Are you planning for your CCNA certification? The are you confuse about which book to prefer for CCNA routing switching today we are here with with subconscious advance. You welcome to this article series so soon t have lot of confusion whenever t start to prepare for season routing, Switching certification, Ok, Which book to prefer, Which is the best book to prepare for season routing, Switching certification. So I want you to answer this question today. Like which are the best recommended books for candidate those who are planning for CCNA routing and switching certification, See there are many books available for CCNA routing, Switching and to begin with, Like first me, When I did my CCNA, I had gone through three of them. I don't recommend you know you to go through multiple, But, Like Cisco press is kind of you know.

What's the best for beginners, For beginners, There is Cisco press official certification guide, As in icnd1. I think t do. T have divided it in two parts. So it's a two books set that people go for and for beginners.

I recommend that, Because you know it doesn't take in consideration a lot of stuff that you already know it starts from the mental order, The author. He is like you know, Genius in the way he explains things the the tone of book. What you'll find there interesting is like you know the way the author writes, It is he'll write, Something in a paragraph, Explain it and the you know the gist of it. He'll make a table just below that paragraph, So you know it's very easy to revise it later.

so that is a good book to begin for a beginner. There is another book, You know by 5x. This is todd lammle that is available, But, Generally speaking, I don't recommend todd lammle to begin with.

it's a good book which you can consider as a second. You know second, Alternative a second reading. If you are in more interested into reading, Why I'm telling that is my the way the book starts. It assumes you know some things and like on the second page itself. There will be some discussions about MAC address and collision domain Castleman, And sometimes it becomes overwhelming.

if you are getting trained from a trainer properly in a classroom, Training environment, If you following that, Maybe then you can you know and go ahead with Todd language, But still, I would say, Cisco presses. You know. Kind of the official certification guide is the best book to begin with, And, Moreover, If you want to, Like, You know, Really prepare for certification. Sometimes it's hard to you know understand like what what's the kind of practicals that I that should I do so for that.

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Basically, You know we faced a lot of issues here at AI medida, Like students, T were like , You know you showed a spectacle now. What do we do in that? So we have made a workbook . The lab workbook contains all the practicals like in a proper order like you can go from start to end step-by-step into the lab. If you just follow from start to end the instructions and the things that you do in the lab, You will be good to go with almost 99% of the labs required in CCNA routing sitting and, Like you know, There is simulation, Questions and easiness. You will be good for that, Apart from that, Sometimes people require, Like you know, A kind of a command reference guide, As in you know, This command does this this so there's a book again by Cisco Chris Scott Empson? Is the author cc in a portable command guide and if you look at that book, It doesn't contain a lot of theory.

It's it's a very small book, Very thin book. It just contains things about, Like you know this command. Does this thing? ? So it's kind of a command reference, All the commands that a person should remember. Sometimes people like to do and do it manually - t create it in there, But it's a good book to read, For you know remembering the command.

Lastly, There is one more book, 31 days before CCNA by Ellen Johnson. If I remember correctly that book the tone of that book is very soft in terms of like you know, It's kind of like somebody, You know writing a story about the person like . You know this should be done, Then this should be done. So that's also a good book to read if you are planning for certification. So these are kind of the Goodreads.

I'm not saying write read all of them stick to one, But . Stick to one book, And preferably if you just stick to official certification guide, The Cisco press officials are technician guide. You should be good to go plus you can have a lab that, To conclude the article , Then we just mention the books in sequence order and you said, Like first icnd1 to a combo for CCNA official Cisco pay, Special Cisco placed by a random order. Author and lot of , Then the second there is todd lammle, Not necessary to begin with. .

Third, There is you know, There's lab guide which we have made. I made a lab workbook, , That lab workbook. Then, Fourth, You can go ahead with scott empson's book up, See any portable command right.

It's just come on right and lastly, There is 31 days before UCC and that's again a small book just explaining day wise, Like how should be you prepare . So these five book, You recommend for candidate those who are planning for CSUN and openings within certification. So we hope, If you stick to these books, You will be able to pass a certification in first attempt and get in that knowledge of seats and routing switching. , Sir, On shamash, Wearing deep insights for this particular book. Or ever you .

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