welcome to this awesome article. If you have decided ccna certification is for you, You have come to the right place in today's article. My goal is to go deep into the cisco certification topics, So you have a pretty good idea of what you're signing up for with that. Let's roll the intro today we'll get into ccna exam topics.

So, Let's google, That click on the very first link on cisco learning network go ahead and download the exam topics in a pdf format, And I will go ahead and give you a detailed walkthrough. Looking at all the topics here of the exam, If you have never taken a cisco, If you have never taken a cisco exam before a couple of things to keep in mind a 120 minute exam, So that's two hours you roughly get around a minute and a Half to two minutes per question: it depends how many questions you end up getting in your exam and it's an adaptive exam, Which means it intelligently detects how you're answering the questions and then presents you the and then presents you the questions accordingly. Now, That's not to say that it's designed to make you suffer, But rather that you need to be prepared well ahead of time, So you can actually do a great job on the exam. Let's go ahead and scroll down and look at the topics here.

So the very first topic in the exam is the network fundamentals. 11. This whole section right here is about network devices, So things like routers switches, Aps or access points, Firewalls different type of endpoints, Like laptops, Desktops tablets and servers right below that 12 is a network architecture and design. So here we get into the two-tier architecture spine leaf.

Underneath that is the different types of cabling in media, So this would be things like: copper, Cabling, Versus fiber optic cabling, For example, Ethernet power over ethernet things of that nature. Section 15 is the layer 4 of the osI model, So I'll cover osI in detail. You'll get to learn about that. There section 16 and 17 is about ipv4 addressing. I will go in excruciating amount of detail into ipv4, So I got you covered there. We'll then get into ipv6 big topic.

It's becoming very relevant because we're running out of ipv4 addresses when it comes to the publicly available ip addresses are concerned, So we'll get into ipv6 to help. You understand how that works and for you to be ready when your company is ready to go ahead and deploy ipv6, You're, Ready and you're able to provide that value to your company. Section 110 gets to talk about how you configure ip, Addressing on different type of machines like windows, Machine or mac operating system. Section 111 will get into wireless, So we'll cover radio frequency, Ssid different, Wi-fI channels. The basics of wi-fI section 112 is all about virtualization, And this is virtualization 101, But at a super high level.

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This is a very, Very deep topic. You can actually go ahead and spend the next 5 to 10 or even 15 years of your life going deep into virtualization. That's how big this topic is like most of the cloud providers and and everything else that's happening in the industry.

Right now is built around virtualization, And that has also accelerated the automation I'll get into those details, As as I continue to cover different topics, And the final section in the very first section of this exam is the switching concept so we'll talk about like mac address, Table and mac learning that pretty much wraps up the first section, And just so you know this section is about 20 of the overall exam, So about one-fifth of the exam is dependent on network fundamentals, And these are the key elements that you need to know and Be aware of to be successful, Keep in mind this these exams are designed by cisco to help you become a world-class engineer, So you actually know how to be an engineer. You just don't have a theoretical knowledge, But you actually have practical knowledge. That being said, Let's talk about section two now section two is another 20 section. 21.

All of these different sections here until 25 are primarily layered two technologies within the osI model. 26, All these sections below all wireless moving on to section three. I believe this is the biggest chunk of the exam. That's 25 percent is all ip connectivity. This is basically layer, 3 of the osI model and then routing ospf routing ospf is a vendor neutral protocol that you can use to be able to configure your network devices.

What does that mean? So if you happen to have cisco and juniper in your organization, You can run ospf as a routing protocol and exchange routes, And it should work like a charm regardless of the vendor, Because ospf is an open standard. So we'll talk through those details, As I cover that and section 35 is the first hop redundancy protocol. It's things like hsrp and vrrp. Moving on section 4 is 10 of the exam.

This is called ip services and here we'll cover things like nat ntp, Dns and dhcp, Snmp, Qos or quality of service remote access into the devices using ssh tftp and ftp. In terms of how we can upgrade ios images on our devices section five security fundamentals - this is about 15 of the exam, And this is pretty much all what I would lump together as security 101. So these will be very basic security elements that you need to have under your belt to be able to understand more advanced security later at a ccnp level section six.

This is the last section of the ccna exam and it's all about automation and programmability. Now this topic - I can tell you right now - is super hot in the industry. There's a lot going on in the industry around automation a few years ago. There was a big fear that had been instilled in the hearts of network engineers on a global scale, Because people thought t're going to lose their jobs. Once automation became a reality and that hasn't happened, And this will not happen as a matter of fact, We'll continue to need more and more network engineers over time, Because this is a type of job that you cannot outsource.

You can outsource software development to other parts of the world, But you cannot outsource network management because the routers and switches and all the physical stuff still has to be there to be able to allow companies to allow their employees to connect to the network and and Get the job done coming back to section six here, We'll get into things like controller based networking. This is the idea of centralizing the management of lan and when technologies, It's a paradigm shift. It's a new era in the world of networking, It's very, Very exciting. So I'll go ahead and cover that we'll then get into things like overlay versus underlay and fabric, Very important concepts to understand control plane in data plane, Including the different type of northbound and southbound.

Apis I'll also cover cisco dna center, Which is part of sda or software defined access. This is once again a new paradigm within the lan technology, That kind of revolutionizes the way you deploy, Switches and access points and wireless lan controllers, And all that within your environment. It's really interesting and intriguing, We'll get into those details. We'll then get deeper into apis and we'll also talk about different automation tools like puppet chef and ansible, That we can use to automate the deployment and configuration of our routers using scripting. This is the the way of the land these days.

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