I'm a network engineer sit in my 350 401 Cisco exam. This is the first exam of two for me because I'm trying to take my CCIE written exam.

so I hope you find these articles useful, I'm using it as a way to solidify my learning. So by teaching you we get me a better understanding, So we're both learning from it now. So I'm on the Cisco webpage, All you . We have to find it, So you know you just go to Cisco comm I'll, Do the back for you. You just go to Cisco calm type in 350 401, And that will bring you to this page, Which is pretty self-explanatory. So I don't spend much time on there now.

These are the exam topics for the new exam and, As you can see, When it loads up, There are actually six topics here: one two, Three, Four, Five, Six and t're all weighted differently, The routine of switching, Tends to be more in the infrastructure. From what I understand so, When you go, You've got your layer to your layer, 3 IP services and the bit that's been added. Is your wireless, So the usual BGP OSPF EIGRP is just in this little section here. You can see that it's not really that weighted.

That highly like everything else before so this part here, Is what t've been the routing is switching, But here you can see it's just very I'm assuming basic. Ok, The two key things have been added are your virtualization topics and your automation. Now I used to hold the CCNP routing and switching by let the exam expire.

So now I have to sit this exam first and rather than sit the routing and switching again, I want to take that extra step and sit the CCI so right. You can also download this if you click download there, However downloaded it . So I get you know, A more detailed breakdown of the action topics and what I will do if every single article is I'll, Spend ten to fifteen minutes, Not too long going through each one of these points.

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I hope that gives you enough information to have a basic understanding of what's required, But like or Cisco exams, You still need to do further study in which we'd probably be do some reading and do some practice, So t it's second nature to you now I have Had some years in the industry as a network engineer, So some of it will cut will be easy to me. But like all engineers, We don't do every single thing that we study. So we all have things that we'll be good at and things that we're not so good at so my day to day job.

I don't really get involved in sd1, So that'll get key area that I need to do a lot of practice on, Because it's not something that I've come come across on a day-to-day, And I don't really do a lot of Wireless, Especially don't do any wireless so That would be another area that I need to practice quite a lot, And a lot of you will be like that. Now, Because of the pandemic, Cisco, Now has an online exam. You do not need to go to a test center anymore. You can actually do it from the comfort of your home, So my idea is within eight weeks to be be prepared to sit the Cisco exam. Now I have done some studying already so hopefully that will hold me in good stead to be able to do this.

Exam in eight weeks time: I hope you find these articles useful. If you do please like and subscribe this, The first one just give me a basic introduction of what we're going to do in the other sessions you

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