I'll take a look at CCNA certification and the changes we have and the newer CCNA certification that is going to launch on February 24 2020. As we all know, That CSUN is a base certification for Cisco Networking and there is no formal prerequisite for CCNA certification, But Cisco recommends that you have to have one or two years of experience in networks with basic knowledge of IP addressing the need. Some code is two zero: zero, Three zero one and the name is implementing and administering Cisco solutions. The new exam actually replaces some of the older certifications that we have right now, That is CCNA cloud collaboration, Data center, Industrial CCD, A routing and switching security service.

Freudian wireless, So if you are working towards any current CCNE or CCD certification, You can give exam till February 23 2020 and if you complete any current CCNA or CCD certification before February 24th, You will receive the new CCNA certification and training patch and the corresponding technology Area so let's take a look at or compare the older certifications with the newer ones. I will take a look at the new certifications. First, Only three CCNA certification, Charlotte first one is definite. The second one is CCNA or CC and enterprising.

Third, One is CCNA, A five drops, Which is the only older certification left. If we see the older certifications, CCNA cloud collaboration, Datacenter, CCDA, Industrial routing and switching security, SPN wireless all are depleted and are replaced with single certification. There is CC an enterprise and only CCNA cyber ops is left. So let's take a look at the new CCNA certification or sI sI an enterprise certification.

We will take look at the new exam topics, The changes we have in the new CCN Enterprise, Certification from routing and switching certification. If you see the the exam is divided into six different modules, The first one is natural fundamentals. Then network acts as an IP connectivity. Ip services, Security, Fundamentals in automation and programmability.

If we look take a look at the network fundamentals, It holds 24 20 percent of the slaves and there are quite a few changes from CCNA routing switches. First, One is verify IP parameters for client OS. Then wireless principles and virtualization friend Dementors, So these are the three changes we have in the network. Fundamentals.

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Next is network access, As you can see. Almost all the part of network X's that is switching is same . There are some changes like, But t have added Cisco wireless architecture in 80 modes, Then t have also described physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components, Describe AP and ballast-control management and t've also added qsr profiles and in vast WLAN settings for wireless nexus, Routing which holds 25% Of slides and rip is gone, YejI ARP is gone and there is no BGP also only ipv4 and ipv6 static routing ends.

Osp b2 remains, Along with the explanation of F HRT protocols that is GL v, Ph SRP or mere RP Nexus IP services. It will stain % of the slaves is quite same is same as we have in CCNA routing and switching. That is because of some nad + TP, DHCP, DNS, SNMP, Syslog, DHCP, Client and relay the explanation of queue is such as classification and Hugh is marking queueing congestion, And then we have SSH configuration and TFTP an FTP explanation. Next to security fundamentals, New things added we're security concepts like threats were no better is vulnerable.

It is then security program elements like user awareness, Physical access control. Then t have password alternatives like multi-factor authentication certificates and biometrics, Remote access and side to side VPNs access. Let's see CLP switching topics are also added like DHCP snooping, Dynamic arc inspection, Poor security, Then a little bit of wireless next is my favorite topic, That is, Automation, Improve programmability towards 10% of slaves. Now the first topic that is - and it is automation - impacts on network management.

Then t have complete additional campuses device management with CC cisco, Dns centers enable device management for programmer friends. The network is now need to learn, Rest-based API, So we're also coming with APs, And there are this configuration management mechanisms like puppet chef, Ansible and jisu. So these are the changes, And this is the syllabus for the new season Enterprise. If you want to download it in PDF format, You can download and the link that you can see in the Firefox.

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