You can just click on side of you up there and sign up for the free 60-day to see CNA program got loads of theory. On the website as well, We cover network plus all the introductions, The network in so, If you're an obvious, You can learn about all the fundamentals, And this is an online version of CCNA simplified, Which is my CT and a study guide. Lots of photographs diagrams and explanations, Applying everything you need to know to the real world of cisco internet working. There's about nine hours now of streaming, Articles from everything you'll ever need to know or learn for the CCNA certification.

I already showed you a few examples of the articles you see on their website. There's free, Cisco questions every day, Will census very questions and answers to your email, Inbox and also links for further reading. When you feel it's a good time for you to sign up you just click on the sign up link there, It's nine dollars 97 per month, There's no joining fees, And you can sign that for as long as you like anything from one month onwards. If you want to cancel at any time while you do is log into your account and click on cancel and your memberships, It need to be terminated and, Like I say here, There's no joining piece or so ever so.

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