I was like it's been a year, But technically two days left so -. Where am I at? How am I feeling so number one? I'm tired, I'm very tired and if I'm honest of you, I am fed up with it. Actually, I just want to take this exam now, I'm actually ready. Now I just want to go and do it get it done. It's it's becoming draining and a bit boring now, Not that I'm bored of what I'm studying as such I'm just bored of the routine and the method and everything that's going on at the moment.

So let me just kind of reel off my thoughts, But the last article I done was around the boson practice exams, Which are amazing value and amazing qualities of what he said. So what have I done since then, So I I've gone through them again. So that's 306 questions again, So I've now done 612 practice, Ik questions, Which is which is crazy now the second time round. Obviously I remembered questions and therefore answers so it became more memory exercise.

, I already know that one. I will know that one, But what it's done is it's really burning in the knowledge? it's really burning in the knowledge, The only the only thing on them and I'm still uncomfortable with it just checking my notes is: I mean pee pee pee. There was a couple of questions in there on pee pee pee. I mean, If t're in, If t're true to what t say t are, And these these things to get you ready for the Encore exam then expect a question on PPP, But PPP is not in the study guide.

It's not on the blueprint. Nowhere to be seen. I mean the last time I asked you touch pee pee pee. I was going back to my notes and stuff was in my CCNA in 2010, So pee, Pee, Pee t're, Not sure really looking at the history.

That is obviously an older certification tracks and and different different exams and stuff over time. So I'm not gonna lose any sleep over that one or on my notes here. So I just want to just want to skim through my notes and give you a reality check on what I've I've prepared for what I've learned and actually checking it again. It's boson if you haven't gotten, Bought based on yet and that's fine, But this might almost pitch you to go and buy it, But just going through my notes now I'll just bear with me.

So I've got I've got pages and pages in here right on RF math, Right, Which I hate is. I said awful awful right when you get the basics - it's not too bad, But guess what not one question in boson about RF math . So ever I get tested on it, I don't know, But I've dove so much effort into that and I hate it. Ipsec configuration with GRA nothing in there specifically and boson that I can McCall.

Let me go just skim through this book quickly. I know I've already done this on my previous article, But I'm a little bit different now flex connects plenty of stuff on flex, Connects in there and IP modes. Qrs queuing, There's a few questions in there on curious queuing. Don'T worry about all the configuration! It's just more concepts and what would you do and things on shaping and policing and the behaviors and say IPSec? I mean the amount of detail in the book on that. You know it's amazing, It's so low level and obviously you you really need to know it. For the using it with GRE secure your your tunnel tons of detail in the book, The Kevin Wallace course had great stuff on that as well, And he done a live demo again.

Nothing in the book in the bosonic practice, Materials on and actually the IPSec crypto Mac, Crypto map or ipsec profile configuration wherever you get it in the test, And I don't know vx lands just described in the basics. What a v-- tip does you know not how many real and you get nothing in the boson exams on the kind of operation with VX land and how it actually is working as such, More basic concepts? If you've done your basics on the X, Then in a line of those boson questions, You should be good trunking standard, Stuff fabric capacity planning. There was nothing in there on fabric capacity planning, So Kevin more lifts.

Teaches you a little formula to do the math on that when you know you input, Output slots and your supervisor engines and it painful to remember, But there's nothing in the boson exams on fabric capacity planning DNA Center. I'Ve already talked about that. There's nothing in the exams, Press exams on device or client 360 scoring as well. I noticed IPSec configuration with you are a Wi-Fi.

Math already talked about that I'll, Be the worst concept of all time, Our FF. T might just be me, But I mean I've tried loads of efforts and I can do it sometimes I can do it sometimes. I can't do it and just big frustration. Why it's , So practice exam notes have already gone through that's cool! So again, EEM just I've now polite. I never declare if I fail an ATM question I'll be disappointed myself, Because I've gone to town on am now and really just understand in not just so much the applet basics of you know.

If this do that, You know your action, Your event in your actions, The flyer, But going a bit deeper with synchronous versus asynchronous, And that's really where it's painful and the boson exams push you on that really well on the sink. Yes sink no stuff and the various and the variable in there the exit status variable that can get populated on or off that stuff is not in the ocg. Now, If I get a question on that in the Cisco encore exam, Then I've got my good friends at boson to thank for passing those questions because t're not in the books at all. That was a EEM.

What's the other thing, That's been pretty painful. I come over top my head, But let me just now skim. I just want to use this article just to skim my original notebook, So this notebook here is this was all on Kevin Wallace, His and Charles John. I went for that course on LinkedIn learning twice and basing my notes, So I'm just gonna skim just the topics at a high level. So there's there's architectures designs.

Yes, Boson. I think there was a question in there there's several and now on cloud and differences between on-prem and cloud and stuff like that fabric capacity, Planning, Keeping wallace teaches you, It couldn't didn't, Get a question on it and boson architectures, Stateful, Switchover and NSF didn't get one Question in boson at all MSD, When all the basics of SD, When SDXC slows of SD access, I think there was more SD accessing boson than SD when again just knowing your basic concepts, Knowing what the SDA architecture looks like. That's all good understanding, All the roles in the SDA with you edge nodes aboard and I would control plane intermediate nodes. That's all makes sense.

Qos, Quite a few correct questions in there. Nothing too scary, Though, In boson that I've seen so far tons of wireless. Just random wireless stuff concepts of wireless SNR RSSI, All the will see behaviors with roam in loads of roaming questions. In there, Security questions with will sees as well with differences between with 802 and X and when you turn or open authentication on use web off and all that kind of stuff, That's all in there as well. Quite a few questions on SEF, But nothing too bad.

Nothing too scary, Just understanding the basics of SEF, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla bla, Don't go into every detail and boil it if ya, Understanding the fear band, The rear band, All that kind of stuff virtualization. So there was definitely virtualization questions in boson around type 1 and type 2 differences and understanding them. I haven't seen a single question on containers dock up stuff, So nothing in there at all on that V ahrefs. Yes, There is now this new one.

So there's stuff in there on vrf flight, , But there is. There is also stuff in there on route targets and stuff like that which I've come across with MPLS, So I've done it. I'Ve done multi-protocol BGP before and I've seen all that stuff before. That was a few years back, But there's stuff in there one on route targets, , Which is a little bit hairy, Because there's absolutely no scope for that in the ocg at all. It's not in there at all, Vr af-s are in there no problem and that your basic configuration of you know chopping up a router into these.

The RF definitions for customers - that's fine, But going beyond that into the realms of multi-protocol, Be teepees. I mean, In my view, Is it's unlikely. It's gonna be on there.

I I don't know why that's in there from honest GRE your spoke about that. No, It's quite quite a few GRE questions and t tangent off into MT use and MSS and path him to you in all that stuff, All the things you can do and what the overhead is with the tunnel. It's just quite some quite techie stuff in there on GRE MT, You obviously the how you build a tunnel and all this stuff like that loads of stuff, On Lisp VX land, But nothing too hairy. It's just identifying what the roles are, What what Lisp and pieces and all the parts are of Lisp, And if you, If you know the basics, That the boson questions you should be out of session and what else we got infrastructure? . So this is the beastie one, So there's plenty of stuff in there on trunking and BTP ether channel.

Yes, I don't think I've had a question in there on MST, Not one, And I know that that's on the exam topics explicitly on the exam topics, So maybe Bo son of miss that one don't know. But I've done my my prep on MST anyway to get me in a good place rapid spanning tree. I don't think it was one questioning that either. Actually, I don't member anything on port states or anything at all.

One rapid spanning tree in the boson material the sink agreement with our STP as well. Nothing on that tool now SPF load stuff on our SPF differences between that any idrp, Our SPF to stim. All stuff behaviors, Our SPF version, 2 version 3, Know your stuff on there a little bit of a idrp, Definitely in there as well elections with DRS BTR's network types.

Yes, Broadcasting on broadcast point-to-point all that stuff. You should know well that nothing ringing a bell of route filtering with our SPF. Remember why Utley worth filter lists and all that cool stuff, And I think, There's anything on route.

Filtering no comment for anything. Summarization the same. I don't know anything on summarization with OSPF OSPF version.

Three there's definitely some questions in there on that from memory again now your basics BGP now this is brilliant. Bgp is one of my favorites actually believe it or not a lot. People hate it, But I think it's great it there's loads of BGP questions and I in boson and there's some good ones as well, So those here path, Attributes and that your selection process, Ebgp peers, There's stuff in their own communities as well, Which is caught.

Mention that already good stuff on BGP again the depth you go into. Who knows because that boson exam it pushes you pretty hard on some things, But you know as long as you know, As long as you know your M, Your acronym we're talking it up quote now, Which I got from Kevin Wallace. We love oranges, As oranges mean pure refreshment, As long as you know that you know the path selection process for VTP weight, As in we love local pref oranges, Originated as AAS path, Oranges, Origin type mean, Is mid and then P and are none of the questions Have got that far yet, But pure refreshment is your paths and your router ID, But none of the questions really go that far. Most of the questions in there are really going on. Wait.

Local press originated is path and origin, So a little bit of a trick. There some ways remember that you should be able to answer any path: selection, Question on bt, P and obviously understanding the higher values and what the values are by default and all that kind of stuff. But you should be good with bgp nothing on route reflectors, Nothing on that at all peer groups, No, No influencing traffic paths; definitely with with things like local preference and wait, I didn't I don't member anything in a med actually, But definitely on wait and local Pref route maps so there's a couple of questions about maps but, Using, I think, Was with a community value. Remember we're using a rap map to set community yl s yet loads Wireless random wireless all over the place, Ap modes, The process of finding a will see all that stuff and tena types.

Yes, There was definitely a question in there on antenna types and identifying the radiation pads there. For me, Roaming. We mentioned that stuff on moming Nats, Yet definitely not isn't that questions in there static net dynamic now called nap now overload all the usual suspects ntp.

Yes, Ntp security, Yes ACLs, ACLs, ACL is horrible. To this day I found a seals for years right and I still still get into a pickle, And I don't think is, I think, Is the questions. The questions of nasty on ACL, Cisco. Ask your horrible questions on ACLs hater saw a pay, Definitely the difference between version 1 and version 2, And also the version with ipv6 so know the basics. All your core concepts around H, SRP version 1, 2 & 6, Nothing on interface, Tracking on HS or P.

Remember: VR I'll pay. Yes, It's in there definitely again, No your basics, Gob peas in there as well, But only really knowing why you'd use it and what it brings to the table. MultI casting now multicast thing is I've still what work to doing this by the way, But this is this - was a bit of an anti-climax.

Actually, The boson questions are multI casting had quite basic, Nothing other mode about that, And because I don't like multicast, It kills me every time, But there's a lot of work. I'Ve done for cook for multI casting, So the point of you know even calculate or converting MAC addresses stuff like that and all this stuff's in the book and this stuff's in the Kevin Wallace material as well, And yet not nothing nothing in their depth at all. So far on both well nothing on boson, Whether it's in the exam is to be confirmed. So I need to make sure I get lazy on that and forget about Monte casting loads of Monte casting in my notes, All the stuff on different modes. Ok, Network assurance debugging - definitely in there conditional debug in which is not in the book. Traceroute ping.

Don'T remember any questions on boson on over those SNMP. I don't remember any SNMP questions. I think there's something there about MIPS, But comparing it with yang, But there's nothing, Nothing that I remember you on SNMP SNMP, SNMP syslog, The stuff in there on the alert levels have seen decoration. Yes, There is NetFlow and this is another one anticlimax and I'm not really it.

I don't recall anything on there. Maybe one attempt on NetFlow but traditional configuration. I don't know any questions on that and then the live, The extended knit for the flexible net flow version.

Maybe one I can remember might be so are coming back, But, Oh by the way, Just a tip if you learn in net flow, The flexible version of net flow. My acronym for year is REM. Remember, REM, Record exporter, Monitor that's the order. T go together. Rem, If you remember that you should be our tackle and net flow question, Because t're the building blocks or flexible net flow, I've never heard anyone say that so that might be a new one for Lewbert REM. Remember that flow record flow export our flow monitor and the monitors where you bolt them together, And then you apply that to your interface, But ya know no questions.

Pushing me on that span. There's difference. You should find questions in there remember span in there. Definitely IPS la I mentioned out the other day.

Cisco 300-910 Dumps

Definitely IPS la in their book didn't go into responders at all, But material I've seen were based on. Does no annoying AEM cooled out already. Eeehm is just you know, It's crazy. I mean the material in that book on applets and script.

Scripts offers he's not in scope for encore, But applets. I get it at that level of the basics with the CLI based stuff. I get that with a CLI command and the action you take and I get all that stuff right, But the stuff in those practice it questions on a synchronous versus asynchronous the variables that get set when you don't when you skip when you don't skip all that Stuff, That is a headache right and you would have no chance on this planet unless you were the luckiest glisten in the world of clearing those iam questions, Without knowing that. So again, I'm going to call out boson if both some have got that right and that's massively gonna help me out with EEM and but the notes I've got here know we're going to be good enough to hear any of those questions. I mean I've got them here: the basics of creating an applet to match and syslog, Even like whatever.

It is like a port going down and then doing something about it, Like unshot, In the port, With an action. So the event is a syslog trigger and then the action is go into the configuration T and go into the interface and unshut it get it. No problem makes sense, But all the other stuff.

It's that's. That's tough! That's really! That's one thing. I want to call out a non-core straight away: eeehm absolute nightmare, But any advice to you go out there and drill in a bit deeper VM security, Load, Stuff on that privilege levels and the different encryption methods when you use enable secret versus enable password - and In service password encryption, All that stuff exact levels triple a radius tech axe. Yes, All in there I've seen that access control lists definitely in there and that the questions I've seen a tough.

T really make you think, And I've got quite a few of them wrong. Just cuz, It's misunderstood the question challenging stuff - I remember them in the CCNA 10 years ago as well, And access this Texas, This control place policing and role-playing policing. I don't recall anything on that in boson either. Actually that's come across that for a while.

I'Ve got that one nailed, I think, But I need to make sure I don't go lazy on that as well and but cop, I can't think of anything in the boson material on cop while a security staff. Yes, That's in there. Definitely no! You know your stuff on ashes, A few posts on questions on that and now you're set up with the different EP types: figuration bla bla, Bla, Bla bla. Nearly there , Now, Security, This one is just nasty. This is the other nasty there's so much stuff in the book on security is insane and the exam topics as well that t kind of not that clear on what t want you to do, And so, If it's just got Brian here, The Sunnis just come out, But I was so many notes on the Cisco say framework all of the places in network.

The mitigation at it focus is all the different things you've got in the product, Suite with amp anbrella, Any connect next-generation firewall, Combining them together with an AAS, A trust, SEC, ISE, Blah blah blah blah blah by a power management center, And this goes on and That whole bit is just like aa nightmare and again the boson questions have got stuff in there on some of the stuff with firepower in line mode. I wouldn't have a chance without without seeing that material from boson at all max ik, The stuff in Lmax sec. I'Ve seen that in the questions 802 1 X, Werewolf, Local, Werewolf, Centralized where vault.

Yes, Now, Automation! Yes, Definitely so. I'Ve called this out already, But automation, Lots of stuff around validating an example of JSON is this: is this right? What is what's this bit of JSON it? You know what where's the key in the value and what? What is that value? Is it an array? Is it an object? Is it text? Is its number all that stuff so know how to interpret JSON and that's definitely on the blueprint? Xml I've not seen one question on XML boson stuffing in on controllers, I saw, Is still on automation on we pick upon some objects in a race with Jason curly brackets straight brackets, Blah blah blah yang date and modeling yiyang guess referenced a few times in Boson definitely and -, There's some Python stuff in there. What is it t have in there? T have a Python script, T're basically converts to Jason, And t want you to read the the Python and understand the output in Jason. But it's update starts going into two lists and dictionaries and stuff like that, So but part from that really Python has been an anti-climax again with with these practice questions like you know all the stuff I've gone into with all the stuff with loops and all, And While and all this stuff with Python, I mean some of it's been pretty deep, I mean that the data types - that's not too bad a straightforward lists. Dictionaries, And you can compare them to Jason with objects and arrays input statements.

Nothing if and else nothing in the exam is based on so far loop's. You have a mission loops accessing external files, Nothing nothing on that tool. Net Kampf, Net comps in their breasts Kampf, Is in their postman.

I'Ve not there's nothing in on their own postman. Specifically - and I know that's in the study guide Francisco, But nothing specifically on postman in there at all - really I mean you're going to use it to do an API call but there's nothing in the boson material around crud. Yes, No that acronym it helps. You definitely by orchestration tools now between chef, Puppet ansible and saltstack, Yes t're in there, But nothing deep, There's, Nothing! Deep and again that's a bit of an anti-climax cuz I've. I'Ve learnt them quite well and but nothing nothing of any depth at all.

Really, If I'm honest with you from from memory on any of them - and I don't think if you've done the basics, I don't think you'd struggle with the boasts and questions on any of those in just a call-out and actually in the book. The book the ocg actually goes into puppet bolt, So just be clear on that, Because I don't think that's on the blueprint. It's -. Obviously different versions of saltstack one with an agent one without DNA sent loads of stuff on DNA center staff already mentioned like upgrade.

I mean the upgrade process. I would never know that in a million years, If I just prepped using the Cisco material no chance, But it's in the boson practice, Exam DNA Center and V managed ap is now nothing rings, A bell in them, Specifically and again from my notes here with Dna Center and V managed there are slight differences on the API calls, But nothing from memory in the boson material at all response codes. Yes, I've seen a few response code type questions, Definitely t're quite straightforward, Though REST API security think so from memory. Nothing to hear II and that's it. , It was one more thing: it back.

I'Ve gone into a little more detail in yang, Actually taught my yang modules containers lists and leaves, But nothing no, Nothing how that depth at all. So it's a weird one. It's a weird one, Because the practice questions are great and Bose. Don'T do a very good job and obviously I'm not going to know until I sit the exam or Tuesday if it's been worthwhile, But if t are a reality check for for how long core is going to be.

And obviously I can't after to talk to you about the questions I've got in the exam because I'm going to breach the non-disclosure agreement, But if that is the case and and then I'm just gonna conclude this to be a classic Cisco exam experience, You know a Particular my collaboration days that just a nightmare, Absolute nightmare and after this one, If I pass it, I'm gonna just have a rest. Well, Whatever rest, Because I've poured six months of my time basically into this encore exam, Which is crazy. When I think about it, And and still when I go, I see someone in practice - questions I'm just like. , I haven't got a clue and I've put so much effort. So, What's on sale anyway, I'll wrap this article up but all in all, I'm I'm a bit fed up there on a bit bored.

I just want to sit the exam, Get it done between now and then. Obviously, It's Saturday afternoon, I've still got all of Sunday of still on Monday, So I'm gonna keep hammering them practice exams any areas I mean the things in there like PPP and some of the 6to4 tunnelling stuff. I'm not going to stress too much about you, Know things like rout targets with vr af-s and multi-protocol BGP, I'm not going to stress too much about it. I might maybe dip into some material I definitely to brush up on multicast. But if the bosun exams are anything to go by, I think I'd be with the basics really with with multicast, And it's nothing else.

That rings a bell. I'm not putting anything down! There's screaming out that I wanted to mention No access-list just once when the access-list questions were tough . So there's a couple of VTP pruning questions that caught me off as well.

The next-generation firewall stuff is just absolutely nightmare absolute nightmare. So if I get a table now, What if I get a question in that exam on inline tap and all that stuff I'll, Just just go crazy, Really just be. It would be so bad because t could ask you anything about any of their products. In their case - and that's just crazy - and I'm nervous about that - because I don't know what t're gonna throw at me about security in that exam, This spot. Obviously the ocg describes these all quite a high level, But t you know next-generation firewall stuff, Like that. It does not go into so asking t're so unfair, But that's based on.

If t ask me a question on it. I mean I've got those questions in boson. I don't have a clue, But again what boson do very well. Is t give you a really comprehensive overview of why the answer is correct? so you can learn really well from the boson exam. So in conclusion, Get the boson practice exams if you're about to sit the on call exam all right, Because t're definitely definitely been worth the money, 71 pounds. I'Ve spent on them and I've now gone through twice.

I'm not sure. If I'll do them again, I mean odds, I should do them again, But I just default it only the rest. So I appointed me for tomorrow, But anyway that's my update for today, I hope, You're doing good and just if you're doing what I'm doing just keep getting there hanging in there.

You know it's gonna be Tuesday soon for me, And obviously you know I'm a little bit nervous about this, But it's an exam, It's normal to be nervous, But I'll, Try and check in with you again before before the exam. Then, Between now and then take care yourselves and I'll speak to you soon.

The Cisco 300-910 Dumps is a wonderful tool for evaluating your performance in terms of the number of questions you can answer and your ability to maintain a healthy level of stress during the final exam. Additionally, it supports you in planning for a buffer, which acts as a safety net for you throughout the Certification exam.


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