Welcome to EveDumps This is a free, Complete course for the CCNP 350-401 ENCOR Exam Training. But I'm gonna be covering some important stuff with regards to the CCNP ENCOR exam (upbeat dance, Music), (flickering screen sound) Big announcement, And this is probably the announcement that most of you wanna Know about I'm now going to be publishing a CCNP ENCOR course. Full CCNP ENCOR course for free on EveDumps, So from next week expect to see ENCOR CCNP training for free on EveDumps. I already actually have one article that you probably want to go through if you're studying for your CCNP and that's this EEM article. So you probably wanna go through this article if you're taking your CCNP ENCOR exam, But I will be adding more content from next week.

Full CCNP ENCOR course for free on EveDumps and I'm gonna be doing this in collaboration with companies such as Boson and hopefully others, To bring you more value So I'll, Be using Boson Software for some of the demonstrations and explaining topics using their software Use the XM Software to make sure that you're prepared for the exam, Those kinds of things again Boson do not pay me any money. I have never received $1 or one cent in compensation from Boson Software. I just like them as a company. Really nice people really nice to deal with, And t often give me stuff to give to you So I'll, Rather get vendors to give me stuff to give away to yourself rather than getting money from those vendors.

If you want to support me, Then consider subscribing to my EveDumps channel. Consider buying one of my courses: (flickering screen, Sound), (upbeat dance music). Now in this article, I'm going to discuss a bunch of topics with regards to the Cisco CCNP ENCOR exam First thing is Cisco: are supporting remote exams on the 15th of April, So last week Wednesday, T announced that t will support online virtual exams. In other words, You can take the exam at home or wherever you are in a proctored environment. So someone is reading.

You take the exam Cisco announced this last week, Wednesday, And I decided to take the CCNP ENCOR exam on Friday. So, Two days later after t announced this, I took my ENCOR exam. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, But I haven't because I'm currently in lock-down in South Africa can't go out except for emergency supplies, Groceries, Medical stuff and so forth.

As I'm sure a lot of you are So this is fantastic. I'Ve been able to take the Cisco ENCOR CCNP exam from this room where I'm stuck And I'll give you my feedback about that exam. So that's the first thing I want to discuss and then later on, I want to give you some good news about the CCNP ENCOR exam. Hopefully this will be fantastic news for a lot of you. I'Ve been asked many many times almost every day, David where's, Your ENCOR course . So let me talk about the exam first Now, If you think it's easier than going to Pearson VUE Testing Center, I think you're gonna be surprised.

The biggest tip that I'll give you is make sure that you're ready about 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time. What you need to do is you need to download some software on your computer. You need to run a test. T are going to ask you for photographs like facing forwards, Facing backwards to the left, To the right You're going to have to submit those photographs.

T wanna see what your workspace looks like You can't have stuff on the desk. T are monitoring you through a camera. So if you think you're gonna get away with stuff think again, The mistake I made is, I was putting my hand in front of my mouth when I was thinking so I was concentrating quite heavily on some of the questions. By putting my hand over my mouth like this, And someone came on and said, "Remove your hand from your mouth "Don't put your hand in front of your mouth", So t're reading you to make sure that you don't do anything that you shouldn't be doing Now.

I did find the interface really good. It looks very similar to a Pearson VUE Testing Center interface. So the look and feel of the questions is very similar. What I really liked is, I had an issue right in the beginning, When I started my exam, The fonts were too small on my computer. The resolution on this Mac is very high, So the fonts of the questions were so small.

I couldn't read them, So all I did is send a message to the proctor saying: "I need some help" And t actually turned on the audio and spoke to me. So ask them my question. T answered my question and within 30 seconds I had my problem resolved. So that was fantastic. That interaction with the proctors is great, But just remember you're being readed the whole time, If you think you're gonna be able to look here or there or up or somewhere to see cheat answers then think again, T're reading you Now getting back to what you should Do before you take your exam, Strongly recommend that you download the software 30 minutes or so before your exam is scheduled.

You have to submit a whole bunch of stuff. Like your photographs, You have to make sure that the software works. You can use the camera on.

Your computer, But I actually use my phone. I found that easier, So you can submit photographs through a web interface or you can SMS them photographs. You basically have to submit a bunch of information, Including identification documents, So make sure that you've got your driver's license or your passport or some kind of identification before you take your exam, Because you have to submit that You are allowed to have water as an example. In a clear bottle or clear glass or something So you can drink something but remember you're, Stuck for your exam period.

So let's talk a bit about the ENCOR exam. It's two hours in length. I had 102 questions. It sounds like that's what everyone's getting Same on. Ccna same on ENCOR 102 questions, There were no simulations in the ENCOR exam. The ENCOR exam consisted of single guess.

Sorry, Single answer, Multiple choice, So, Where you have to select two answers, T don't ask you questions like select all of the best answers. T will tell you select two answers or three answers So again: multiple choice, Single answer, Multiple choice, Multiple answers as well as drag and drops There were no simulations on the ENCOR exam similar to the new CCNA, No simulations at all when I took my exam, But That could change later, But I had 102 questions two hours. I found that I had more than enough time to finish the exam, So I actually finished with quite a bit of time left, But your experience may vary. I'm a very bad example of someone to measure against I've taken many many many Cisco exams over the years.

I'm a CCIE so to me a multiple choice. Exam like this is nothing compared to the CCIE After I did my CCIE Lab exam. None of these exams really faze me. My attitude is: if you fail, That's a pain.

Cisco DevNet 350-901 Dumps

If you fail, It costs you money, But just remember you can take the exam again a few days later. So I think it's seven days later, You can take the exam. So it's not the end of the world. If you fail and that's my encouragement to all of you, It's not like a university degree In a university environment.

If you fail, You may have to redo an entire year. We don't have to worry about that when doing certification exams, You can literally wait a week or two and then do some extra studying and then come back and take the exam again. There is obviously a financial cost and for a lot of people, That's very high. So I don't want to belittle the financial cost of failing or taking a Cisco exam, But just remember you don't have to spend an entire year re-doing the content before you take the exam again. You can hopefully take it again a week or two later.

so ENCOR exam. I found the questions both good and bad. There were some decent questions.

I thought there was some terrible questions. The difficulty of the questions varied from what I thought was extremely easy. Ccna level type questions to very difficult questions.

Make sure that you learn the new technologies Now I don't want to go through the entire blueprint of the CCNP ENCOR exam, But things that I remember that were important. Are things like SD-Access Make sure you know the terminology of SD-Access Make sure you know the terminology of SD-WAN? Make sure that you understand the difference between say, VXLAN and LISP. Make sure that you understand the differences between the different protocols used in these new technologies such as SD-WAN and SD-Access? I obviously have a lot of background in routing and switching traditional technologies as well as Python. I found the newer stuff more difficult just because it was newer, So I spent more time looking at SD-Access and some of the newer technologies, Rather than traditional routing and switching like OSPF. But as an example, You will get OSPF questions.

Make sure that you understand the different types in OSPF Make sure that you know LSAs network types, Make sure that you understand how BGP works, Basically, All the standard stuff that you would expect in a routing and switching exam. I got asked Now again: t are newer technologies like network automation. Do you know JSON? Do you know how to interpret JSON? Can you read a Python script? You need to know those kind of things for the exam, But again I could go through the entire blueprint and highlight options from almost every section Because t are 102 questions. T can ask you a broad range of topics, So it's not like in the past where we had simulations and t might focus just in on one section.

There's a broad range of topics, A whole bunch of questions from basically throughout the blueprint, So make sure that you spend time learning all the topics for the exam. Like I said for the CCNA, I would concentrate on the newer technologies network, Automation, Network, Programmability And actually I'll just bring up the blueprint here to make it easier. So do you know JSON, Do you know Python? Do you know YANG So can you describe high-level principles of YANG? Can you describe APIs of DNA Center? Make sure that you understand REST API calls, And one I was quite surprised about. Is this EEM applet Make sure you know that Make sure you know the difference between Chef, Puppet Ansible and SaltStack? Like I said I could mention many many topics here.

Do you know what TrustSec is? Do you know what MACsec is? Do you know the difference between 8021X and WebAuth? As an example, Do you understand different wireless security mechanisms? Do you understand ACLs? Can you work out ACLs? So again, I could start from the beginning of this outline and just highlight topic after topic. Like First Hop Redundancy Protocols. Do you understand different network designs? Do you understand the difference between different wireless deployment models? So, , I won't bore you going through all the blueprint options. Just looking at these blueprint options, I can, In my mind recognize many questions I mean virtualization is not traditional routing and switching, But do you understand the difference between a type one Hypervisor type? Two Hypervisor: Do you understand virtual machines, Virtual switching Docker, Those kinds of technologies, And, As mentioned, Do you understand LISP VXLAN? Do you understand the different types of data virtualization technologies such as IPsec, Tunneling, GRE, VRFs, MPLS, Et cetera? Basically, Because we have such a broad range of questions, 102 questions, T can ask you stuff from any section and don't forget wireless I'll mention it to you, Because otherwise people think there were no wireless questions.

You need to know wireless as well. Wireless is really important. The new stuff wireless think of SD-Access, SD-WAN, Think of network automation, Network programmability, Basically study properly for the exam Again, I had some very simple questions. Surprisingly, Simple questions I thought and some difficult questions Now your mileage may vary as well, Depending on your experience, Depending on how much you've studied Moral of the story is you need to study for the Cisco exams? I personally preferred the old exams I loved the TSHOOT exam that was part of the old CCNP certification.

I loved TSHOOT, Because for me, With someone with a lot of experience, I preferred troubleshooting a network rather than just trying to memorize things. I find that the new Cisco exams are more about memorization, Which I don't like. I personally much prefer hands-on. I much prefer typing, Show, Run or show ip route or show something, And then debugging or troubleshooting a network issue or configuring a network rather than just memorizing facts. So I think, From my personal point of view, It's a bit disappointing in the new certifications.

There's a lot of memorization There's not as much hands-on if you like, But you will need to be able to interpret output and that's the one thing you must remember In the new Cisco exams, You will, For instance, Get screenshots and you will need to be able To interpret the output of those screenshots, So it's not like it's just memorization, You will need to be able to interpret stuff, But I do feel that there's more memorization stuff, I think it's just me getting older now more experienced. I prefer the hands-on TSHOOT type exams. My favorite exam, That's my favorite CCNP exam, Obviously best exam. I think of all time was my CCIE very, Very tough but fantastic experience fantastic to pass that exam. So I prefer those hands-on exams more than just memorization.

. But in your case, Moral of the story is study, Hard use the Cisco OCG Official Cert Guide. I would strongly recommend that you go through that, Even though it's a bit dry and boring at times, Concepts are covered in a lot of detail in the OCG. I do think at times t cover too much, So don't get bogged down with all the nitty gritty stuff Notice. The key words like describe layer, One concepts Describe, Doesn't mean troubleshoot Here t've got a troubleshoot section, But you'll notice. A lot of the keywords are describe.

You just need to describe something: There are some configuration options such as configuring, OSPF environments, Including different types of neighbor relationships or different OSPF types, Point-to-point broadcast et cetera, Configure and verify eBGP relationships that kind of stuff. But in my experience I find that a lot of it was more describe. Make sure you understand the concepts You don't need to configure SD-Access as an example. T don't expect you to configure SD-Access, But you need to know all the different types of devices used in SD-Access. So as an example, You need to explain the working principles of an SD-Access solution, So know the difference between control, Plane and data plane, Which protocol is used for the control plane LISP, Which protocol is used for the data plane.

Vxlan Make sure you understand that Make sure that that you know the different router types, Different types of devices you use in SD-Access as an example. So you need to study hard for the ENCOR exam. I thought it was an exam.

I prefer the CCNA. To be honest, I preferred the DevNet Associate exam, But this was . Your experience may vary. Please. Let me know in the comments below how you found the ENCOR exam and whether you agree or disagree with me if you've taken it already.

so that was my experience. Taking the Cisco online exam, So big advice, If you're doing an online exam, Is make sure that you download and check your computer before your exam starts. So at least half an hour before your exam starts. Download the software make sure that your computer is compatible.

I actually did that the day before made sure that my computer was compatible and then I went through the whole process of registering and sending photographs, And I had to do it again, So I thought that was kind of pointless. But half an hour before you take your exam you'll need to submit these photographs So, Depending on how long it takes you make sure that you start your exam before the start time, Basically So get things booted on your computer and ready Now. One thing that's strange is you might have to wait 10 minutes before your exam starts, So you can't leave your computer.

You submit all this stuff to Pearson VUE and then you've got to basically sit at your laptop for, Like five to 10 minutes waiting for your proctor to come online So just be aware, Go and do all the stuff that you need to do. Go to the bathroom, Get ready, Get yourself prepared before you go through this online enrollment thing and submit your photograph because from that point, You're stuck to taking your exam. So it's a two hour exam, But you might end up sitting at your desk for much longer than two hours might be two and a half hours, Because you've got to submit stuff So 140 minutes rather than 120 minutes.

As an example is what it might take. I strongly suggest that if this is your first Cisco exam, You go to the Pearson VUE website, You download the software, You go through it and make sure that your computer is compatible and ready. Hopefully, You're looking forward to the new ENCOR course that I'm gonna be creating and publishing for free on EveDumps. I do have a whole bunch of announcements and surprises coming up, So make sure that you have subscribed to my EveDumps channel. Make sure that you click on the bell to get notifications And if you don't mind like this article, If you've enjoyed it, I'm David Bombal and I wanna wish you all the very best (upbeat dance, Music) .

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