When I took my CCIE SP Lab exam that there are 7 CCIE candidates in one day including 4 CCIE RS , 2 CCIE security,1 CCIE SP.

At 23:58 in the evening, I received an email from CCIE Lab Score Report. I logged into the Schedule site according to the URL given in the email and saw Current Status: Certified (CCIE #xxxxx).

I remember to get up at 7:30 this morning. I will leave at 8 o'clock after eating the buffet breakfast at the hotel. I will take the subway line and then take the 1st line. At 8:30, I will arrive at the square and exit at the A exit. It is a bit early to sit at McDonald's. 10 minutes, 8:45 to the Tower E1/Floor 19, there are 4 people sitting on the sofa, a Cisco7960 IP Phone on the coffee table.

Doesn't it mean that you can test up to 4 RSs a day? There was a doubt in my heart. After waiting for the meeting, I came in 2 people. There are still 2 CCIE Security Labs, 1 CCIE SP Lab, and 7 people. Will they secretly be glad that there is a girl exam today, and the possibility of passing it is great?

The test takes 8 hours, and it takes 8 hours to complete the network topology including 6 routers, 2 switches, and 3 Backbones, including routing, switching, multicast, QoS, security, and IOS Feature. In addition, the addition of trouble shooting, the difficulty is not small.

At 9 o'clock, Vincent walked to the rest area and said: CCIE candidates. Everyone said nothing to follow Vincent to CCIE LAB's examination room. Then show your ID card and specify your seat. There was an episode, my ID card was lost, and the temporary ID card was put in the work number plate. Vincent estimated that I had not seen it. I even said two words. "This is an ID card. This is an ID card. "Is it an ID card," I said.

During the exam, don't forget to sneak a peek at Vincent, what it looks like, 35-year-old look, very kind. It’s not like the photo on his work number plate. The photo of the work number plate is chubby, and it’s not to lose weight.


Then Vincent quickly talked about the precautions and sent questions. I got the title and looked at it. It was thicker than 20 pages, and each page was hidden in a transparent folder. Then I started to draw pictures. I have already prepared A3's draft paper and various colored pens on the examination room. Everyone can go to the exam with empty hands. There are pure water in the examination room and various drinks in the corridor outside. Because of the relationship between the rack and the US, the delay in accessing the Terminal Server is slightly larger. It is common to use laptops. The desktop keyboard is not very convenient. Some are awkward. It doesn't matter if this time is enough, 8 hours is very plentiful. I just finished the IGP when I was at noon.

 At 12 o'clock noon, vincent said: save the configuration, eat after 5 minutes. At noon, I eat the box lunch. There are mutton, roast duck and a little cauliflower. I like vegetarian dishes. This kind of rice can't be eaten anymore. I just have to eat some rice and cauliflower.

In the afternoon, I felt colder and colder in the examination room. I poured a cup of hot water and warmed it up. I also encountered two unfamiliar features. It doesn't matter. Check documentation, then open the browser, open cisco documentation online, find the configuration instructions and examples, and then configure, the test is successful. When I finished the exam at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I checked the problem twice and had no problem. I had to check the documentation over and over again, and confirmed several other features in the documentation.


More than 5:30, vincent went in and out several times, just not seeing him to end. Finally, he spoke: everyone saves the configuration and ends the exam in 5 minutes. So hurry wr, collect the invoice, sign on the paper, leave the examination room, and take a sigh of relief.

Through my own exams, I feel that each topic of the ccie exam is very objective. I suggest you choose a more reliable ccie SP lab workbook or ccie SP 400-021 written dump.

The small changes in Ccie SP exam questions are relatively frequent. Some people are superstitious about the so-called "solutions". There is no real mastery of knowledge, and the results can be imagined. Through this exam and the exam process I understand, I feel that the CCIE exam is still very fair. The examiner can definitely see how the level of a person is.

Even if you make the same answer, the examiner can still see the individual level from the aspects of the configuration process, and has rich network work experience and complete experience without work experience. Can be separate. As everyone has said, two people may get different results with the same answer, and that's it.


To participate in the CCIE certification exam, on the one hand to test the academic performance of the past few years, on the other hand, Vivy is actually a little lazy and not enthusiastic about learning, girls of course prefer shopping, try new cosmetics, beautiful clothes, intoxicated Returning to the road, spending money for the exam is also to pressurize yourself.

Although I am a girl, I have been working in data communication for nearly 5 years. Because of the work relationship, I have a wide range of technologies and models. From basic network to IP network, from Juniper to Cisco. /Juniper/Huawei/Alcatel and other manufacturers of routers, are considered to be old friends.

I used to be familiar with Juniper and Huawei equipment, so I was no stranger to Cisco. I have never attended any training courses, including CCIE, which is completely self-study. But I bought CCIE SP 400-101 Dumps and lab workbooks.

Looking at so many newly graduated schoolmates to go to the training to test ccie, I want to give some advice to the schoolmates, CCIE annual salary of 300K, Title can be million dollars, get CCIE certification can get high paying era has passed Now, a lot of paper ccie can't find a job with a monthly salary of 3K. Someone has voted for hundreds of resumes after passing the ccie, and can't find a job.


Now the employer is very clear that without a few years of work experience, the ccie certificate will not be valued at all. When a ccnp is used, it is necessary to measure the amount. Looking at so many newly graduated schoolmates to go to the training to test ccie, I think it is completely a misunderstanding.

What if you pass ccie? No practical work experience, even DDF, ODF, SDH, DDN, ATM have not seen. The commercial network and the laboratory network are completely different. Of course, the laboratory can achieve a certain miniaturization and re-emergence of the macro network, but the complex application environment and traffic model in the operation network, and accumulated in engineering practice. Work experience, the concept of a global network built up, the overall planning and understanding of the network, not only a few months in the lab can be obtained by closing the door.

It is recommended that you still accumulate some work experience, not necessarily looking for a big company to work, small companies often give you more opportunities, with a few years of work experience, at that time if you think your work and ccie have a relationship, ccie or It is very necessary, and it will be better to go to the exam, and the chances of passing will be much greater.


If you feel that it is necessary to test your academic performance after working for a few years, I also have some suggestions. In terms of the content of the study, it is recommended to strengthen the learning of the tcp/ip protocol. This is very important and is the basis. If it is just a command to get cooked, then it’s just a skilled worker. When the foundation is laid, you can bypass the class. Recommend everyone to see the TCP/IP detailed volume 1 protocol. This is not Jeff Doyle's Routing TCP/IP, and the Sniffer tool is a good assistant for learning protocols.

There are still more experiments, and more experiments must be done. I have not participated in the training course or purchased the remote machine. I did the experiment through the rack I built. I work at the ISP. The Catalyst 3550 switch is not lacking, and there are many routers, but only GSR12000, 6509, and There are only POS and GE ports. So I bought a few 25/26, plus the company's 7500, which was managed by a terminal server, which is completely a decent standard rack.

For the rack, according to the equipment and ios list published on the cisco website, you need 2 Catalyst 3550, 62621 or 3640, 3 Backbone, and 1 Terminal server. The most economical solution can be 1 Catalyst 2950, ​​6 or 8 2500 (connected with 2 2501s, can also be a 4 serial port FR Switch, or even a dedicated router for FR Switch, 2 router serial ports The serial port can also be encap fr, but the configuration feels different.)

Cisco published the LAB exam blueprint written in great detail, the scope of the exam will not exceed this, I will follow the outline, one chapter to do the experiment, in fact, many knowledge points usually work a lot, there are some features of what is normal Not used (Vivy has been working for 5 years, but when doing normal work, it actually does more MPLS/VPN, VPDN, PPPOE, etc.).


 Passing the CCIE SP Lab exam is not the end, but a new starting point. After you really work, you will find that Cisco is only a pioneer in the Internet field, and it only takes up a small share in the entire communications market, even in the data communication. There are already many up-and-coming talents in the field that have caught up. There are various technologies in the communication market such as DDN, ATM, xDSL, BRAS, SDH, DWDM, ASON, MSTP, NGN, etc. There are many more in the field of data communication. Broad areas, such as Security, VOIP, MPLS, VPN, etc., are all explored.


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