The main topic of today's Cisco certification article is becoming CCNA security certified, But even if you're, Not thinking about this certification at the present time, First off, I hope to change your mind to the next few minutes and show You how important this new certification is, But also we're going to discuss how to keep up with recertification rules that Cisco may change from time to time. Exams expiring. That kind of thing so there's a little something here for everybody and we'll start first off by knowing the number right we got to know the exam number before we can go register for it and the official exam number a name is 6. 45. 53.

It's the iins exam implementing cisco iOS network security. There are now really for CCNA certifications, And this is where a little of the confusion comes in from time to time. The main certification is still the CCNA and it's currently the six 4802 version. If you're taking the one exam path you for taking the two exam path you have to take the icnd1 exam and then the icnd2 and if you're wondering which path to take.

I do have another article here on EveDumps and on the website that will help you make that decision. We now have the CCNA security voice and wireless certifications as well. Cisco is referring to these as concentrations. Now the security voice and wireless concentrations all have one thing in common to take each of these individual exams and earn the respective certifications. You must first hold a valid CCNA you're, Not even going to be able to register for the exam without a valid CCNA number.

So again, You've got to earn the main CCNA first and then you can turn your attention to the security, The voice and the wireless concentrations. These are all very valuable certifications. I'm glad to see that the Cisco's addressing these areas of interest security voice and wireless in this way. Now, Let's talk about that recertification for just a moment before we move on with the CCNA security discussion. I'Ve put here on the whiteboard from cisco, Calm website the recertification rules for the CCNA security certification is valid for three years to recertify.

You either have to pass a CCNA concentration exam, Whether that's wireless security or voice pass any 642 professional or Cisco specialist exam. Excluding the sales specialist exams or pass a current ccie or CC de written exam. Now the reason and just put the URL up here is that the URLs that there now are really really long a doubt, T'd even fit on this white board. But I want to impress on you the importance when you are a cisco, Certified professional and I don't mean a professional level certification I mean you've got any certification from cisco at all.

It is up to you to keep up to date with the certification recertification changes. The recertification rules any exams that are expiring on a path that you're taking that kind of thing: cisco, Publicizes them. But it's up to us to keep up with that, Not with that news.

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So I would strongly recommend you go out to cisco, Calm and then go under training and events and then to career, Certifications and paths in every exam blueprint you would ever want is out there, But also t put out there when exams are expiring, Which you've got To do to recertify that kind of thing. So again, You can't depend on cisco to send you an email and say: go out and take a look at the site. We have to keep up with that as professionals.

That's part of our job, Alright, That part of the lecture is over in hell just a few details about the format of the exam and again this is straight from Cisco's website you're, Looking at a 90 minute time limit. As of the making of this article and you're, Looking at 55 to 65 questions and t list the question formats there and frankly t're the usual, You could have simulation questions you're going to have drop and drag you're going to have radio button. You can have multiple choice, All the question types that were really used to seeing on certification exams. Also, There is a tutorial out there in an example of each question, Type at the cisco training and certification site.

So I suggest you go out there just take a look around there tutorial, Just so you're better prepared for the for question types. There's. One thing I want to mention here: that's a little bit different from some other exams that you may have taken from cisco's this time, You're going to have to know something about it: gooey, It's called security device manager and you're used to working from the command line And if you're like me, You're actually attracted to Cisco because we like working of the command line, But SDM is a very powerful and becoming a very popular GUI.

So you don't just need to know it for this exam. You need to know about it, So you can work with it in the real world as well. It's actually pretty easy to learn. I would recommend getting some hands-on with it if at all possible before you take this exam - and I put a smiley face up here, Because you need to be familiar with the additional tasks section. My study guides and articles for this course have plenty of SDM coverage and you can find some on the web as well and cisco site as far as the actual documentation with SDM.

There are task buttons there and then there's one catch. All that says additional tasks, And I think you can do about 200 different things in there, But you want to be careful about that if you can get some hands-on with STM before this exam, I think that's a great idea. Finally, The CCNA security certification. It really does two things as far as security goes first off it means you know how to secure a network and there's a pretty broad range of topics on this exam there's a full blueprint on cisco's website, But it also helps you to secure your current job As well as make you even more marketable and that's always important, But it's particularly important today, I would strongly recommend that you add this and the voice and the wireless certifications to your resume because really being a network admin. Today, It's not just a luxury to know about network security or a little bit of voice or a little bit of wireless.

We really have to know it because in today's networks, These three and we got to work with the moment every day in many networks and t're, Just becoming more and more popular, Especially with voice and wireless security, As we already know, Is about as popular as it's Ever kind of get so I would strongly recommend you look at all three of these certifications, But especially the CCNA security certification hope you've enjoyed this look at this relatively new certificate.

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