1 Cisco CCIE is a network engineer certification, so her salary is naturally within the normal range of a network engineer

There was a netizen yesterday I asked me, he saw an article on the Internet, this article said, when someone passed the Cisco ccie exam, and then got a annual salary 1 million, and in the United States, she asked me this Is it real?

Because I don’t know where he saw it, so I answered directly. If this is true or false, it is not necessarily the real answer he wants to hear.

Then the editor of Shanghai Tengke Education will analyze it, or calmly consider whether anyone can get an annual salary of 1 million US dollars? Especially after taking the Cisco CCIE certification

2 What is the Cisco certification?

First of all, Cisco CCIE is a certification of network engineers, and in the world, except for China, which has Huawei, other countries basically only want to become mid-to-high-end network engineers. Everyone chooses to take the Cisco network engineer test

So now the most common controversial question in China is whether to test Cisco or Huawei. In fact, half of those who test Cisco and half of those who test Huawei, and this It is based on the domestic market.

Which one to test? Basically, you can choose according to your own interests. If your customers use all Cisco equipment, you can take the four subjects. If your customers all use Huawei, you can take the Huawei test.

< b>3 Under normal circumstances, what is the salary of Cisco CCIE?

Whether it is in the United States or China, if you want to know what the Cisco CCIE salary is, it will be clear if you search on the Internet. Most companies give you the salary range. I see

Moreover, the salary level that different ccies can get is completely different

For example, if you have ten years of work experience, and you have It’s the job of a project manager, mainly to lead the team to negotiate projects. It is normal to get a few million a year in China, because your work itself includes sales and pre-sales, and talks about the work of the project itself. It’s no longer just to tune the router.

Then if a 21-year-old young man who just graduated has three academic qualifications, but after the Cisco ccie exam, how much do you think he can get? That is to say, when we are considering this issue, don’t think that the boss is a fool. The boss will not give you how much money just because you have a certificate.

4 What kind of person can Get an annual salary of 1 million

What kind of person, whether in China or abroad, can get a very high salary? It doesn’t matter what the salary is.

I think you will definitely agree

First, you can’t be a person who has been working on routers for ten years, then you must talk about the project. The salary of the person or the person who brings performance to the company is much higher than that of the technical person, isn’t it?

Secondly, if you want to get a very high salary, you earn the money. It’s not that you expect your company to give you this money for nothing, so according to different positions It’s very normal for general sales project directors to get relatively high salaries

and these project directors are likely to have passed the Cisco ccie exam, because they have to enter the line of network engineers. People may enter the industry with technology, but some people have been in the industry for ten or 20 years. Some like or insist on doing technology, some may do technology and sales together, and some have the ability to even go to the supervisor, and some have the ability People, then finally go to start a company to discuss projects, find customers, so the salary is not high

So back to the question itself, when a friend asked me the Cisco CCIE certificate can get an annual salary of 1 million , In fact, what I want to say is, it depends on your personal ability and the certificate is not particularly directly related

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