I have a degree in networking, Networks and systems . I work as network administrator. Obviously malta, Because I live there. I I do some courses there and there networking says security plus and delayed test course was ccna.

Obviously I needed that course as a stepping stone for a larger course. For example like ccnp how long? How long did you study for ccna? We started at work? T provided us training, But then I I didn't do the exam immediately after, And that was the old course, The old ccna, Then in february of last year. Obviously the material changed when you t have created the material.

I started from from the beginning on my own and then I did obviously takes them around six months. Six months after I started on my own. Duration was six months, And when did you take the exam at home on the on the center? I I wanted. Obviously, To do it at a small time and sit here with where t do the exams. However, Due to coverage restrictions, T are closed so I had no choice .

Basically, I have two options or either to do it at home or to wait. Um tell me yes right now, So I I chose from from home and what regulation do you did you mate for for take the exam at home? I mean what do you you need to do? First of all, I prefer I prefer I prefer from home. Basically that's the first thing, Because obviously you can wear what you want you're more comfortable. You know, But you're using your own equipment.

It's not someone else's species. Are you more comfortable as the restrictions you know, The desk, Where you're taking the exam seems to be empty hundred percent? Just one monitor only one because I have to t told me to disconnect the second motor and take it around. T are very strict on that.

So, Of course, I I use the webcam. I show her my desk, It was, It was a woman and she told me remove everything. Even at my row, I had a viral told me. I just needed the keyboard and one more and that's all, That's all. That's it and and the there is someone reading you during the exam all the time. And if you need something there is a button, Obviously for a chat, You press it and t will be alerted that you need something t will text.

350-701 Dumps

You listen! You want something: how can I help you? t don't speak with you. T you just typing during the exam. Yes, But before the exam starts and obviously t communicate with you via the mobile before the exam.

and we do a game. Obviously you show them here this, Then you just go next from your mobile and you eat text only via checks and how many question was in the exam I had one or four total questions wow. I was expecting around one two, One, One or four years. Yes, When I took the ccna exam, Where the question was between 50 60 56. What i, What I I heard was: , You had 56, But you had also simulations right right .

Now t remove the simulations and t increased the questions. Yes, . So and which one was the the most question I mean like did you find more question about routing about so, For example, Spf about ipv6, Etc? There are obviously the amount as an amount of questions it's very distributed on all topics. There wasn't only one topic where the majority was on that topic, So it's very fair about topics I founded the most difficult on ipv6. There were around four four questions, Obviously due to lack of experience on m56, Because we we will emphasize it for maturity. Of course, But t ask you only ask your cisco dna versus traditional networking management tools: stp rapid automation, Automation, Even t even know wireless.

Unless, T ask yes on controllers, Security, Whereas why security as well? did you find any question about bgp btp? There was only one, . Obviously you need to choose the one to advertise the pgp network with the subnet mask, But but personally I found like the sixth most possible, But . It depends on the individual, Of course, Ipv6 who knows ipv6, And then but I think it's most of experience, If you know it, It's not that no, Of course, It's good to know by the end of the day, When you're using ipv6, Never exactly so and Uh, The last question for you: do you have any advice for for the people who are reading the article and also the students as well? Yes, . Obviously, I need to review each topic because some of the mistakes are that you focus only on on ip rooting and switching, For example, And or, For example, Focus on ospf and the igrp only no focus on everything, Even automation, Wireless. Everything focus on each topic individually.

Sorry you're, Mentioning ergrp, But did you find the question about ergp? I think there was one I remember because in the books in the new certification I didn't have there was yes. I remember any topic about your grp on the book, The one that there was a grp it wasn't. If I remember market was how does here jp choose two roots . I need to choose it's the best feasible parts, The physical distance and the feasible and the backup parts that was the only one that.

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