it be great to create a CCNA security virtual lab for many of us. The answer is yes. In order to really practice the technologies of CCNA security, It helps to have either the live equipment or an emulated lab environment.

And what I'd like to do is share with you a quick list of some of the software that I've used in building a virtual lab environment. I'D start off with a host running Windows, 7 and Windows. 8 can be used. However, It causes additional problems in grief that you have to work through. So if you have a host running Windows - 7, That's a great place to start. You'D also want to download and install gns3 and a VirtualBox.

Now, If you have a license for VMware, You can go ahead and use VMware Workstation. However, VirtualBox is free, So you can emulate virtual machines inside of your virtual environment. You'D also want to have iOS that's supported by gns3, For your router support, As well as the aasa' software that can be used inside of gns3. You'D also want a copy of ASTM, Which is the graphical user interface that we're gonna TFTP over to the virtual hard drive on the virtual a SA. So we can use the GUI interface to manage and work with the aasa' as well. We'D also want the graphical user interface called cisco configuration professional, Either 26 or 27 really doesn't matter.

That's the graphical user interface, Cisco, Configuration professional that you and I are going to use inside of CCNA security to go ahead and manage a cisco router. The TFTP software is really convenient if we need to move files back and forth, For example, Between our local hard drive and the flash drive on our virtual ASI and we'd also want the iOS IPS signatures that are part of iOS based IPS, As well as the Public key file from Cisco that allows us to validate the signature package before we install it as part of an iOS based IPS solution. So I did some snooping around. I found this guy right here. This is a CCNA security, Grab-bag dot, Zip and had all these files in it there's a TFTP server software file.

These two files, Right here, Is what gns3 needs to go ahead and emulate an a SA and for the details on how to configure G&S to support the a sa. If you've got those files go ahead and check out the gns3 series at CBT Nuggets, Which demonstrates exactly how to set up the a sa instead of a gns3 environment, These two are a SDM versions. You don't need two of them. You only need one and that's the software that we've copy over to the virtual hard drive of the aasa', So we can use the graphical user interface of a SDM. Here's a couple of iOS images that are supported by gns3, There's a 3700 series running 124 and there's a 7200 series running 15 Dex and here's a CCNP for version 27 of Cisco configuration professional.

CCNP 300-730 Dumps

This iOS s4 5/6 is a signature package for iOS based IPs, And this last file down here is the public key from Cisco. That's gonna be required to implement the iOS based IPs. So if we did setup a virtual environment for CCNA security practice, This would cover almost everything, Except for the port security on layer 2 switches which currently, As of today's date, Isn't emulated inside of gns3, But perhaps in the future. That will be as well now to be clear, Because most of these files are Cisco's creation.

I personally cannot distribute these files to you, So I'd like to do a preemptive strike and ask you not to request any of these files from me because t're, Not mine, T are Cisco's, And my intent here in this article for us is for me to share With you so the details regarding which files would be needed to build a virtual environment to practice most of CCNA security now for an individual who has these files and wants to go ahead and practice, Building a virtual environment check out our gns3 course at EveDumpsBecause in that course, I'll walk you through step by step of how to integrate adaptive security appliances and iOS routers in gns3 and for awesome training regarding CCNA security come check out our CCNA security course at CBT Nuggets. Now there were a couple of tweaks with IE 11 to get cisco configuration professional working correctly, And I absolutely want to share those with you in Internet Explorer if you're using it go ahead and press the Alt key, And that brings up these menu items from here. You'Re gonna select tools and select compatibility view settings and, From here you're gonna, Add one 270 dot, 0 dot, 1 and click on add and what I've discovered will happen. If you don't do this and you're running cisco configuration professional, It's gonna give you. This window looks like this: it's gonna cram everything in the top right here, So it's not even really usable with cisco configuration professional. So again, If you're using IE 11 - and you want cisco configuration professional to work, You definitely need to go ahead and follow those steps.

The other thing you'd want to also do if you want to use cisco configuration professional, Is manage your java settings now to do that. You'Re gonna, Bring up control panel and in control panel we're gonna go to java 32-bit we're gonna click on the java tab. In the Java control panel click on View and the loads, I'm running a fairly current version of Java.

But what I did have to do is add these runtime parameters right here of - capital, X, Lowercase, M, X, 512 m and then go ahead and save that, And that was required in order for Cisco configuration professional to work and on this host machine. At the moment, I am running 81 of Windows, But we would still use the same value and the Java Runtime parameter setting, Even if you're running version 7 of Windows, And the same is also true for Internet Explorer. With the internet explorer compatibility settings that we had, Even if you're running, Windows, 7 and you're running a newer version of Internet Explorer, You'd also want to set those compatibility settings. I hope this has been informative for you and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

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