Type of span is remote span, The one which we done was local span. This is called remote, Switch port analyzer. Now the only thing is here: if your source and destination are remotely connected not connected to the same switch, Then we call them remote span and it can be aware, Two switches, Three switches and so on in your organization. Maybe you want to monitor a person which connect you to a switch and first floor and your analyzer tool are an eighth floor and your analyzer tool are there.

Now all these switches are connected with each other, And we know these interfaces, Which is connected to switches. Normally, These are trunk, Not normally, But most of the time you will see these are trunk and we already discussed trunk either. It may be an ether channel.

We already discussed ether channel as well, So now, What I need to do my source is somewhere else and my destination is somewhere else. Then, In this situation we call them remote span now. The thing is how I will specify that my source interface is this one, And my destination is far away switch. So for that purpose we are using a special type of vlan, A dedicated vlan.

We call them remote span vlan. Then we will create a vlan. What this vlan will do, T will carry the spam data from one switch to any switches, So it means all the switches which coming between the target and sniper, You need to configure that remote span vlan, Which is a special type of vlan, A dedicated vlan for Span and you can give them any number, We don't care about vlan number, But you need to type that this vlan is a span.

Is a remote span? Vlan, It's not a normal vlan which we create to distinguish. This is the only thing you need to do so when is your source and destination and same switch then is so easy. We just need the source interface and destination interface, But if your source and destination and different switches, Then you need to configure all the switches which coming between target and sniper way. You need to configure that special type of vlan.

This is the only difference. So, Let's do it this the same topology! Now what I will do. I will remove this cable.

How to let me . So this part is same here is and I need another switch now I o l, It's , Switch change, The things to switch and put them here and connect this interface. So let me make this interface 0 2 as well.

So we know both 0 0 2 is connected and connect. The snipper here now scenario is different. You see scenario is a bit different now what I need to do. Let me start this one because it will take time and let me start this switch and let me start this switch and, Let's start now, The thing is before my source and destination means the analyzer and target system were connected to the same switch.

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Now my target are connected to switch one and snipper is connected to switch to. So I cannot say that this the source interface, I cannot say that the destination interface is 0 slash 2, Because 0 slash 2 is connected to another switch, Which is wrong so until the system start keep in mind, Switch to switch link has to be trunk so That t can carry all vlan traffic. We know this one and normally you will see this interface trunk now I will create a special type of vlan here remote. We call them remote, Spaniard this, The vlan we need to create and both switches.

. So, Let's configure this pc first one slash one: if normally when you shut down, So it will lose the ip. So I need to type ip19216811 done and apply exit exit and exit this one, And I don't need right now. This one go to pc2, And go to control panel network and type 192.

168 12. Apply exit exit exit and, From here let's ping, 192 168, 12 . So I'm reachable to this pc, It's , Pc1 and pc2 is .

Now, And this one is already we know so now I need a remote span. Configuration first thing. First, I need to enable trunking on this interface zero, Slash two which connected two switches: let's go to switch one; and first thing: I need enable configuration host name, Sw1, And interface, E0, Slash 2, Sorry, E0, Slash, 2, Switchboard trunk, Encapsulation, Dot, 1q switch port Mode trunk and no shutdown - we know this from yesterday done now.

I need to go to switch this switch and make the same this interface run. I know it will be trunk automatically because of dtp. You remember but I want to be sure and sw2, Even if I check show interface trunk. So it is it a trunk through negotiation.

Yesterday we discussed but anyway for safe side. I will go to zero, Slash two ah zero slash, Two switch port trunk encapsulation dot, One q switch port mode trunk and no shutdown done so. I make this interface between switches. Trunk is required now coming to switch one, Which is our where our target are exist.

So what I will do, I will say, Go to configuration interface. No, I need a v first, I need a span port. So what I will do, I will create a vlan with any number suppose. 100, This, The only difference, Type remote span command done and do the same thing here on this switch. If you have many switches, You have to do the same thing and the number has to be the same v100 remote span and exit, And if I have three switches I will do the same thing exit and now I'm here now.

This is clear now what I will do, I will say, Monitor session one just like a local spin, And I will say my source is interface, Which interface e0 0. Both I just told you so 1 is the number source interface. Is this one, This the source and where is the destination, So I will say, Monitor session. One destination is remote vlan, Which is a number of hundred done from this y.

From this switch, We done our job, So I create a remote span and what I say t capture the packet from this interface and forward the traffic to this vlan then do right now, Let's go to switch to how t will receive the traffic. Actually, T have also the same vlan here t will say monitor session. One one is not important, It can be. Any number source is remote, Vlan, 100 and monitor session. One destination is interface where t want to forward e0 0 to reach to analyzer interface. E0.

Slash 0. Let me double check a 0 0 before typing this one. Let's go to this one and start the ping. If I start the ping. 192. 168 12 - I am pinging from here to here, So why I will receive ping here.

It doesn't make any sense. So if I go to windows 7, , I did not type the second command. I'm just waiting to show you first then I will type this command so that you get the idea how it is working.

. So let's wait for this windows 7 to come up. So spinning is working.

I did not type. This command destination is interface, So now the t will give the traffic to vlan will 100 will and 100 will give it to here from here we will caption and will forward to analyzer . So it's come up now test one two three, And if I and if I go to wire shark, And the interface I'm connected to switch, Is this interface and if I type icmp, So I'm not receiving any icmp .

But after this command it will start to receive. If my configuration is , Let's see now and look it now, T say that 11 is pinging 12 and I'm receiving the copy all the way. All the way analyzer is somewhere else and source means our target.

I'm just saying source basically is a target, So target is here again. This interface will be in monitoring phase. So now you can see it's going all the way and reaching here and you can see the traffic is coming. But if I stop this, One pc1 is pinging to pc2, So it will stop stop now.

So you get the idea now go to switches. Show monitor session one, That's the command to verify. So let's say that a hundred is the remote span vlan, And this is the destination port.

because I'm in switch to if I go to switch one show monitor session one. So it say that a source is ethernet. E0 0, For both traffic means coming and going traffic. It will forward them to remote span. Vlan, That's the only concept here we just create a special type of vlan, Which we call them remote span vlan.

So it will forward here and when is forward here, T will take from that vlan and will forward to zero zero, Where analyzer is connected, This the techniques which you are using from one place t are giving from interface to vlan and here from vlan to interface. We are giving to our analyzer . Let me go if I miss something . This is the only thing show monitor session all show monitor session one whatever your number you give them and you can verify so. This was a remote span when we configure spin and multiple switches where our target is somewhere else connected and our snipper is somewhere else, Then we are using remote span.

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