I passed my cisco ccna exam and I'm obviously excited. But what's next you know, Do you have any advice, So any guidance and what to do now that I end up getting my cisco ccna and probably this is you right now and obviously you have some options and what to do next, But before we get to Those options, Let me ask you this: did you end up getting your cisco ccna the right way or you end up getting it the way that most people get it the wrong way and that's why you probably going through some articles end up doing some laps, But You end up memorizing the questions, All the questions and the exam. If you end up doing that, It's not going to help you and you getting the high paying job that you want at one point in your it career.

So I hope that you end up getting your cisco ccna the right way, And I have a article about that and how to go about getting your cisco ccna the right way, But now that you have it now, Let me ask you: this: are you planning to Go out there to the iet market and apply to proudly for you get your first job in it or maybe for you to upgrade the job that you have now an iit to a better one, Because if that's the case, I'm gonna ask you for you to Stop and for you not to go out there and apply to any jobs right now. You know take a few weeks to do. One thing that I'm gonna ask you to do and that's basically like my option and what to do next, And I know that you're gonna totally agree with me once you end up going through this entire article and why you have to go and do this one Option because, By the way, Probably you have two options so far right and option number one.

Obviously that's the one that you usually get. You know from someone else that you trust you know probably someone from social media, Maybe a youtuber or probably a family member, A friend that works in 19. Obviously you are not only reaching out to me, Let's say you're, Reaching out to other people like .

I don't know what to do next. You know I have some ideas on what to do next, But will be the best for me to do now that I end up getting my cisco ccna and a lot of them. Obviously like option. One will say: well get one more certification, And that was me for many years.

now that I end up getting this one, I did certification. Let me go and get that next one, And once I get that next, One guess what I'm not gonna, Stop I'm gonna go and get another one, And you see many people reach out to me saying that you know jorge now that I got my cisco ccna. You know I'm gonna go and get my ccnp well.

That makes sense right. If I end up, You know getting my ccna well now let me go and get my ccnp. You know that makes sense, Because that will help me to get to a network engineer position.

Probably right and that's again my thinking, But I'm going to tell you right now: no, You don't do that. You know probably you'll be like you know jorge. I want to become a cyber security engineer, So I decided that I'm going to go and get my 35 ethical hacker traffication.

You know because that can help me so now that I got my ccna. Let me go right away and go after that, Or maybe you want to become like a network engineer, Focus on security and palo alto can probably help you to do that. So let me focus on apollo, Alto, Terrification and again. That makes sense right and here's the thing by the way that when you reach out to someone you trust and you'll be like I got my ccna any advice for me on what to do. Next, You probably get some advice of go and learn some palo alto.

There are so many companies right now. You know looking for people, T have some hands-on or probably t have a certification in palo, Alto and you'll. Be like oh thank you, I'm gonna do that, But then you reach out to someone else, Obviously to someone that you trust and that one person probably says no, You need to learn about linux and by the way, If you end up learning linux, That's gonna help.

You too, For you to move on into that cloud because, As you know, Everything is moving into the cloud. So that's a skill that you need to have, So you better take the time to learn that like right now and you'll be like thanks. ! So now I have to learn obviously about palo alto . I need to learn about linux and I'm gonna go into cloud and I'm gonna probably go with aws, So maybe with azure or me.

Maybe you know google cloud, , ! So now I have a better idea, And now you go on youtube right. You listen to this other youtuber and let's say that youtuber be like. , You have to learn python, That's a must in today's market. So now that you have your ccna go and learn as much as you can python now, At this point really think about this now, You're probably overwhelmed.

You were happy that you end up getting your cisco ccna and now you're, Like oh, My god. Now I have to learn this this this and that and that's exactly what happens with most people, And I know because I have so many conversations with a lot of them because I want to know what's going on, You know, What's happening out there, Because obviously, My Main objective is to help them and to help you now that can probably be too you know, Let's focus on virtualization, You know vmware or maybe with some automation, Because a lot of things right now automated you know, Let's focus on that. Well, I'm here to tell you that none of these options is the right thing to do. You need to stop like don't do that.

None of them like, Like just don't, Do not go and get another identification. I ended up doing that for now a few months a few years, And that was one of the dumbest things that I ended up doing. But that was because I didn't know any better. You know I was just kind of going through my iet career, Based on how everyone else was going through the it career me thinking the more I t certifications. I have the better. You know if that guy's gonna have three, I'm gonna have five.

CCNP 300-610 Questions

If that guy has five, I'm gonna have seven. That was my thinking and guess what I ended up getting so many id certifications. Now that I'm here, Looking back, I'm like half of them, There was not need for me to get them half of them, Not just to trino half of them.

But once again I was like all over the place. Most people are all over the place because t don't any better and t just go based on what other people advise them to do. This is why you need to know exactly: what's the next job that you want and reverse engineer the process for you to know exactly how to get there. That's obviously one thing that I teach inside the membership and I hope you become a member at one point that way.

I can really help you to change, Not your it career, But your personal life as well, Because you basically get the whole package once you become a member for now. Let's talk about option two and that's my option and that's what I will do. If I were you, Because that's a smart thing to do and that's exactly what my students end up doing and that's for you to learn a high paid skill, So take about 10 days, Maybe two weeks, I'm not asking you for too much right.

You know. Ten days about two weeks, - and the only thing that I'm gonna do now that I got my cisco ccna - is to focus on one of some of the high paid skills. T will allow me for me to differentiate myself from everyone else, So by the time that when I go and get that job by one, I'm gonna be able to get it, Because I know how to differentiate myself. You know I know how to stand out from the other applicants candidates and I'm gonna end up getting that one job. You see a lot of my students focus on that too, And high paid skills not just on the one and the next it traffication. T need to get on the next topic.

You know t need to go through the next technical articles t have to like. No stop like really stop doing that. You know if you have. Let's say you know at one point probably 10 12 hours a week to continually educate yourself.

use some of those hours to go on the next ied traffication or for you to learn this one technology, But use probably you know for up to six hours to learn high pay skills, Because that's exactly what's going to allow you help you the most. For you to get to a high paying job in id sooner than later, And one of the high paid skills is how to learn and by the way, I'm about to go and tell you three books that you need to get and all those three books. I have them right there and, If you probably take a closer look, You're gonna find them there all three books that I'm gonna recommend for you to get.

But you see that focus based on some of the skills that I'm gonna go through right now and how to learn, Because it matters the way that you learn. It matters how you go through a article. It matters how you go through a book. It matters how you do each lab that you are doing and how you go about it to process that information to study.

Most people don't know how to do that. That's the reason why, When I ask a very easy technical question, T don't know how to answer. Even though t know the answer, I'm not saying, Oh, T don't know the answer. No, T know the answer, But t don't know how to answer that question how to go about answering that question through a storytelling connecting and a lot more so how to learn. That's a good one.

Obviously this is one that I keep saying a lot: how to tell stories. You need to know how to become a storyteller, Because that's how you're going to be able to really sell a lot about what you are capable of doing to other people. So people can think of you that you can get the job done, Not only for people to think of you, Oh wow, This guy or this girl knows oh .

She he answered all the questions. That person even yet has the background. You knows a lot, But no, You will not get the job that way. People need to think of you wow, That one guy or that one girl not only that she he knows, But I can see.

I can tell that he she can get the job done and that's through stories by telling stories now how to position yourself in the market, How to market yourself in a way that not only do you get just people a few people reaching out to you. You know for some jobs available out there, But that ones t do one the ones t're gonna pay you the most. You know many people think about you know jorge. I mean for me it's not that difficult to probably get a job at 19 and obviously it's not but getting the job that you want and getting that income that you want.

Not anybody can do that. It's a difference right like let's say, For instance, I have a student, And this is a few of them. That listen to this double the income, T double their income. So it's a difference. Let's say that you are earning forty thousand dollars first job and I t an entry-level job.

The obviously my advice, Probably you know me by now - do not get an entry level job and I can go on and on and on about that, But I'm not going to go and do that right now and do that to you: , But no entry-level job. Let's say a student came to me: , I have an entry-level job. I want to move up. .

How much are you earning forty thousand dollars? we're gonna, Go and get something. That's gonna pay you more than seventy thousand dollars. We go about it. Eighty thousand dollars from forty to eighty thousand dollars double his income in about four or five months.

Imagine that that can happen to you now you can probably oh I end up getting a job too in about three four months: , How much well I went from 40 to 60; that's a difference, A huge difference in income and obviously two and that position So it's not just based on getting another job that will pay you more. It's getting another job that it really helped you to move up in your iet career and obviously agile is going to pay you a lot more, Not just some more a lot more now. How to communicate that means how to connect with people most people, Don't know how to do that. That's why people may not like you and if t don't like you, That much t're not gonna, Find a way for them to relate to you and if t don't relate to you, T're, Not gonna, Like you that way and trust you, You know whether t're gonna re you now, Whether t're gonna that's, Not one person I need on my team. You see there's so many things that I can go on and on and on right now t are going through my mind and each of these skills high paid skills, But I don't want to board you to that here. I just want to give you a few things for you to think about for you to not to go through your iet career that way that most people go through it now how to influence and how to persuade.

You probably don't know how to do that either, And there are ways on how you go through the job interview process and be able to do that and be able to influence and persuade that conversation to go. Your way. That way, You end up getting the job, And this is why I'm gonna recommend three books. Book number one limitless book number two: a story's at stake and book number three presumation. I have other books, But if I just have to give you three, T can help you on some of these high paid skills.

That will be these three books and there's so much information training that I can really give you provide to you inside the membership. So if I were you, I will sign up for the membership you know, But at the same time I will get these three books. That way you go like. I'm going to study this next id traffication, But at the same time let me put some time on learning one of these high paid skills, Because that's how my students end up getting to high-paying jobs in iet and did you know that many of them end Up getting 120 130 000 full-time jobs in just one and a half years, T came to me having no background in iit having no bachelor's degrees.

Like you coming up to me, You know jorge I'm completely totally new in 19. I want to start my ita career today, , In the next a year and a half, No more than two you can get to a hundred and twenty a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Just imagine that so again, It's really all up to you and I really hope you know. I was able to give you some value in this article and if you have any questions, Let me know one that comments and I will get back to you.

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