Are all CCIE questions multiple choice? The gold content of CCIE can be said to be recognized in the industry, and being able to pass the CCIE certification is a good proof of one's ability. This also shows from another aspect that it is not easy to pass the CCIE exam. So you are going to have all the multiple-choice questions for the CCIE exam, obviously it is unlikely. As a network engineer, practical operation is very important, and the reason why the ccie certificate has a high gold content is also because it has the assessment of the experimental part.

CCIE requires a laboratory test in addition to the written test

Part of the multiple-choice knowledge CCIE test questions, that is, the written test part of the CCIE test. The CCIE written test is mainly multiple-choice questions, which is the same as the core test in the corresponding direction of CCNP. The difficulty of CCIE lies in the experimental examination. The eight-hour experimental examination is a stumbling block for many network engineers on the road to CCIE. So what is the main test of the CCIE lab exam? What are the rules for the exam?

Contents of CCIE lab exam

The CCIE lab exam mainly consisted of three modules, namely TroubleShooting (troubleshooting), DIAG (fault diagnosis), CFG (configure). There are some differences after the reform. Generally, the exams are about planning, design, deployment, operation and optimization. The main content of the assessment in different directions is different, and the exam questions are set around the key points of the direction, such as enterprise infrastructure. In this direction, the lab exam requires candidates to plan, design, deploy, operate, and optimize dual-stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6) for complex enterprise networks. But no matter which direction the experimental exam is, the test is operation, and the difficulty can be imagined.

How to study for the CCIE lab exam

Considering the difficulty of the CCIE lab exam and the high cost of the exam, it is recommended that you consider participating in the training for the CCIE lab exam The CCIE experimental exam is about operation, which requires constant practice, constant typing, and gradually deepening and consolidating. Only in this way can you be comfortable in the exam room. However, if you are self-study, it may be difficult to meet the equipment conditions, let alone practice. Moreover, with the guidance of the teacher, you can avoid a lot of detours and save a lot of time for exploration, so even if you have experience, it is recommended to carry out the training of CCIE experiments, and you will be more confident on the whole.

When will the CCIE lab exam take the exam

The duration of the CCIE lab exam is eight hours, and the exam time mainly depends on when you schedule the exam, but you If you want to change the time after the appointment, you need to cancel it in advance, because it is very likely that you have made an appointment and did not take the test, and the registration fee will be wasted. CCIE lab exams are generally available for appointments on working days. The exam rooms are divided into fixed exam rooms and mobile exam rooms. There are only 10 fixed exam rooms in the world. Mobile exam rooms are generally open for one week a year. You can make an appointment for the exam according to your own situation. In short, CCIE questions are not all multiple-choice questions, but more importantly, the conquering of experimental questions!


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