I got a tap on the shoulder from ine, Which was pretty cool and said. Are you interested in doing CCNP collaboration? You know stuff instructors stuff and I'm you know completely flabbergasted, And you know straight away. I doubted that I could even do it and when I calmed down, I said: , Brilliant and t put me forward and went through.

The process did an audition and all that kind of stuff, And t offered me that position. You know, Which was a is an is a kind of role that fits around my full-time work, So my employer has been 100% behind me and supportive of this I&E. You know experience and design a project so I took it. I took it and accepted it and realized at that time that I had to you know not so much abandon but put a sort of pause on the CCIE collaboration stuff, Because there's no way.

I could juggle that, And I Annie and my work and family and everything together. So so it started in about April and as much spare time as I've had around the clock. You know before you know mornings when I'm doing the school run with my son in the morning and in the evening you know, Got the full support and backing for my wife as well. I'Ve been, You know, Preparing and recording articles for I&E, So for the CCNP collaboration and starting off with CIP TV one and it's been it was.

It was fantastic so that that course is available now from Miami, And this is not a sales pitch by the way. I'm not here to tell you, Go and buy any articles at all, But it's available it's. It got an put up on the ine website and I worked my backside off doing that course and I'm very proud of what what will it became. What would it work? The finished product and then yet hit hit the ground running with the second one, Which is C IPTV 2, Which for me as a candidate, Was actually, In my view, The toughest of the four CCNP exams, Mainly because a lot of the technologies or you know, Features In there and not something I've experienced in the real world, So there was stuff in there like SAFF and CCDA, And you know things like that and MVA and stuff that I'm not really that had hands-on experience, Because you know customers have never used them or never Had the opportunity to get my hands on them and things like VCS control as well: we've just good old article endpoints registered back to that the VCS server, MRA, Expressway, Etc, Etc.

See IPTV 2 is, You know, Is packed out with some good stuff. So then, Today is the 25th of September, And - and I am nearly I've - nearly recorded all the articles for Co - IPTV -, I'm ninety or percent there, So t'll be going over to I&E soon for their. You know their review and submission and all that kind of stuff, And that one will appear on the ironI website and then, After that, I've got to do a CT, Collab and see apps.

In fact, I actually, In my personal view, I would actually do see apps first and leave CT collab till the end, And that's my personal. You know opinion because that troubleshooting exam has things like TMS in it and if you follow the CCNP collaboration blueprint, You don't learn to you missed until see apps, So it makes sense for it to go lost just my my personal view, But cisco for some reason. Put that exam third in the list you know - and I think there was an expectation to follow the order of the four exam as well so but that's just just my view so .

So that's where I am now with it in the in the midst of that as well. Three odd weeks ago, My wife gave birth to our lovely baby, Baby daughter on the 31st of August, So she she's come along and a little girl, And my full-time work is busy busy busy and so very active schedule every day. And but when I just wanted you to know, You know where I am with stuff at the moment and so . That's that's it really when, When there's a big big win, When the CT collab and siaps stuffs finished and in my view there, The probably the easier of the two actually compared to the first two t're there, There's not as much to them see apps in particular.

CCNP 300-510 Exam Questions

Just you know: application stuff, City, Collab, Troubleshooting and hopefully better get them out pretty quick. But when that's finished, That's what was getting to just a wrap-up when that's finished - and I am gonna go straight back into CCIE collaboration. I think I've got about a quarter of the way through that this is the written about a quarter of the way through the exam blueprint - and I remember touching on stuff, Like the dev stuff, You know the apI's and seeing all that and going wow, As So much I've got to go and learn now to get you know to get through that written exam and obviously the revisions to CCIE version to exam written and lab. So there's plenty of challenges there.

So, In my view, I'll be looking at probably early next year. First quarter of next year to have got got back on board with the CCO a collaboration, And I might I might even start again and just skim over everything. I'Ve done because you know in this year out the other ear, Especially with everything else going on.

So that's what that's my journey! That's! What I've been on this year a little bit of forecast for next year and obviously, When I start the CCIE, I will get the articles going again and, And the articles actually will be better because the experience I've had with ie, Particularly the production techniques and stuff. Like that those articles, I can do a much better job for those articles. The previous ones are just completely. T never planned.

It just recorded my desktop and just got on with it, But I've now got a bit more experience with all the production stuff, So it should be able to do a much better job and so that's my that's my year. That's that's! What I've been up to that's, Where I'm going, If you have any you know, Questions comments, Queries anything like that feel free to just put a comment on this article. If you want to subscribe to my channel brilliant, I'm determined to be an active contributor to you know this collaboration and community with Cisco, And hopefully the irony stuffs kind of you know, Sort of got my profile, My name out there a little bit. I can't wait for that to all be finished, Not so much as a relief, But it I'll be very proud when that sort up on the shelf and that's my kind of contribution.

You know to the to this Cisco learning experience, Because it can be tough and I think with me, I'm such a hot on slave candidate. You know I've been there done, It got the t-shoot, You know in routing and switching and collaboration, So I've got experience as a candidate. I don't know how frustrating it is so actually the material I've put together. I think it's a little bit of a unique style and approach, Because I think the emotion I'm quite you know almost like the empathy for you the emotion, Emotional side to it. I completely get and I think when I've delivered that training and I think that's my unique kind of style - not not breaking any Cisco disclosure agreements at all, But just just putting you in the place of sitting those exams and complying with the blueprints because a lot.

The training I've attended in seen I've never heard instructors referred to the Cisco exam blueprint and say what, If you want to pass the exam, Get the blueprint? That's your you know your study, Powerful journey and you've got to nail everything on it. You'Ve got to understand what the Cisco want you to do with this configure, Implement, Describe all that kind of stuff, And that, I think, Is where my training is a little bit unique, Where I've really you know, Have been in alignment with that bag. Exam blueprint - and I think that and you know that's - that's - been the sort core of all of the stuff I've done for ionise. Not sales pitch.

If you want to go and have a look at any stuff bombings do so you know it's it's not badly. In my opinion, It's pretty good value for money, Particularly the all-access passes. T do like a yearly subscription and you get access to all their stuff and there's loads and loads of great content on there from you know some amazing amazing people in the industry, Not just collaboration but all sorts of stuff there, But my own personal EveDumps channel. You know I will start that again with the CCI collaboration stuff, Hopefully early first quarter of next year, But it's been a mad year. It's been a mad year and I was absolutely flattered when I only approached me about her stuff.

You know - and it's been it's been great - everyone supported me on it and I have worked my socks off. It's not just saying that I have honestly gone above and beyond in the morning and in the evenings. You ask my wife how much time I've spent locked in this study and it's all good practice for me.

It's all good! It's making me better at what I do. It's helping me prepare for the CCIE anyway, With my approach to you know, Researching with staff documenting everything, Just everything in general, The effort, The graph the schedule in. I think it's getting me in a better place for the CCIE anyway. So no idea when I'll attempt that one what maybe next year, Probably if I do do it it'll be later in the year most definitely with all the other madness is going on. But that's it just ten minutes just a little bit about what's going on and again, If you read my articles and you know your subscriber to anything, I do it's much appreciated and I hope that what I put out there helps you on your journey Through you know your Cisco stuff, Whether it's just real world or exams, You know I hope I can help contribute to making that a better, Better experience and journey.

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