Before I begin talking about the Cisco certification tracts, I'm going to talk about the benefits of getting Cisco Certified. I guess you could call this. The Y gets certified con content if you want - and I want to do it for two major reasons - one. I want to talk to the people who are planning to get certified and solidify why this is a great idea, But I especially want to talk to people who are thinking about getting certified.

You know you're kind of the knowledge seekers, Not not that that's a bad thing at all. It's great you know you're trying to find the best way to configure BGP and you do some googling. You find some some articles out there. You go ! Well, This is it, You know, You're thinking. Why do I need certification? I can find stuff and figure it out and - and I just want to give you the reasons why I think it's super beneficial to do, Especially for you because well, Let me tell you why.

First, Off with Cisco certifications, You will never reach the end, Meaning there will always be something new. There will always be something some new concept or area to go into and discover in the Cisco realm, And I can say that statement, Because I've come from the Microsoft certification realm. I even got completely Novell certified a CNE back in the network for and network five days and when you, When you get certified in MCSE and CCNA, I mean not not saying those are bad by any means.

T'Re great. But I I can tell you, I just kind of I would say reach the end, But I reached the end, Meaning I taught Microsoft. I spoke Microsoft.

I love the MCSE and I did it for many years and I eventually just got to the end of . There's I mean there's only so many much you can do with user accounts and group policies and - and I know the many of you think of all the sky's - the limit with group policy and there's many directions. You can go in Microsoft. But let me just try and encompass what I'm saying I left off in Microsoft with an M CSE in Windows: 2000.

That was my last MCSE recently. I started another business and I got into Windows 2008 r2 and I thought oh, This is awesome and I installed. I was like well, It's pretty much the same.

You know. Now I know some of you're like no, It's not it's totally different. Well, I'm telling you I came from MCSE 2000. I thought.

there's some different there's some really cool features, And I like it, But you know it's: it's really just basic Active Directory. You'Ve got users, You've got your local groups or global groups. I mean it all.

Just I was kind of like oh . Well, It's pretty much the same in for me. I was a great thing because I didn't want to learn a whole bunch of new stuff, But with Cisco Wow.

You know you kind of you get to the point where you'll never reach the end, And I and I will say without going into programming, It won't take you long if youíve heard me talking that I loathe programming. I wish I had this skill, But I every time I try to start learning programming, I just hate it and I despise it even more because that's all I went to college for a degree in computer science and - and I just I do not want to cross That boundary to get into programming and all Cisco's the way to do it. My friend, You can stay in Cisco, Never reach the end without getting into the programming world and having to learn a new language. So the second reason I say, Cisco certification is awesome is because everyone wants to be like Cisco and what I mean by that is all of the network.

CCNP 300-630 Dumps

Vendors out. There know that Cisco is the biggest biggest out there and t know that most people know if t're going to know a command-line language, T're going to know the iOS, So everybody tries to make their software look and feel like Cisco. I can't tell you how many times I've been working at a client site and t're like oh, Oh, Can you go configure those devices, I'm not even going to throw vendors out there because it won't take you long to find them. T'll say: oh well, Can you can you configure that load balancer and I and I said well, I honestly I have no experience with that brand of load balancer. But let me let me give it a whirl.

Let me I'll just see what I can do and I get in there and I go. Look. It's got user mode and privilege, It's got a global configure, I'm like how do t not get sued.

You know that it's like the. I can't believe it's not butter so so it's like everybody's. I can't believe it's not. I owe s so the benefit is, If you get cisco certified, You can start crossing into other vendor lines without ever having to open their certification books, Because you know t just want to be like cisco t're. Their operating system is very similar to cisco.

So so third, One cisco partners are required to employ certified people never found this with another another vendor to where cisco says . If you want to get higher, Dis counts on our equipment. If you want to buy stuff at a better deal, Hire certified people and we will move you up in partner status, Thus translating to large percentages off of Cisco equipment.

So you now have companies that literally are saying: CCNA CCNP required because t know that t have to have that certified person in order to move up into or or keep their we'll say, Gold level status with Cisco and keep their. You know whatever. 30 40. 50 percent off discounts that t're getting with Cisco, So it really really it becomes a huge benefit to everybody to get certified now.

Fourth on the list - and this is kind of interesting - it is extremely respected and I find this all over the place. I go and people say, Oh you know, And I say, Oh I'm a CCIE, You know t kind of like it's like whole CCIE see . You know it's got the whispers that go across the cloud I mean when it's funny, Because when you get your CCIE you realize not. You know, Of course, There's a level of accomplishment. You know that was great.

I feel like I know a lot now, But you also realize just how much you don't know. Look you see this. You see this these little icons over there.

These are all this, The CCNA, It's not just the same icon, Where I said: CC, AC CC. These are all the types of CC nays, Their CCNA voice he's seen a network CCNA Wireless CCNA security. So I mean these are all the different kinds of CCA's look down here at the expert level, And I will tell you: the CCI II took me a full year of dedication of study of labs and everything to get one CCIE routing and switching and then you're. Looking to go, Oh well, There's actually four more and that you know, And it's going to continue to grow in that there's cisco certified architect, Which I mean if you're an architect like like plants, Bend down as you walk by it's it's it's just an extremely respected Certification, Where people know this is not something you get overnight.

You have to know a lot and it is a risk factor. You know when you look at Cisco. There is no other career. Well, I I won't say no, But I would say very few careers where, With a couple it hits a van in Turkey.

You can take an entire organization down. I mean, Regardless of how many redundant servers t have. You know everything rides on the fabric, Which is Cisco and so people, Not just because of the knowledge, But just because of the pure risk factor of being Cisco, Certified and being in that field.

He'll go wow. That's that's a that's, A real, Valuable certification to have now. Second one from the bottom, I love it real world certification exams.

It was. It was kind of funny because I got copied a CC carbon copied on an email that that a guy emailed another guy who emailed another guy and it gave him my email address and - and I looked at the trail - and t said. , You got to talk to Jeremy, He got his whole ccnp in a month and - and I laughed when I saw that you know it - t said that to be like wow look at Jeremy he's, So amazing, I'm telling you I got my ccnp back in was At 2004-2005 kind of time frame around there, This was back when there was no simulations there were.

It was no drag-and-drop. It was all multiple-choice questions where, Literally, If you read the book - and you remember - an ethernet cables. 100 meters, You know just key facts: you're gonna pass the certification program, So I would tell you if you could rewind back to 2004. You could pass the CCNP in a month. You could probably pass it in a couple weeks.

It was just that kind of I mean every and every certification was like that, But now, Let's fast-forward to modern day no way. If even even if somebody said Jeremy, You being a CCIE, Could you right now go pass the CCNP you know blind? I would probably have to say no, You know, I'd have to sit, I'd have to study, I'd have to review because those are hard. I mean t're, Really hard certification, Exams and t're very real-world to where it's not like. You just have to memorize a gamut of facts.

You have to really know how to do this stuff. It isn't that brilliant to pass a certification exam. You really have to know what you're doing and that's what I love about cisco is when you're learning cisco you're, Not just memorizing facts that you'll never use you're learning how to do it and by learning how to do it, You learn how to pass the certification Exam, So I'm telling you that's, That's another major benefit of being certified in Cisco and then finally, Real quick, Fantastic renewal, Paul sisqó every three years, Your certifications expire. But t don't want you. You know taking the same exams again and again again I mean t say.

Well, You can do it and keep your certification. Let's say you have a CCNA, You can take the CCNA every three years and stay current say certified, But there's an. Why do that? Why not just go past one CCNP exam and automatically renew everything below it? For three years or let's say you've got a CCNP.

Why not just go? You know start attacking the CC? , Oh sorry, These are CCNP voice security, I've seen another CCMP. There are multiple CC MPs or you know, Go into the you know. Many of the different you know: why is the word failing these sideways fields, You know the other CC and B's that are out there and just by completing one exam from those you automatically renew your current CCNP for three years or you. If you pass the CCIE written, You automatically renew everything for three years I mean it's, It's a very encouraging certification policy, Where t're saying don't just stay where you are keep going and we'll don't even worry about the other stuff, It'll automatically renew .

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