I got a CCNP preparation practice exam for you. What and we say that a lot of networking - and we might just be saying it here as well, Because even if you think you know the answer to today's question, Immediately, Stick around I've got a great little minI lab for you, Including a classic gotcha on live Cisco switches: today's question identify the port security to faults for the following mode, Which we learned in our NA studies, One of the first security things we learn aging time and type and the maximum number of secure addresses. I didn't put this on the board, But it would be an excellent idea for you to know a command that would show you all of this information about, Say, Port Fastow one.

So you want to pause the article and think about that for a second. I think. That's great, A very quick word. For putting us over 7000 article bootcamp students on udemy, We're actually closing in on 8000 and right now, No tricks, No, Nothing except pure, Concentrated knowledge.

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Let's head back to today's question and the mode again one of the first things we ever learn right: the three modes and what the default is and that's shut down and the command I was mentioning is not show port security because I put this up here, But I just want to remind you this can be a helpful command, But it's not giving us all the information I wanted about that particular one port. So what I would do here is do an interface Fastow, One or whatever interface. You want to look at the information at this is going to give you a lot of great troubleshooting info, And it starts with whether you have port security enabled correctly or not then with or it is up or down whether it's been secured or not. There's our violation mode shutdown and the aging type and time the defaults are absolute for aging type and zero minutes, Which means that aging has effectively been disabled anytime. You see zero and any kind of command like that's.

Usually, What it means is that your disabling up and with total excuse me with total MAC address is zero, But your maximum MAC address is to begin with is one and here's that little gotcha I wanted to show you now some ask you a little bonus question. What command would allow me to set that aging time to five minutes, And you know I'm gonna give you a little lecture on this. I know some of you know. Anyway, Let's go fasta, One switch port port security and, Let's see we've got aging commands here.

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We'll go without and we've got static, Time and type and we could change the type, And this is the difference between those two absolute is the absolute aging. That's the default in activity, Though, Of course that's based on the inactivity time period. So that's a good little thing to know there. We'Ve got two options for aging type, But we're looking at time and it's aging time in minutes. So before we even get to the number. It's telling us what it is.

You always want to run iOS help when you've got numeric values involved, Always especially with time, Because sometimes it's minutes, Sometimes it's seconds. Sometimes it's seconds minutes hours and it seems to tiffer between every command, And you definitely want to check that out because there's a big difference with these commands between five minutes and five seconds. So we would just put a 5 there and there we go. So let's verify that and then I want to show you that little gotcha now we see the aging type has been changed to 5 minutes. Let's say you do that then you realize I didn't mean to do that.

I want to set it back to zero. So we do a compte and a face fast, O 1. Let's just do a up arrow to repeat our commands and did you notice there? No zero here aging time in minutes enter a value between 1 and 1440. So what would you do? I mean the default is zero, But this particular iOS version or whatever won't. Let us do it.

What are we gonna do about that? We could up arrow to repeat the original command aging time. 5. Do a ctrl a to move to the front of that line and just put no right there so you're effectively removing the command and when we do is show port security there.

It is back at zero minutes, There's always a way to get something done, But that can't throw you because I've seen zero. I know in some past Cisco Command versions, But this one and I've seen some other people net say the same thing . I ran it and it you know, Gave me a choice between one in 1440, But there was no zero option. So, If that happens to you just use the no command to negate whatever's been configured on there and it will go back to the default, Which is zero, So a lot of info there, Thanks for hanging in there with me, Hope you enjoyed this article boot camp.

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