All right,I have passed my ccna exam certificated not too long ago now. One thing I did, While you know preparing for my ccna was I had to try quite a few study materials until I really found out you know what works best. For me, And in this article I want to share with you what I think are some of the best materials out there to help you study for and pass your ccna exam now. The first thing I want to mention is books wise. I had to go with the ocg or official cert guide, Official certification guide by cisco press.

I have to say that I have tried other books like the tom todd. Lemuel he's also well well known, He's great, And I think his book is known for not being as dry as the ocg is. I gave him a try, But honestly, I feel like he doesn't go as deep in some topics as the ocg does also. If you are serious about getting into networking - or I don't know just mastering any of these crafts, I think going for the official guide is not a bad idea.

Um one other thing I want you to know is that the ocg comes packed with some other bonuses. For example, T have an entire website where you can go for flash cards for some supplement v article lessons on some of the topics. T also have a software. You can download for exam, Prep and - and things like like that, So I read the ocg from cover to cover and it helped me tremendously understanding the ccna topics and pass my exam now. One other thing you will need is also article lessons now there is, You know a ton of solutions out there.

You know you have david bombo is amazing if you, If you don't follow him on youtube, Please do he puts out heaps of content not just on the ccna, But in networking and and tech as a whole. Follow him he's amazing but I for so for the entire course itself. I had to go the entire course itself. I had to go for a cbt nugget sub subscription jeremy does a fantastic job teaching you all the concepts that you need to learn for the ccna.

CCNP 300-610 Dumps

What do you call it whatever? Anyway? It's up there? I passed it but I still have it because I'm still preparing for my ccnp and I just like to study in general so cbt nuggets - will also offer you practice labs. So with every lesson that you're reading. T also have links where you can. Click and a windows will pop up where you can practice what you're seeing so it's amazing I wouldn't say it is very cheap.

It's not too bad for me, But people are not the same, But anyway is one one option that you can consider. I think it's amazing and now books, Articles now labs man labs for labs. I I had to say boson, Netsim labs are amazing.

If you haven't haven't heard of bazon you're missing out, Go and google bazone like t have these ready-made labs that you don't need to set up anything. You click on it. The scenario is already set up. All you have to do is get them to run and lab.

You know you, You have all these steps that you you have to follow, That helps you really solidify the ccna concepts. So I think. The whole thing is, I think, It's a hundred bucks or something for lifetime access, I'm not sure how much it costs it's been a while now, But it's a great great solution. Now, That's books, Articles and labs.

One last thing I want to tell you is: please find yourself a mentor. I really saved a lot on money and time, But by just prevent being friends with someone who is more advanced than me, Establish a relationship with with them, And just you know, Ask them things like people who already made some of the mistakes that You did can save you a lot of time and money, Sometimes by just sharing with you what t were a able to learn by the themselves along the way. So these are my four tips of things that I think everyone should have if t are serious about their ccna again, There are many other solutions out there.

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