What is the highest Cisco certification? Participants who participate in the Cisco certification will definitely answer the CCIE without hesitation. In fact, in addition to the CCIE, Cisco has a higher level of certification-Cisco Certified Architect ( CCAR). Cisco tries to combine CCIE's network engineering skills with MBA business talents through CCAR certification, but generally speaking, CCAR is expensive and not many people pass. For most Internet engineers , Cisco’s highest certification is CCIE, and we also support everyone to take the CCIE.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is regarded as the top CCIE certification in the global Internetworking field. This certification mainly provides engineers with the expertise required to navigate Cisco equipment in today's rapidly changing network environment. Becoming a CCIE In addition to the recognition of the entire industry, CCIE is also an indicator of your constant holding of the latest Internet knowledge; you will become the most competitive person in your professional field. This certification has always been the level certification that network professionals dream of.

Starting on February 24, 2020, this certification also has some new changes. These changes make CCIE more authoritative and higher in gold content. To some extent, CCIE can be called the highest certification of Cisco.

Take the EI direction instead of the R&S direction, CCIE EI certification currently includes automation and programmability, which can help candidates expand the enterprise infrastructure b>. In addition, the CCIE exam method has also changed. To obtain the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification, candidates need to pass two exams: the qualification exam and the hands-on lab exam.
First, take the qualification exam, that is, the implementation and operation of the Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technology (ENCOR 350-401), focusing on your understanding of the enterprise networking infrastructure. Second, take the 8-hour hands-on lab exam, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0. This exam covers the end-to-end life cycle of complex enterprise networks, from design to deployment, operation and optimization.

To some extent, the highest Cisco certification can be directly defined as CCIE, so if you want to improve your competitiveness, you can try to take the CCIE.

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