Now, If you're connecting one device to another, You once again need some kind of media that allows for a data transmission from one device to another. In other words, You need some type of data link to allow data to be transferred from one device to another. I'Ve already shown you Ethernet. This is a very common type of Ethernet.

This is cat 5e or category 5e. We'll talk more about Ethernet later, But cat 5e. This is an example of cat6 Ethernet, Cabling, Unshielded twisted-pair, A thneed cabling like this is probably the most common type of cabling that you're going to encounter, But it didn't start there now Ethernet, It didn't start with unshielded twisted-pair cabling.

It started with 10base5 cabling very big cabling, Thus not easy to use. It actually has these black markings on the cable and that's where you would use a wiretap or vampire type. If you prefer to connect to the network, You couldn't have just connect anywhere. You had to connect on these black markings if you wanted a good signal, And this is how it that would look notice, This crazy, Large transceiver. This is how you would connect to the network.

So to give you an idea of scale. I've got a $1 us bank note so $1. He has a British Pound so notice. How big that is! This is massive cabling, Really really old technology and it gets worse to actually connect your PC to the network. You needed a drop cable like this, So you would have to connect that to the transceiver and as you can see it came up there. This is very thick cabling, Not very easy to use, And that would you network card.

So you would have this kind of setup, That's how you would get onto the network. It's an absolute nightmare. This cabling very hard to work with.

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It was very temperamental. This is using, What's called a bus network in a bus network. All the devices are connected on one long, Cable, Like this nightmare I'll, Demonstrate this in a separate article where I'll build a 10base5 Network and show you one that's working, But for the moment just notice how ridiculously difficult this cable is to work with how how thick It is, This is called thick net for a good reason, Because it's so thick so after we had thick net, T then fortunately developed the net or 10base2, And if you ever wondered why it's called the net versus thick net just notice. The difference in the size of these cables - this is the net versus thick net. This cabling is much much thinner than this cabling, But also used a bus. Topology also had various issues.

Today we tend to use UTP unshielded twisted-pair, Cabling like this, That's very common or we use fiber cables and there different types of fiber cables. I'll talk more about fiber cables. Later we have multimode fiber and single mode fiber, But the idea is is that I have a network interface card like this or more modern example like this. This gets inserted into a computer, And this is how I gain access to the network.

A network interface card has a MAC address or media access control address that is essentially a burnt in address burnt in by the manufacturer that identifies this network interface card on the Ethernet network. If you don't have a network interface card in your laptop, You could use a USB to Ethernet adapter like this, So that would allow you to connect to the network using Ethernet or once again using wireless here's an example of a wireless network interface card. You essentially need a way to get a node onto the network, And a network interface is the way that you connect yourself to the Ethernet network. A lot of devices like iPhones as an example have built-in network interface cards.

T connect directly onto the wireless and t have something like this bolt inside of them that allows them to connect to the wireless network. Remember we are transmitting data from one device to another. Using some kind of media, Which could be the air could be physical, Cabling.

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