You know what is the best it certification you will recommend to me. Ryan we take a look at. Is the plus really good comptia security, Plus kantia network plus, Or maybe go more, The cisco route, The cisco ccna? You know what level certifications should I actually go for, And you know what would actually be most beneficial to me, And this is one of those it really depends like if we go ahead and take a look at the comptia, A plus certification.

This is really designed for entry-level it professionals who want to start in it who have no experience whatsoever, But with this certification you can learn all about and really have that starting point. This is what I need to know about it, And this is everything that I can go ahead and learn all packaged within the certification. So when I've studied, When I actually understand the material and I pass the certification - I can say you know what I have a foundational fundamental understanding of it of technology in general, So the comptia, A plus, Is really great. If you really want to dive into the very beginnings of it, If you're just starting off in it, So you really want to go ahead and take a look at where are you currently at? And then, Where do you want to go? Because if you can take a look at those two, If you are currently at beginning level, With no experience whatsoever, No degree, Nothing whatsoever, Then maybe the comptia, A plus is right for you because again, Comptia 8 plus is really focused on that entry level.

It professional and talks all about everything you need to know, Including networking and everything else, Not just networking, But all the little skill sets you need to know across the board within it. So you have a great understanding of how to be a more effective it professional and something like more helpdesk role. It technician sort of roles now, If you want to go ahead and dive a little further, If you maybe have a little bit more experience or you know, You want to really dive into networking, Then of course the ccna should be the right one for you, The Cisco ccna stands for cisco, Certified network associate and so with the cisco ccna, It's going to teach you everything you need to know about cisco and networking their equipment, How to become really a network admin or a network engineer, Because t're going to teach you everything within That certification, That you need to know to be able to manage the equipment to be able to go ahead and be a network engineer or network admin right. So ccna really great. If you already have some experience with an itin and understand the fundamentals of you know what our protocols and how do different areas within it actually work, And then you want to dive into networking and make that your specialty.

But if you have no experience whatsoever, You don't really have the foundational understanding of it and how technology just works in general and maybe again the content. A plus might be the right certification for you, Because you have no experience because you're not really sure what you want to get specific in or you don't have any real knowledge foundational knowledge with nit. If you already have a few years of experience, Maybe you're already gonna help this girl, Maybe you're an it technician, Or maybe you even have a few years of experiencing just studying it and you kind of have the main gist of it: professionals and the it industry. You know you have some experience and exposure to the it world.

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Then you know maybe the cisco ccna is the right certification for you, Because you want to go more down the networking path right because with the ccna it only focuses on cisco's devices. You know cisco networking and that's it. It doesn't go into these broad other spectrums, Of other skill sets to learn with an it, Even though cisco ccna, I would even consider potentially, Might not even be an entry-level certification because it dives into so many different areas within networking. But it's a really great entry-level certification.

If you want to dive into network but compared to other it certifications, It is a lot more to actually go ahead and study prepare for anyways with the comptia, A plus. It's specifically designed for people who are starting off in their rit careers, Who are currently entry level because t have no experience, Whereas the cisco ccna is really focused on becoming a network engineer. Because you already have some experience and you have the foundational fundamental understanding of it and technology, So those are the real key differences between the comptia a-plus, The cisco, Ccna, Again a matter of asking yourself: where are you currently at? So what experience do you have with nit? Have you had within the it industry? What experience do you have learning within it? You know.

Maybe you are currently working towards your degree and you have some exposure with. Maybe some extracurricular activities or you've done internships or you've worked full-time depending where you're at. Maybe you have a few years of experience? Maybe you don't even want to do networking, Maybe you're more of a security person. You know instead of going for the comptia security plus.

If you already have some experience, Maybe you go for that sscp right. The system security certified practitioner is the sscp. That might be a good one, Because that does require a minimum of one year of experience. But again, If you have no experience whatsoever, That's where you're currently at and you want to go to more of a security role.

Then maybe you go for the comptia security plus, Because that certification is specifically geared for people in entry level role or an entry level position just in their life, Who want to dive into security and prove that t've taken the time to learn the fundamentals of security And it security right, So maybe the comptia security plus is right for you again depending on where you're at and where you want to go. If you want to go more towards security, And you have experience and ssap, Maybe even the cissp. I think if you just ask yourself where am I currently at and where do I want to go and from there when you can distinguish those two questions, Then you can go ahead and create a sort of road map for yourself of where you're at how much Experience you got and then what is a missing gap? What is that void that you need to fill so you can go ahead and accomplish the goals that you're really trying to get after again, Whether it's you just want to get a role within it. Get some experience great comptia, A plus is great for you. Maybe you want to really already have some experience.

You want to develop further into a more networking role. Then great go for that cisco, Ccna or you want to go more towards security, And you have some experience, Sacp or maybe diving into the cissp, Depending on where you're at because the ciasp requires five years of experience with nit sacp requires one year again asking yourself Where you're at and where you want to go, I think we'll give you the best recipe for really figuring out what certifications are right for you. So, Instead of thinking about you know whether should I go after the comptia certifications or the ccna just ask yourself where exactly it is you want to end up because it requires time as well. You have to take time to study for all these certifications so which one is going to provide the most value for you for your career and help you advance further into your career in the next six months year, Wherever you want to be, I really hope you Guys enjoyed today's article.

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