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90 - 110 120 minutes 825 18 months $450

But, Cisco is making the test ridiculously hard to pass because of these tiny details and also the insane way they ask questions purposely designed to confuse you not to really prepare you for the real work. ccie rack rental data center I have been in telecom and working with Cisco gear at entry level for about 20 years (yes this is embarrassing). These tests are crazy hard and you need all the help you can get and this book gives you a plan of attack. That is the purpose of the book and it succeeds and the author himself is available whenever you need help/clarification. ccie rack rental data center

What is the CCNP 350-601 DCCOR Exam Certification?

CCNP 350-601 DCCOR certifications are valid for 18 months. We can offer real CCNP 350-601 DCCOR Dumps that help pass exam. To maintain active status, every 18-months candidates have the flexibility and option to recertify it before the CCNP 350-601 DCCOR certification expiration date.

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