Although I have passed the CCIE lab certification exam for a long time, I chose CCIE because I like this network work, and every CCIE number has its own unique story behind it. Today I mainly talk about my ccie story. Through the overall sentiment of the CCIE exam, I hope that I can help some of my partners.

Mainly share my CCIE story from the following aspects:

Why choose the CCIE exam certification?

How to overcome the problems often encountered in preparing for the ccie exam

5 high-efficiency CCIE lab preparation recommendations

Proposal for each CCIE lab version


Why choose the CCIE exam certification?

Like most ccie candidates, I also experienced the confusion, entanglement, trial, and choice of the graduation period. The story in the middle is not said, and I have nothing to say. I chose CCIE to study and choose the direction of the network. Even if I pass the CCIE exam now, it does not mean that my progress will stop.

I experienced a preview->learn->understand->do experiment->review->review->review cycle, which was very devoted during that time, that is, every 9:30 class, home at 19:30 From 21:00 to 23:30, I reviewed the notes and reviewed the process. The process of doing the experiment was a bit uncomfortable. However, in retrospect, it is because of this process that my CCIE preparation process is very smooth.

How to overcome the problems often encountered in preparing for the exam.Next, I mainly share how I prepared for CCIE lab and often encountered errors:

When you practice regularly, if you make mistakes often, why?

The first one: as I started, I want to hurry and try to hurry. I don’t see the problem clearly or I don’t see my configuration. The last time is wasting myself to dig a hole for myself, and I am troubleshooting myself.

The second type: I have been remembering and dying. I have never understood the version of the whole framework. I don’t understand the topic requirements. I have a blind spot on the knowledge points. I know that the topic makes me knock like this. I don’t know the knowledge. If the problem is not known, I can only wait for the help of others.


5 high-efficiency CCIE lab preparation recommendations

Of course, some problems really need help. This is especially true when I first come into contact with a version. I will always have problems and will be of substantial help to those who have problems. I have been helped by this. Thank you very much for helping. Own people, teachers and classmates. In the process of preparing for the exam, I also helped other people. Because the concept of the heart is very clear, it is also a sharp pulse to form a benign cycle.

Many people who have not participated in the CCIE exam are blaming themselves. Before entering the exam preparation, the class is not good, the notes are not easy to remember, the experiment is not good; the test preparation period, not reading the topic, not understanding or understanding the demand I don’t know the relevant knowledge points, I am not careful, and I am lazy.

In fact, these two situations are well solved, slow down, pursue accuracy, and knock out the version of the speed that is wrong in 10 times. It is better to understand each requirement and understand the knowledge of each requirement after having an overall understanding of the version. Seriously and carefully knocked it again. I often say a word: Only you can beat you! Beat your carelessness with care! More leaks to fill the blind spot to overcome your knowledge!

When I entered the CCIE lab, the time was not spent on proficiency. I spent most of my time understanding the understanding of the overall framework of the version, analyzing, understanding and thinking about each requirement, and observing the phenomenon-> Thinking -> Guess -> Verification -> Analysis. Let me revisit the knowledge in the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE courses. It also reminds me of my curiosity and desire for knowledge. Fortunately, I learned more seriously and my knowledge points can come back.

In TS, this is directly proportional to your efforts during your studies. When you study, use your heart and do it twice. Understand it, you can improve your proficiency. It is easy to pass the exam when you encounter new mistakes.


Proposal for each CCIE lab version

I prepared the TS process much less than I thought. TS1 took 3 days, TS2 took 1 day, TS2+ took 1 day, and I sorted out all the wrong troubleshooting ideas and related knowledge points. . I also spent a week of practice, deepening my understanding of the overall framework, sorting out the possible problems and the solution to the problem.

This kind of comprehension preparation took me a lot of time, and the number of knocks was much less than that of the previous students who passed the exam, but for me, the effect is really good. In fact, I think this is also the best way to solve the current content of CCIE RS lab workbooks needs to prepare too much. After all, there was only one TS1, H1, H1+ before, and there was a great chance of passing. Now TS1, TS2, TS2+, Diag1, Diag1+, H2, H2+, H3 definitely do not pass the test by luck, they all rely on their own efforts to pass the CCIE exam certification.


CCIE exam final sprint preparation

After finishing the whole time, after paying the CCIE rs lab fee, I started the practice before the exam, and pursued the speed like other people, which led me to understand that there was some mismatch and mismatch, and finally turned back. It is a waste of time to troubleshoot. After the practice, I changed the strategy, and slowly did it. I saw the requirements, the configuration and the TXT write configuration. The following exercises are completed once, the phenomenon is straight out, and there is no further troubleshooting. The time for all configuration and inspection is controlled between 2-2.5 hours.

The CCIE examination process was very smooth. I personally felt that the new examiner in the examination room was very good. I didn’t have any problems. I don’t have to worry too much. The examination time is completely enough. I used the TS for 15 minutes (there are really few mistakes). There are 3 error points that are not directly discharged. It takes another half an hour to solve the three wrong points that are not directly discharged. Otherwise, these three wrong points that I have not seen may cause me to hang up.

Finally, check it again from the beginning, test the phenomenon, save, and enter the diagnosis. I have no problem with the diagnosis. According to the teacher's explanation, I chose the answer steadily and verified the ideas and solutions from the capture provided by the title. I spent a total of 4 hours from the beginning of H2+ to the End Section, and I often knocked it out as usual, which was a perfect phenomenon.

If you have problems, as long as you are not kicked off the line, think more about your own problems! Don't mess with the pot! Last but not least, in addition to the understanding of CCIE LAB during the preparation, there is also an adjustment to the mentality. Although there is some anxiety before the exam, I am not nervous at all during the exam, and I don’t even feel the heartbeat. It doesn't matter if TS can't be discharged. I have confidence in myself. I ended up expelling it. My confidence increased and I felt more.

From the beginning to the CCIE written test in the CCIE lab exam, I am very grateful to everyone who helped me in this process, thank you for preparing the students, and finally I hope that the students in the back can get their Cisco CCIE number.


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