so basically, Let's see this court paper now. This court paper focuses more on enterprise infrastructure, Including dual stack, Ipv4 and ipv6 architecture. Now, Basically, Dual stack means. You are running both ip version 4, As well as ip version 6 networks like here generally, You you see, Most of the production network started already using ip version 6.

Now, With the evolution of the ip version, Six you know you need to make sure that your customers - or maybe your companies, Or the partners you generally connect to you - need to be able to communicate with them. So let's say if t are running some kind of ipv6 networks, Or maybe some of them are running ipv4 networks, Then, Basically, You will be running both ipv version 4 and ip version 6. So you need to make sure that your business connectivity and for the future growth you will be supporting both v4 as well as the v6 like supporting the existing infrastructure, As well as for the future growth requirements. So so in this options here. So all the all the organizations again need to carefully plan the coexistence of both ipv version 4 and ipv6.

. So that's what it talks about, So we'll be seeing some implementation of routing like ospf, Routing or other, Like ospf, Routing or other routing protocols, Bgp, Where we'll be running both v4 and v6, And we are going to learn both simultaneously. So next thing you also be you know now, Probably this exam. You also need to know the knowledge of virtualization concepts. The virtualizations again in this there is something called server virtualization, Where you need to know some options relating to virtual machines, The vms and then there is something like containers and then virtual, Switching concepts and also you'll be getting into something like network of network functions.

Virtualization, That is like kind of nf nfe architecture which is going to be applied for an enterprise network. So so it basically covers how you can use the virtualization architecture to apply in your production scenarios and then also there will be something like infrastructure now. Infrastructure relates to the concepts relating to wide, As well as your wireless networks like understanding the lands, Vlan trunking concepts, Mstp ether channels, Mostly about the lan lan concepts, Including including both the provide and the wireless lan.

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Of course, Again in the wireless, You will be understanding the wireless infrastructure and then how we can secure that particular wireless infrastructure and also you how you're going to troubleshoot those wireless infrastructure networks. And apart from that, You also get into some kind of routing concepts where you will be learning how to implement the different routing protocols like eagrp ospf protocol bgp and then some of the advanced bgp options along with multicasting. And of course, There are plenty of other options like the services like implementing that quality of service ntp fhrp.

I have some detailed list, Probably next we'll be getting into that, And then there is an option of network assurance now. Network assurance is more about implementing some of the network diagnostic tools like some of the tools which can be used to monitor and troubleshoot. Your networks, Like we use ping command, Trace, Commands generally. These commands will help us to check the connectivity right. That's what we do and, Of course, Monitoring your network using some kind of snmp protocol and then logging options, Syslog servers, Basically, The logging options again and also you'll see some kind of troubleshooting concepts troubleshooting with the help of some of the debug commands, And then we Have something like spam, Our spam concepts, Ipsls cisco dna she'll be getting into overview of all these concepts here and also, You need to know some concepts of security as well. So, Basically, You don't get into the core security, But you need to know how to what are the different security options we have and how we can provide some kind of end.

Point security like securing your web traffic. What are the options we have how to secure your emails. What are the options we have and then understanding some basic secret concepts like dartmouth, Authentication or web authentication options, Or you know there are some overview of trustsec or maxic options what t exactly.

So you don't get into the core security topics here, But you need to have an overall overview of these concepts, Including some kind of acls, Some zone-based firewall concepts, Or you know some other device hardening options you have and finally it also test your knowledge on some Kind of automation tools, The automation is more into network programmability. We call it as network programmability and automation and we'll be covering some kind of foundation. Concepts here and also will will understand something called apis which are like the programs or the applica application. Programmable interfaces commonly used apis and also we'll get into some cisco devnet overview options.

So, Regarding the devnet david options is codemnet and also we'll be seeing some kind of basic python python scripting concepts and some of the scripts will see. So this is like what we'll see in the automation, Automation section here: , So so at the end, You know this encore paper need to have a knowledge of the dual stack ipv for an ip iap, V6 infrastructure or architecture, And also how you are going to Apply that in your network, In your both wide and the wireless networks, And also some of the foundation overview of the virtualization concepts and some of the services network assurance options and securing security options and also the automation options? so this ccnp enterprise score. As I said, This paper is going to be associated with multiple certifications. So if you want to get your ccnp enterprise certification, You need to pass this exam or even if you are trying to go for cci, Enterprise infrastructure also, The same prerequisite exam or even if you are going for ccI enterprise wireless also, The same exam.

Also, If you are opting for any kind of specialist certifications like if you want to get a specialist certificate, If you just pass this encore, Encore exams and basically you get cisco, Certified specialist and core exams. So again, As I said, The core exam is a prerequisite or qualifying exam for both of your ccI enterprise infrastructure, As well as ccI enterprise, Wireless options.

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