EveDumps hope everybody is well and keeping safe and it's not too hot for you. It's currently 28 degrees in here. So it's absolutely roasting and that's right. The purpose of this article is just to give you a short update on what's going on with the on-call exam.

For me now, I'm on the thirst of my five days in a row and five consecutive days of study time and I've got the exam on a Tuesday, So he's coming and and the clock is certainly ticket. So I just want to give you a brief update on one particular thing, One particular thing open. I know I can be guilty of going on quite a bit, But this I want to keep as short as possible, And I want to talk about one particular topic and one particular I think when it comes to preparing for the ICC of the encore exam. Now I've done, As probably most of you have done when you're prepared for an exam research on the internet and forums and ready and whatever whatever you use - EveDumps, For example, Anything and there's tons and tons of stuff out there when it comes to preparing for exams.

Now, With with this one, Something that is new to the table for me and is boson practice exams, Now I've never used them of heard of them. I think I might have years ago used one, But I've never read one. This is my first like official and engagement with boson as a product right. I'Ve never used them before and for Cisco exam somebody's ringing, A bell I did once but and so I've gone out and purchased the practice exams for the encore exam. .

Now it was about 71 pounds in multI on in the UK and so my 71 pounds, Which is piece it's not too bad, Really and and I've got three exams three times 102 question exams so and 306. A lot of questions and when I signed in today, Actually it updated and so there's something something come through in an update, But just want to quickly talk about, Though so I've done a lot of reading and particularly with EveDumps and read. It read your articles, But there where people have said on multiple occasions and how did you prepare for uncle and the time? The time again, People keep calling out boson boson, Boson botom, So I've got on board then 71 pounds and I'm today finish all three. I'Ve gone through all three, Not in one day, It's taking me a few days, But in today, From this morning, At 8 o'clock until about 1:00 - and I finished the first one - that's four hours. The reason it took four hours is cuz.

That was so good. Then that's what I'll talk about these exams are hard. There's no more that hard, There's a few easy questions, But t're hot and and t are from again from reading and now actually using them t are. T are upping the difficulty level.

T are really pushing you up on these concepts and on these topics, So t're getting you prepared for the exam right and again on the street, And I'm gonna read Co that now cuz I've got a cork ball them, And these exams, In my view, Are a Must right, I've got more out of these than the majority actually of study materials that I've learned and whether t are you know a reality check on the exam is to be confirmed. I mean the word on the street that I've heard and seen is that t are, And but I don't know so I do the exam for Tuesday. But I've made some notes in my lovely Sega Megadrive book, Which is built up on on these practice exams. Now it's got not weighed everything down, But what I have written down, I've just written out topics where I thought that t really showing - and I also topics there - I don't think even - are in scope and I'll just read them out to you now.

So if I start off with I'm just going to reel through some of the concepts, So you get a feel for what what is in these practice exams and if it's something that you think you should go and purchase to prepare you for the Encore exam. So there was a ton of questions in there, Something with there were multiple questions in there around OSPF version, 3, , Say types so knowing the differences between version 3 and version 2 essay types, So little bit tricky just really a memory exercise, And you will find That a lot of the encore practice questions is there. It seemed to be very memory exercise heavy which not big fan with myself and tons of stuff.

He was in wet tongue, Multiple questions on IP service level agreement, But specifically with responders responders and to my knowledge in the book the OSI date didn't mesh to do that it covered covered operations, But not respond. The configuration there's quite a few questions on responders EEM. Now EDM, If he went the blueprint you think I was gonna be in there not too much. Maybe one two questions tops again doing some research people keep going on and all about EEM.

This is a big topic and there are a lot of questions in the boson practice. Questions on EEM, , I may have pushed me massively some other than just a CLI based action. T'Re actually t're dipping into a lot of the other types of actions that you can do, And also some of the syntax that you can do so.

I wouldn't have had a chance on those kind of questions. If I'd have gone into that exam now and not done the boats and stuff, So some really good content in there and II am really recommend it. For that there's quite a few questions on the iTIP now this one just annoys me because again the blueprint is concepts of eigrp versus OSPF and then the last one you just flat-out goig RP questions there I meant maybe a little bit Vance but to me t're, Not I don't think t're gonna be in scope for the exam. I think it'd be pretty cool to start really grilling you and deep PID RP, And from what I've read on straight that song, One of the concentration exams on me an RC exam anyway. So I'm not too concerned about that, But I can hold my own on the yacht GOP anyway. Now Python Python, There were only two questions I counted in the 306 from boson.

So the training - from Python the stuff, My bread - has really pushed Python quite high. These questions are so easy, And so not a lot of Python in there really at all. T were sucking now on.

This is where it annoying t'll stuffing their own. Six to four ton of it right with ipv6 my view for something now there is no scope for that on blueprint from, As far as I can see, There's no scope for that on always knowing the MCG set, There's stuff in there on PPP there's stuff in There on PPP everything it in the boson exam. So what this is just legacy questions that's somehow made it in and but there is no scope for in encore for PPP to my knowledge, , So I've just jumped on for most questions pretty quickly. There's some really good questions in there on bgp communities, Alright, Bgp communities, Which a believer in the ocg and t're really good, T're, Really good questions, Because I get a push you on rather than just memorizing the well-known communities. But what actually happens if you configure them to a neighbor and that the different behaviors of a route that you might advertise in text, So bgp communities, Though the boson stuff, Has just got me there, I'm just there really feeling it tons of stuff on SDA ASD When and recommend getting the design bytes on that get the design by its Francisco and skim overall, The solution components know the basic concepts that good questions in there on that there's quite a lot of stuff in there on MTU and TCP and maximum segment size as Well, There's quite a few questions I come across today and t seem to particularly when to you tie into a lot of the tunneling stuff with GRE and understanding about that extra 24 bytes with GRE.

So, Quite I feel that questions come up, Particularly things on TCP MSS, Which is not explicitly covered in the book. So really I just it's just holding your own on the basic commands to do it and knowing what this MSS stuff is. Gonna do for you, But some good questions in most on there there's stuff in there around the DNA center upgrade process. Now you would never parts that question if he was asked at an encore and you've never touched it and never done it and it's not in the OTG.

So I get that question. I wasn't clean what to do so. I go onto the internet and find that process and put it in my mind max and if I get a question on that, Then I know to answer it.

But there's a few questions on DNA sensor upgrades in boson and well so we've got this stuff in there. Whip whip timers not going to be in the blueprint 12 represent the Lybian exam and tons of stuff on dmvpn but annoying question. It's not just describing it, But actually drilling into the detail of deep dmvpn like the phases and stuff, Which is it's not in the book to my knowledge as well. So that's kind of annoying, But it's in there.

So obviously, If you want to go and brush up on it brush up on it, But it's in there and there's really good JSON questions in there as well. And so when you tell me like for me, Jason look brand new and then I've got questions in there that are really testing. My knowledge might learn JSON, Describing objects and arrays and key value pairs and all that stuff and it's great questions on there and it aligns perfectly with the blueprint for encore where t say you know, Get describe Jason like describe a Jason their coat and actually need Them question what bits of it are, And it's great and really well with those questions.

So I'm really pleased myself what else we've got. There was some stuff in there and yang need to maybe brush up on some of the terminology, But yang, Not a lot of multicolored in there at all really memory. There was one or two questions on multicast and then stuff in there on is, Is PDUs with us I Esiason anybody come up with them as an underlay routing protocol with NS, Ta and stuff.

So beyond, T're, Not expecting to be grilled on is is low-level questions SDL when you mentioned again more PPP and their stuff in there and dhcpv6 as well, And really just again not covered in the books, But not a difficult one for you to go and google Warship or ipv6 training, You know a DHCP request will go. I just saw pages have some good questions in there, Particularly with the differences with v1 v2 and then with ipv6 based H, SRP, So understanding the differences with the multicast addresses the group support the UDP port and all that stuff good questions in there more on ipv6 Map again, Which is not in my view, In the scope, I mean that's in scope, But everything you read on that in the book is around static net dynamic that pulled back now. Overloads know ipv6 now to my knowledge, But it's in the boson practice questions and what else we got plenty stop on apI's and there's some cruel questions in there around and northbound and southbound AP is now. If you don't, You give your homework and your training, And then you know the differences between them, But when t're sticking things in there around and OpenFlow opt Lex and one PK which are not formally covered in the book or any of the stuff I've used. That is a Google job and then is my time down memorize and there's a drag and drops in there.

T make sense when you know t are, But if you again, If you turn it down and t ask you that question using the Cisco materials, You would not know the answer to that question. Just my gift and what else we've got few NetFlow questions nothing to new Harry, Learn two questions on logging, Synchronous, Behaviors, Which is hit the season I concept to me and and then last, But certainly not least. In fact, There were some other stuff, But on my last note, There's a couple of really good but cool questions on spanning-tree behaviors with poor priorities now be honest with you little sketch there.

You see it, But I struggled with it not so much the concepts of the port priority, But the way t ask the question: it's just horrible how t ask the question the hardest bit is understanding the question because you get the concepts of the port priority and When you would typically need to change it, But the way t ask you, The question is so difficult and there's two particular questions in there on on Spanish, We port priorities and t're great once you get them and you get the answers. You know it's all good, But t work t're really good and t maybe think about it and again. T'Re practice. Exams t've burned in in the concepts, Forget a question on poor priorities and spanning tree protocol. Hopefully, Oh no special and it was actually some other stuff that I went on the first page. Sorry I was and then you awake and just so.

I know the few areas of improvement and I've put down things like the NSA types with bio, SPF version. 3 vs version 2 dmvpn, Not gonna, Give myself too much like hard time about dmvpn, Just knowing how to describe it. There's a little comparison matrix in the ocg versus other types of VPNs.

It's not in the blueprint. Then I say the upgrade process: ridiculous . She would just window and last this is definitely the last one I'm going to talk about, And this one is a nightmare. Now this there are questions in boson right I mean by the way, There's a load of stuff in boson.

T have not mentioned. There's not, It hasn't just come up and there are obviously a lot of topics in there, But this that I don't believe absolutely every single thing in that ofc G's in their boats on practice. Questions not a lot of cause for memory, Not a lot multicast.

Plenty of bgp OSPF, Good, OSPF questions, ApI automation, Virtualization, Lots of assurance, Trunking DTP, VTP, All the stuff you expect, But this one I'm going to mention now is gonna: keep alright firepower. 1 right. So the blueprint is about the sky, Being security, Stuff and there's tons of stuff in the OSI tier and all the products at Cisco. So right, If you've got questions on in line pair configurations in line pair tag to be specific right and the engine behaviors, And all that all that kind of stuff, You would not have a clue to be a guest you'd, Be doing a guessing game right.

I'm Saunders got some great questions. I think there's a term in particular around and expected behaviors when you configure multiple interfaces in a in length, Hair, And that's what I'm gonna get a say on that because it's not you know this is these practice questions on to might not the exam content, But if t're asking you this stuff in the in both on exams, I'm gonna expect this to being an encore exam, And I want a better clue. Just really quick, Really cruel, And you know the folks on stuffs written by really talented people expert people in order to anyway. So you know, Makin obviously breaks the NDA and start somewhere exam questions, But there giving you practice content based on their recommendation.

200-301 Dumps

What t're experts, You know believed to be the case, We're the linemen to the blueprint and the exam topics, But these firepower questions are ridiculous. Really t make sense when you look at them, If you go, If you go and got Cisco's documentation and look into firepower, I didn't actually write down the specifics to the officers but and when you read into it you'll get it. You know you'll get it's not not complicated from memory, It was about. Do you bottom there's a snot engine and lemur engine? I think it is the one that one does fall within. One does inspection, And but there was questions around when you run a an inline tap mode and I'm just like. We'll wait over there and back-end documentation, And the last you want to say, Put the book down but lasting on, Say about posts on just again.

MaxI thumbs up to this post on stuff, It's absolutely brilliant and one thing t do very well is the practice exam engine. When you get questioning normal right, You get a comprehensive explanation around the answer and why the other ones as well. So I have learned so much in the last two or three days from that based on product and massive massive value for money, High quality high value. Absolutely recommend it, And hopefully, When I report back to you on Tuesday afternoon, It's gonna be pass and it's gonna be boson is the way get the boson stuff and if you can't with it and look around, If you subscribe to Knox, Touch Tim and on EveDumps, He's another legend in the industry: he is sworn by.

Bosun and loads of people in the reddit forums are sworn by it as well. So it seems to me the way all right and if I hadn't done it and you know well, I can't speak as I'm going down yet. But all I know is that having doing those three exams, My knowledge has gone up up up and it's gone deep, Deep, Deep and it's been amazing and I'm always going to go through them again and again, Just really just master and nail everything.

I'Ve done my mind. Maps have gone crazy because there's so many now new screen captures and things gone into all my topics and that's on my head. I mean I've got the sweet. Piper now is on mobile eight times and I've got stuff in there and GRE there's some deep stuff in there about GRE tunnel keys. You know which is not not even covered, And there are some questions going there and, In fact, Just quickly look on my screen, Stuff on tunnel keys, Understanding back the overhead.

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