I'm here, To tell you a little bit about the new ccnp security training recently released from Cisco the new version of the ccnp security certification and related training courses, Utilize a common topology and build on one another to provide candidates of development roadmap that grows their skills And knowledge with their career, The previous version of the ccnp security training divided itself into network security components. The new version of the ccnp security training divides itself into key disciplines of implementing, Managing and designing and complete security landscape. This update demonstrates that Cisco's taking stance on how critical, Up-to-date security training is for its customers.

The new classes are a combination of best practices, Lab exercises and refresh curriculum and provide a comprehensive practical job raised security education program. The new classes that comprise the ccnp security certification include implementing Cisco edge network security, Solutions, Implementing Cisco threat, Control solutions, Implementing Cisco, Secure access solutions and, Finally, Implementing Cisco, Secure mobility solutions. After attending implementing Cisco edge network security solutions, Students will gain the knowledge to implement and manage security on cisco asa, Firewalls, Cisco, Routers and cisco switches.

Students will have hands on experience with configuring, Various perimeter, Security solutions for mitigating outside threats and securing Network zones. The goal of implementing Cisco threat control solutions is to provide students with the foundational knowledge and the capabilities to implement and manage security on cisco asa firewalls, Utilizing Cisco next-generation product solutions which integrate cisco prime security manager for managing identity policies. In addition to web security, Email security and cloud web security after attending implementing cisco secure access solutions, Students will gain hands-on experience with configuring various advanced cisco security solutions for mitigating outside threats and securing devices connected to the network. At the end of the course, Students will be able to reduce the risk of their IT infrastructures and applications using Cisco's ice appliance and provide operational support, Identity and network access control.

Implementing Cisco, Secure mobility solutions is designed to prepare network security engineers with the knowledge and skills t need to protect data traversing a public or shared infrastructure such as the Internet. By implementing and maintaining cisco VPN solutions. Students will gain hands-on experience with configuring and troubleshooting remote access and site-to-site VPN solutions using cisco asa adaptive security appliance and Cisco IOS routers.

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All these full course outlines are available on our website at sunset learning com. The prerequisite training for the ccnp security has not changed. The recommended training path includes attending either icnd1 or CCNA X. In addition to III, NS passing the associate exams will give students or CCNA security certification for students already in progress of attaining their ccnp security. Here's the migration path to integrate the new curriculum.

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