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If you know nothing about networking and are trying to take the test with just this book, ccie classes ccie classes I would not recommend it. If you have some networking background, this book might be just what you need. It was really fun to read and covered most of the stuff needed. ccie classes

The principles of route redistribution are explained with the help of case studies and sample output ccie classes which make this usually difficult to understand and confusing topic much more bearable. Redistribution remains the cause of most problems in the lab and once routes are redistributed a variety of problems crop up. Jeff explains the right way to do this and most importantly what not to do. ccie classes

What is the CCIE DC LAB Exam Certification?

CCIE Data Center Lab is a two-part eight-hour timed exam that tests the candidate's skills in diagnosing, configuring and troubleshooting a complex data center topology. The candidate must make an initial attempt of the CCIE Lab Exam within 18-months of passing the CCIE written exam.