Implementing, Cisco Enterprise advanced routing and services, That is a mouthful of a name for a certification exam and in this article we're going to break down what that exam really covers. Let's go the CCNP exam really will take your skills from good to great and before we break down what that exam covers. If this is your first time visiting my site you'd like to grow your IT skills and your IT career.

The little bell it's free to click and that way, You'll gonna learn if, When new content comes available, All right, The NRC exam. What is this exam really all about? It does have advanced in the name. That's what the a stands for, And that really is true. You have to be on an advanced level of routing and services in order to pass this exam.

Really, What I'd like to say is if you're familiar with the previous CCNP exams, There was route there was switch and there was t shoot. I like to think that if route and tissue had a baby, It was this exam and of course, You know that I'm affiliated with EveDumps and you're wondering if EveDumpsis going to cover this exam. You bet it's in production right now, Keith Barker and I are ripping through some of the skills. I'm gonna cover some DNA Center content and Keith Barker is covering well all out of this course, And you know who else is recording a lot for this course.

Jeremy. Chara, That means this course is gonna be covered by Jeremy, Chara, Keith barker, And then I've got one little skill at the very end. I personally have been peer reviewing some of his content on OSPF for both encore and the NRC exam, And it's so much fun to do so.

Let's break down! What's really on this exam and talk about the skills that you'll need to have in order to pass here, We go. I'Ve brought up the exam topics for the NRC exam right there, The 300 - 410, And before we even jump down to the topics. The first thing that I want to draw your attention to is that this is a 90-minute exam, But basically means this is going to be a smaller exam than the encore topics you can see now, I'm on the Encore page, Which is a 120 minute exam beyond That another thing that we should compare is that there are six domains here for the encore exam and that's not the case for the NRC exam, The, U n--, RC exam is concentrated into four domains and that's the next thing you should pay attention to.

We'Ve got a 90 minute exam and we've got four domains that are weighted like this. Thirty five percent of the exam is on layer. Three technologies, 25 percent of the exam, Is on infrastructure services.

These two domains account for 60% of the exam. So my gut reaction - there is to say you'll - probably want to focus heavily on these two domains and then use these other two domains to beef up your score. Even higher.

We see that VPN technologies and infrastructure security are broken down. 20% each. But now what are the exact bullet points? What are the exact topics that are covered on these? Let's expand them now. Well, Layer, Three technologies, Remember I said this is a combination.

This exam is basically a combination. If route and T chute had a baby, There are 11 bullet points here. Only three of them one point: six seven and eight aren't troubleshoot.

The rest of them are troubleshoot items the three that aren't our policy based routing vrf light and described by directional forwarding detection. The rest of these are troubleshoot items and we've got troubleshoot and you'll notice things that these are dual stacked, Ipv4 and ipv6, And that goes the same for BGP too. So it's almost like you kind of have to learn it twice, Even though t're very similar among them, You're gonna, Have to really know the details about how configurations topologies and decisions are made within ERP, OSPF and BGP, And the big thing that you'll need to know About these is troubleshooting, What happens when things don't go right and you know what's really cool about this in EveDumpscourse. We have the troubleshooting skills that are gonna, Be built out and Keith Barker provides labs associated with each of these. The labs are broken and it's gonna be on you to figure out how to fix them.

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What is really going wrong here and one of the cooler things about it, Too, Is maybe the topic is troubleshooting an OSPF area. That's failed, But he'll throw in additional things. In there, That's not only the area has a broken piece somewhere, But also something like a timer is off. It's a really excellent way to beef up your skills when it comes to troubleshooting and prepare you for this exam Keith is one of the best in the biz, If not the best in the biz, And I feel honored that I get to peer-review this content. So immediately this 35-percent domain, The layer 3 technologies. Well, This is already a pretty big one, There's a lot of stuff that you'll have to really know and understand in order to troubleshoot when this stuff doesn't but let's scroll down some more.

This is where I like to think. The route piece comes in from the old exams is VPN technologies. We'Ve got dmvpn and its associated technologies like GRE IPSec, Spoke to spoke.

You get the idea all of these things that build these dynamic VPNs between branches as well as MPLS technologies. So there's no troubleshooting here there are a couple describes and then one configure configure meaning you need to know the commands to actually make this stuff happen, And this is where I like to think. The route section comes in, There's also the security section of it, And you could make the argument that IPSec also is a pretty big part of the security, But now we're back into troubleshooting three point. One two and three are all troubleshooting security problems.

These are all topics that are covered as part of the encore exam things like control, Plane, Policing and access control lists, But now, Rather than configuring and understanding these technologies, It's all about troubleshooting them yet again and lastly, Let's expand domain for the 25% exam. Well, Everything here, It's troubleshooting, But it's troubleshooting the services that would happen on a network things like DHCP net flow, SLA or even just remote management to these devices like HTTP, VT, @y, TFTP and SCP, But check this out. We also have DNA Center assurance using the assurance workflow within DNA Center to monitor the health of our devices, Our networks, Our sites and take proactive, Alerting items to them. Dna Center, Obviously being only one ball point on this exam is still relevant.

You still need to know it because all of these new iOS XE devices, These catalyst, 9 k devices require DNA Center. Licensing, Cisco really wants to see DNA Center expanded in your portfolio and it's a really cool tool that I think it's worth your time. Checking out again on the Encore course, We have a lot of content on DNA Center, Both how the workflows actually work, What SD access is really all about, And then, Of course, An automation portion on it. I'D also encourage you to check out the in Auto exam, Because that has a lot of DNA Center automation as part of it too. If you're brand new to network automation, There's also the dev net course, Automation is where things are eventually going to get to, And it's an important skill to pick up along the way, But th it is coming to EveDumps soon.

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