The first thing we'll try to get into some information on ccnp security exams. So, As we already know that ccnpe mostly all the cisco certification has been revised and probably after February 2020, If you are going for CCNP security exams. So if you want to get CCNP security certified, So basically you have to pass two exams. One is the core exam like this is the list of list of exams what you generally have in the ccnv security.

Now you have to pass this core exam. That is your cisco security on on core technologies and you have to pass any one of the concentration exams. So basically, This concentration exams - there is a there's, A list of papers here you can see now each and every concentration exam focuses on one specific technology like if you see this paper, This paper focuses on Cisco firepower and if you, If you want to specialize on Cisco e you can go with this paper, So basically, You have to pass any one of these exams for the CCNP to earn your CCNP security certification. Now what exactly this core paper covers? Now core paper mainly focuses on testing the candidate skills on this course security infrastructure.

Basically, The concepts like like like in the core paper you will be getting into most of the core technologies like network security, Understanding the different types of network security options like VPNs, Even understand the different types of attacks. Theoretically, The triplet conserves the Cisco III's concepts. How you are going to provide the network, Access, Authentication and also some kind of programming, Like Sdn architecture, Kind of things? Now? Additionally, You will also be tested on some cloud security and even content security concepts like nebulous? Yes, A so basically, Whatever the concentrated, Concrete exams. You have basically, You will see most of the overview or some basic foundations. Also you will find inside this core paper. So if you just go to the URL, So basically, If I, If I go to this, I see the security code paper, So you'll find some information like like network security, Cloud security, A content, Security concepts like wcer sale and even endpoints in front protection and detection.

Like amv advanced model protection and antivirus programs, Basically on that even understanding the network, Access securing by using Cisco eyes for device administration, As well as for network access, And finally, We have some other options like visibility and enforcement. Now now, Basically, This focuses on some. There are some concepts, Like posture assessment, Profiling kind of things. Basically, I cannot expect you in one one warrior, But these are like advanced concepts, Understanding, Understanding or detecting the status of the devices or what type of devices the users are using.

So basically, This comes on. The Cisco , So I'll, Be specifically moving on individual papers, Little bit more in detail, Probably next, And if you talk about the concentration exams or concrete exams. Now these exams, Like you, Have to pass any one of these exams here in order to get CCNP certification like. I have already mentioned that if you want to get your CCNA certification, Basically, You have to pass this core exam and any one of the concrete exams.

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One more thing about the core exam is now. This exam is also a prerequisite for your CCIE certification. So if you are planning for CCI certification after February 2020, So instead of writing a written exam, So now there is no written exam. This core exam will be acting as a prerequisite form for the CCS certification.

Now this is common for all the CCNP certifications, Not only C C and B is security here now the concrete exams or concentration exams. Here, Basically, Each paper is focused on specific technology. So you will get your ccnp certification if you pass this to.

If you are writing just one paper, Apart from that, You also get a specialist certification, So which means, If you are passing this one paper, You will be getting a specialist certificate like you are specialized or a specialist on Cisco firepower. If you are passing this exam, You are specialized on implementing the Cisco ice admitted service engine for network access and device administration's. So basically, This is like specialized on email, Security appliance like securing the emails and the email related options. A web security.

This is for HTTP security or web security filtering your web traffic, And this paper focuses on VPNs implementing remote access VPN and finally, This paper focuses on the automation of programmability options. Now, Depending upon your specialization or depending upon your expertise, You can choose any one of the concrete exams to get your CCNP certificate. Along with that, You also get this CCNP the specialist certificate on a specific, Concrete exams.

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