so the next thing we'll we'll try to see what are the changes in the CCNP certifications like before 24 February 24. 2020. We have these are the different CCNP certification tracks we have now. After February 24 2020, You will have only five five to six.

You know five. These are the fire main code technology terms. So generally I'm more talking about technology. Point of view, Not a software point of view. So now you have a software based.

You know application specific, You know, Programming kind of thing. You have this certification, You have see see a definite, That's what the name. It says, Definite professional. So so mainly there are five technology certifications in CCNP. So you got enterprise.

Now the enterprise covers the land and van infrastructure, A more like a ccnp routing, Switching but basically focuses on wireless as well, Because we used to have a wireless separate. You know CCNPe wireless and the CCNP routing. Switching more of like a software tracks still AM you know, I am NOT. I didn't get into complete contents, So I have to just refer to them.

Probably probably I'll be sharing those things in the next. The rest of the thing still remains the same, So the track wise you have. These are the changes, But if you're going with a certification point of view, There is a major change, The certificate point of view.

If you, We just think about the CCNP certifications right now or before you know, Generally, You have to pass either three to four exams. You have three to four ccNP papers like if I take an example of CCNP routing switching you have to power without CCNP switch and CCNP t shoot papers in order to get your CCNP routing switching certification. Likewise, You have CCNP security. We have four papers again in data center.

CCNA 200-301 Dumps

You have, I think, Four to five papers. You know. Basically, You have three to four paper combinations. You have to pass, Get your ccnv certification, But now it's no more like that. So now, From February to the 24 2020, In order to get your CCNP certification, You need to pass any one core exam. There is one technology core exam, So you had write only two papers, One is the core paper and the second one is a concrete example.

Can create exam is like a special exam on a special technology like this is enterprise core enterprise, Core exam screenshot. Now here you have an enterprise core exam, Which means this is the one exam you have to pass again. Every track have a different papers, I'm just giving you an idea on the enterprise code, So this is like the core exam you have to pass and then we have concrete exams.

You have to pass any one of this now. This focuses on now. Each paper focuses on individual technologies like here you can see.

This paper focuses more on routing services, And this paper focuses more on s divine solutions, And this is on enterprise networks, Designing the enterprise networks, All one paper focus on enterprise wireless networks. So, Depending upon your a field of specialization, Let's say you: you are more specialized in working on wireless networks. So basically you can pass this exam, The Corp exam and you can go and write your Wireless exam.

Basically, To get your CCNP Enterprise for certification now similar way, If you are going with CCNP security, Also, We have a core paper like ESA AWC. So probably, Similarly, You have core paper and concrete examples in each in a bit track. Out of that, You have to choose anyone to get your CCNP certification.

So that's the difference and again, As per the current rules under the current rules, You usually have to have at least CCNP to get your CCNA CCNP certification, Which may, In order to write your CCNA exams. You must write, The prerequisite is you need to have CCENT or CCNA is a prerequisite to write an exam, But this is no more required now so, Which means you can directly jump into the CCNP exams, So you don't need CCNA exam to pass. So there is no prerequisite exams. You need to pass for ccnp certification, So which means, If you want to get CCNP enterprise.

You know enterprise, You know core. Basically, It's a core enterprise exam to pass, Or if you want to pass CCNP security exam like here, You have to pass any one core exam and any one concrete exam. So, Basically, These two papers will be enough to pass your to get your CCNP certification without going with CCNA, . The next thing is like CCNP transitions, Like let's say if you have already passed some of the CCNP exams like let's say you have already passed the CC and without exam or the switch exam, So basically after February 2020. What is a specific certification exam means means in my certificate State as what is it shows up what certification you have passed so again, As I said, You know if you are preparing for these exams or if you already pass these exams, So you still have a Migration or a transition option, So you can use this URL. So I have opened up this URL here.

So CCNP migration tools, You can go to you know generally certifications and if you go to professional level certifications you will find a URL here. If you scroll down, There will be an option to migration, So you can either go to specific migration tool, Or generally I prefer this URL. You know if you can specifically go to individual track. Let's say if you have already passed, Let's say you want to check your certification intake status for your CCNP routing, Switching you can use this URL and in this URL it shows up what are the current exams.

You have passed, Let's say if you have passed CCNP route, Then after February 2020, So basically to earn your CCNP and a prior certification need to take these exams. Ok, So basically, If you have passed CCNP route, So you have to take this core exam and you have to choose any one of these exams and let's say if you are passed, Both route and switch or if I just select switch only then again the same Requirement comes if you have passed any one exams. I think that's a requirement you can. You can check this. Basically, This how you can check.

So if you have passed ccnp t-shoot only, Then basically, You will be receiving a cisco certified specialist certification. Now one of the good thing about the new certification program is like, Let's say like generally, You you in the previous, You have a ccnp covering three papers, Let's say: CCNA routing switching includes CC and without CCNP t-shoot as well as CCNP switch. Now, Basically, You have to pass all the three papers in order to get your CCNP certification. So let's say if you have just passed CCNP route, So you are not you don't get the only certification status kind of things, So you can still say you have pass one exam, But you don't have any certification status or a specific certificate from Cisco.

But now so cisco has changed so you'll be getting if you pass any one of the exams like. Even if you have passed this exam, You will be getting one specialist certification, So there is a one specialty certification track. So if you pass any one of the six either older new exams, You get a specialist certifications like passing this exam old exam is equivalent to like you are going to pass his Co certified specialist on enterprise advanced. This is one of the paper of CCNP. You know the the other exam, So one is Corps, The other one.

Is anyone optional exam, So it's like equivalent to passing this exam so to get a complete ccnp. You have to pass one core paper that is sufficient, So you get this already and the second one you have to pass because you have already cleared the previous exam. But again you can see if I take two options. The same the same requirement, The same thing: if I take this router and switch, I think I need to refresh a little bit so just wait for the page to be refreshed generally. So if you have passed only route, Then it shows up what you have to do to get your ccnv certification.

So you have to write again the two exams again. So if you have passed two exams already is out and switch now you receive this enterprise course certificate, Cisco, Certified, Specialist or enterprise core and additionally, To get your CCNP certification. You have to pass any one of these below exams. So if you already pass all the three exams, Then basically you get the same certificate status.

You can see if you already see CNP, Routing switching certified of the three exams so which means after forever 24. You will be getting this CCNP enterprise certification, And these special certifications include the enterprise score and enterprise advanced infrastructure implementation. So again, The same thing applies for different tracks. If you want to check with any other track, Like CCNP security, So same thing applies, So you can just tick the options: the previous papers.

If you just stick the previous paper, You get a specialist certificate on web content security and to get a complete CCNP again, You have to pass the score paper. So similarly, If you, If you pass two exams, So you get to specialist certifications. If you pass three exams, You get three special certifications and if you file, If you pass four exams, So basically you get a ccnv certification and this specialist certification, So you'll receive the new CCNP certification along with three specialty certifications. So it's like you know, Because normally the people, Even you when you are going for certifications, The main thing is whenever a cisco adds a new certification programs. So everyone generally wait for these new certifications to come, And then t will prepare to write the exams after these new certifications so that t can get a new certification status like that was.

That was the case previously. But now, Even if you have passed the old papers, You will be receiving a new certification status from Cisco will be receiving this new CCNP certification as well. So this is like to encourage the candidates to still go for the Cisco certifications existing exams. Basically, If, If someone is already preparing or under the you know, T are planning to write the exam in the next five six months before February, T can go ahead with these certifications. Again, It all depends again again. The recertification status is still again three years, So every three years you have to recertify from the day you have the last certification .

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