how are you friends, How are you today? You will see a little about how my experience was in the ccna 200 301 exam in this case, And I would start doing them. As with my experience on the day of the exam. In my case, I took the exam via online, Given that, Because of this virus, T give the facility to take it from home, So the exam lasts approximately 100 2 30 minutes, Because people who do not speak English, Give us additional treatments to be able to have The exam so in my case, I agent the exam for 10 at night here, My local time. So what t ask is that the active person of the exam connect half an hour before, To be able to verify.

For example, The computer that is suitable to be able to take the exam and that it has a internet bag and that it does not have any program that can make other people help from other places, So that verification is better done before. Also, What t ask you is that you Take your photographs of the room where you are going to take the exam to verify that there is no person who can help you and thus cheat. So what is also a code with your phone and through that code t enter the page discharged. T also send you. What you have to do is enter photos of your room so that process of approximately half an hour.

Therefore, T recommend that t connect half an hour before and once t have already verified all the steps of this process and t put a queue for the person who is going to give the test. And I remember, For example, That I was in position 28. So t have to wait for 28 more people to want to. It is in this process to be able to take the test, But generally t always have full spelling. It says, For example, In the case excavation to the test 10 o'clock. T have connect, As at 1035 then already carry out the whole process and the test will start as 10 and 3 o'clock at night ig.

Usually t ask for the person's cell phone so that there is a connection problem. So, For example, T are seeing that the camera is poorly focused. T can also get a message from you. It is only that if you do not improve what t ask you t can cancel the exam.

Then too. Another recommendation is that the room has to be lit and, For example, The camera must always be focused on the person in the process Before the test. T also ask you to focus your camera well, And you have to position yourself so that the person who is going to control you of the things that are not cheating and copying previously. I saw some articles of other people who took this exam in which it was a little different, Because there was a person directly talking to the one with whom he is going to apply for parked. Then, In the case one I offered, We will simply send you step by step through their web page.

I complete the steps and I enable the exam and t The camera that is not focusing also appears when I am before the exam and the time I have for the test. Once the test has already started, I remind myself not to take up all the time, And I remember that I had about 10 minutes left over. So t prepare well. The time is more than enough to be able to read the exam and one disadvantage.

Is that the questions can't This happens? Therefore, Whenever t make up a question, You have to be sure of the answer that you are going to write so once t finish the exam, A couple of surveys are completed and after this t already give you the result. This result is going to be preliminary because the people of cisco or those of people who are the ones who take the exam have to verify that the person who gave the exam has done trap. So, In my case, I got 896 points that I got later when I finished the test, But laskurain de ventura, Also electrified official in pdf, Indicated that t have checked that there was no no cheating in the test and that it is testing. It turned on correctly that would be all in terms of the test and the exam.

So now I am going to talk a little about how I prepared myself to be able to take this test. In my case, For example, It is going to It depends on you that you have so much knowledge, Even if it is the preparation for seseña. What I did is propose this exam in three months, So I had to make a study program to be able to meet that goal in this case, For example, Many of the topics that he there is máynez sda and I didn't know the university well because I Was studying network engineering, So in that part, It was a little easier for me to be able to study it.

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As far as the books are concerned, I bought the two books that cisco has so that t are an official guide for this exam. In this case, If you tell me, If you recommend not to buy the books, It depends on you. I think it does not detect the need to buy them, Because I even found a lot more information on the internet than apart from books, Because a disadvantage that, In my point of view books have is that t have very detailed topics. So what this does is that you fall behind in the study time and also in some subjects that I do not mine, For example. Sometimes the books confused me more so that's when I decided to get information from elsewhere.

So, As for the books, I recommend that if you can tell them t have a captain, Because there was no problem. T are always helpful, But that's how it is that t cannot buy it, Because I also think that the books are not necessary to be able to pass the ccna exam to die from there. What I did is the first days I was taking summaries of the books. Let's remember that t are the books, So each book has some sessions that are going indicating, Which are the most important parts and what it was going to be to continue assembling those parts to be able to study later.

That lasted me about About 15 to 20 days. After that, I tried to study the topics that I did not know, For example regarding books that have, For example, An introduction to network automation that I did not know either. So these topics that, Before delving a little more With regard to book, One comes, For example, Topics such as ep efe in treatment, Ipv4 ipv6.

What are the basic configurations of both suites and reuter of cisco, As well as among the configuration? The security, For example, That when the front of it since then or to configure through the console, Then t are topics that at the university that I attended. T already gave me a little. You knew about the subject and if I focused more on book 2, Then you can get this summary of the books, As you already told them, That it takes me longer or less 20 days, And the topics would be studied and also which received a lot of Tutorials on youtube on specific topics which he understood, For example, What is inside and how it works. What are its different versions of cisco versions, Which are standard, For example? And there is also a youtube channel symantec browser which is an english channel, But t have very good articles in which, For example, There are 10 or 15 minute articles in where t explain a whole chapter in the book has approximately 60 to 80 pages.

T explain it in articles of 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, It is very good since the pomegranate all the matter of his life and t will understand in a better way. This I take more or less about two and a half months and be able to study and also have a summary of the books and also what I was doing, And it is important to carry out scenarios in my case and now t say that it is Three, Because in this software you can simulate 32, That It is very similar to real life. So if you ask me what water is, I recommend you to take this exam as long as 13. It is very useful to be able to study, But if you want to follow, Go on getting more explanations and carrying out and topologies that are mentioned in real life, I will start you that in that 3, Because also in tests, For example, With the Internet, These Tests of connection to different servers and all that, Then that is a bit more tedious treister - performs the backup.

Then the s-300. This one left a little more to reality when strong go to 15 days to be able to take the exam and what I did to focus on the issues that I did not see very well. Because, If I do not remember that, I needed, If some topics, Because for what it is the pvc - and I did not know that with the types of addresses of ipv6, It does not know what the differences are. The ranges also, For example, I did not know very well how the ntp server works, That because it synchronizes the time in cisco, Routers and switches and also our equipment of another brand, Also what it is, For example, Szyszlo also has a table. It tells us, For example, What are the types of message? It is the one that will be sent to the server.

So all those topics did not need to be reinforced in those 15 days. I did a general review scheduled in time. I will focus more on those topics then, Once we have spent three months - and this will give you the exam - and I remember that the last part of the two tasted very good.

But I was also calm because, Let's remember that, If we look at the topics from that day, We see that only 10% to 15% of the exam has obstacles, For example, About network automation and what is also the software of adwords file and the funk access software. That is also there to be able to do a better control of the networks in the future and of the headquarters are now already working, So those topics, As t did not have many times in the exam. I was very concerned to study in depth because this exam is only what you see in a general way, So if t are going to continue opting for more certifications in this case, If t would already have to learn more about those topics but to accelerate your Vision of building the basics on the latest book topics and well.

What I also recommend is that, For example, If you buy the books and at the end of each chapter well at the beginning of each chapter, Sorry, There are questions very similar to those that are going on the exam. Well, T are not identical, But if t talk a little about the topics that t have to know, That was also very useful to me, Because I made a questionnaire of the questions from the books and counting about four days. I got on them and I found out Note that some topics also to reinforce them and also, For example, There are questions that are usually a bit confusing and at the end of each book, Comes the explanation of each answer so also in this way, You can See when it enriches the difference and why that answer in each question, Then it was also very useful in the same way on youtube. There are many channels that do simulations of the exam, For example, Of nine of the hours where and t are solving the questions that are very similar to the ones t have and reset, And t are also explaining why that answer, And why not another one.

I also remember, For example, Another topic here I did not know very well and I liked understanding that, For example, The rules that a router takes to be able to send a packet when we have more than one destination more than one route available, Then these are Lands that you can learn from youtube, Since there are channels that explain it very well and well, Especially in terms of my experience of taking this exam. What most enter and leave is not about the room, The baby, That is, The aesthetic treatment in inavI treatment in this case, What the spf this enters a lot. I think that 60 percent of the exam that I had questions about these topics, Then, If it were good that later also those from that part for that way, Are also more sure that t will pass the exam, And I also had a lot of what t Are common to the two teams? What is ssh of the net console? There were also many topics about that. T also touched on questions.

For example, How do you see the pay in pls that, Although t are not topics of the ccma in some part of the book t pronounce on, For example, What are the differences of the interior and exterior treatment protocol? So that is where what is from gp? Would come in but, As I say, New questions, Nothing about bgp. T are simply questions to be able to relate to the example, As does pdf what makes the difference between 12 pf and bgp, For example, In In this case, What is the difference between the cp efe and the crepe? Let's remember that the glp does not even enter this exam. It enters for the next one that the snp as it seems to me, Then, If it has to be the basics at least of grp.

Also in the book mentions, For example, What is the administrative distance of glp? How does the metric perform and all that then? It does not go into these issues so deeply and well, Until this article about the ses on days like the exam, As I already prepared, A little has come about how to take this exam and always remember that have the laboratories to be able to Better understand each protocol and up to what level this article.

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