I just passed my Cisco CCNA certification exam, That's right, The brand new implementing and administering Cisco solutions; 200 - 301 certification exam and I passed with flying colors, Which makes me really really happy. So I thought I'd give everybody an update on this particular certification exam based on my experience, Without breaking the Cisco non-disclosure agreement.

I signed before the certification exam all right. So what are the things? I want to point out to you? Well, The exam topics on Cisco's website states that we are dealing with a 120 minute exam. That is two hours folks.

It does not tell us how many questions we are going to get on the exam or the types of questions we are going to get on. The exam, Therefore, I really can't tell you that. However, Let me tell you this: I pretty much only had a minute and 15 to a minute and 30 seconds to answer each and every single question right, Based on my ability to read and answer questions as quickly as I could so that can kind of give You an idea of how many questions you are expected to answer when it comes to the types of questions well before the exam cisco is going to tell you exactly the types of questions you will receive on the exam and what I want to point out to You folks is that you should never ever base your exam preparation on the types of questions you are going to get.

I know many of you are wondering. Well, Am I gonna get tests? Let's am I gonna get simulations? Am I going to get sim le'ts? Am I gonna get drag and drops? Am I gonna get multiple choice, Single answer, Multiple choice, Multiple answer. You know what it doesn't matter, Folks. Why doesn't it matter? Because, No matter what the style of question is, You want to be prepared for all of them? No matter what right it doesn't matter, So if you show up to the exam and it's 100% simulation questions well, Are you gonna prepare any differently than you would if the exam was 100% multiple-choice? I wouldn't I prepare the exact same way.

Why? Because if I'm ready for simulations - and I get none, That means I should be able to answer every single multiple-choice question based on my preparation for simulations. So the idea here is, You should prepare for the worst-case scenario. What does that mean? You want to spend the time to learn the theory understand all of these different topics and concepts that you can and as much detail as you possibly can and our course our articles. Our life sessions, Are full of details, Folks that will prepare you for this certification.

Exam and more that's right and more when you leave the CCNA exam with your score report, And it says that you were successful, You can be confident knowing that you even know more, Then this particular certification exam is testing you on. That should be a really really great feeling, And it should give you the confidence, Knowing that here at Stormwind studios, We are taking not just your interest in the certification exam seriously. We are taking your interest in a career in the real world as a networking professional seriously as well. What else do you want? You also want to make sure that you practice: how do you practice with hands-on labs we're gonna hook you up with hands-on labs, To get you ready for these various topics and then, Last but not least, You want to build confidence by doing practice.

Cisco 300-410 Dumps

Questions now. The practice questions aren't there for you to see. Well, Do I know it or do I not know it right? That's one thing, And it's not there for you just to memorize answers, That's not what it's about our practice exams.

Are there to help you solidify your knowledge and how do you solidify your knowledge? You read a question, You formulate an answer and then you see if you're right if you're right great, But you don't stop there. You now analyze each wrong answer: option and you explain to yourself or your friends or your colleagues or your wife or your children, Why t are wrong. Why? Because that will help you solidify that information so make it make it knowledge that you can then extract on the certification exam . So it's about making sure you have, First of all the right information to begin with the theory, The education, Those are our articles with me, Live or not live, Doesn't matter, It's the same information. What's next practice with hands-on labs, We got that covered for you and lastly, Practicing with exam practices or practice exams to make sure that you are in graining and embedding that information understanding.

Why something's right and understanding why everything else is wrong for each and every single question. So when you take a practice exam like I always do I never ever ever use a timer. I sit there on a question until I know 100%, Why it's correct and why? It's incorrect and you know what I will even do research as well. I will go to my favorite search engine and I will do research on that question. To make sure, I understand why it's correct versus incorrect, When I do practice exams why it's the only way you get better folks, It's the only way you are going to make a difference in the real world when you are out of this certification exam.

So the paper, The paper can get you your promotion. The paper can get you a job, But you know what folks you want to excel in that job and that's what we're gonna give you here and Stormwind studios. So, Let's look at some of these topics or network fundamentals right. These are the basics folks, Like what is a router.

What is a switch? What is the next-gen firewall? What are access points? What are endpoints, What are servers? What are different types of architectures TCP, UDP, Ipv4, Ipv6, Wi-FI as well in here then as we dive deeper than network access, VLANs and Trunks, And then we have topics like CDP and ether channel and spanning tree protocol and more Wireless, And then we have IP covered. So routers how t function, How t operate, How t make decisions and then we have OSPF v2 and we haven't even gotten into Network IP services and security fundamentals or automation and program ability, But then again not NTP, DHCP, DNS, SNMP, Syslog, QoS, SSH, TFTP, FTP and So much more as you keep going down through it so folks, How do you get ready for this exam? How do you get ready for the real world in the same way? That's right. There is no difference between exam and real world. Take the time learn all the theory practice that theory with hands-on labs take your practice exam and we are gonna help you do that at Stormin studios and I am gonna - be your guide along the way. I'm gonna be your guide along the way, While you're taking class.

If you have any questions live, You can ask it live in the chat interface. If you have questions outside of class, That's use the ask a mentor option that email comes to me. Folks, That's right, It comes to me. Therefore, You are gonna, Get help outside of class from me, The actual instructor, Your guide, The one, That's helping you so folks this course, As you can see, Is or this exam is balanced. Look at the percentages. Yes, There's more of network Abunda mentals, There's more of network access, There's more of IP connectivity, But if you notice, There's really nothing that overwhelms the exam there's like no 45 percent section or 50 percent section, Which means you must know a little bit about everything and We'll get you ready for the little bit about everything for the exam, But then a whole lot about a lot for the real world.

All right folks, I'm on a high right now passing the CCNA exam right. I should I should anyways right being an instructor of CCNA for so many years and CCNP classes, But you never know you never know to expect, But I'm very, Very thrilled with this exam, I'm happy with this exam. It's not perfect. There are a few flaws in it, But that is , Folks, That is . We will help you get through everything, So you can pass in the first try, So folks keep up the great work looking forward to seeing you in CCNA and any other sessions.

The Cisco 300-410 Dumps is a wonderful tool for evaluating your performance in terms of the number of questions you can answer and your ability to maintain a healthy level of stress during the final exam. Additionally, it supports you in planning for a buffer, which acts as a safety net for you throughout the Certification exam.


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