If you are considering, Are thinking about getting your Cisco CCNA the 200-301 on certification, But have some concerns or questions like. How do I start or what should I study this article is for you in this article I'm going to share with you the three major things that you need to do in getting your CCNA and for those of you who are new to the channel. If we haven't been introduced yet my name is keith barker, I'm a CC cie, A cisco, Certified internet work expert got my first one in 2001 and another one in 2003 and I love Cisco technologies. So let's talk about the three main important steps you need to do to get your CSUN a number one. We need some kind of focused structured study material.

What do you mean Keith? Well, I'm talking about a book, A very thorough book that covers all of the bullet points from the blueprint. This can be very thorough or a article training series it covers each and every point whatever you want to use is great, But you need to get that in place. So there's a lot of great options out there on the internet and available. Today I work for CBT Nuggets. We have one option: it is a paid subscription model for CBT Nuggets. It includes our entire library.

Let me just share with you what it looks like from a CCNA perspective, So in CCNA there are how many hours, Like 50 plus hours of training for CCNA, Specifically in the training list else, Has Microsoft and VMware and other software as well. But for our purposes here this is one of the many options that are available out there in the world for structured training. That covers every single item and if you are not yet a member at EveDumpsor I want to give it a try, There's a link below that you can click on and sign up for a free 7-day trial to go ahead and take a look at It so that's one some structured focused way of covering all the blueprint topics and making sure you have the training in place for that and what are the challenges and opportunities in getting an end-to-end study program is how do you know what's great or how do you Know what's really useful or what other people's used, And that brings us to our second major point of what you need, And that is a community.

We need a community of people who are also studying or willing to help you in your studies for CCNA, And so in that community. You can ask about , What training resources do you use, And what? What do you do this helpful in your studies? You can also study and ask questions back and forth and as part of the Keith Barker channel here on EveDumps, We have such a community, And also we have a discord server where you can jump in ask questions. Is thousands strong, And so, If you want there's a link down below also for the discord server, Which is also free, So my EveDumps playlist here to help reinforce the topics in CCNA is free here on EveDumps in the master playlist, The discord servers free. It's a great community. We encourage you to join, Ask questions, Participate, Find study, Buddies and keep on studying the content. Alright.

So let's do a quick review number one. We need some formal structure program that can train us from soup to dessert. So whatever that happens to be get it, Secondly, Get your community and then continue to study and work with your community. That's gonna root for you here, We're rooting for you and third.

This is probably the most important aspect and that is to get hands-on practice. So just memorizing, Oh here's! What a VLAN does. Here's! What a trunk does? here's the tag.

here's IP addressing! here's house up! Nothing works! Now! If all those terms are new to you have no fear in the master playlist, We cover a lot of those topics and whatever you're using for your main structure of studies, Will cover all those topics as well. But the key is it's not enough. Just to memorize data points and facts because in a production, Environment, You're gonna be asked to apply your skills. So, As you study we're going to need practice in reinforcing those skills and the best way of doing that is step, Number three, Probably the most important, And that is hands-on practice now you might be saying well well, Keith, How do I get a hands-on practice? I don't have a whole network here, As I look around. I think I do have a whole network around here, But for for somebody's just getting in I'm just getting into the field of networking and intro at the associate level, There needs to be some options for practice so for hands-on practice.

Let's say we just were learning about something called a trunk or a VLAN or routing and we're learning about those topics we want to practice. Implementing and verifying those techniques. There's three really great ways of practicing, And one of those is absolutely free. So let me share with you some of those options check this out. I think you'll, Like it packet tracer, Is a free simulator from Cisco.

You put a link down below you, Can just go to netacad com sign up for a free account again, It's in the link below, Instead of free account, Download packet tracer for free, And you can configure routers and switches wireless LAN controllers, All the kinds of stuff That you'll learn as you go through the CCNA content, You're studying and get that hands-on practice. And what's the price free, It's free, And I have many many labs that I've built that you can use as a starting point. So you can just get packet, Tracer download, A lab or two for me or all of them if you like and get the hands-on practice with VLANs trunking, Switching and the whole nine yards, Including wireless LAN controllers, All for free, That's, Certainly an option, And I encourage You in fact, Meaning people ask for CCNA, Do I need like. I need to go, Buy hardware and everything.

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The answer is: no. If you have internet access and you're willing to sign up for a free account at Cisco, With netacad calm and get packet tracer, There are so many labs, Including ones I've, Provided that can help you in your practice. You do not, I repeat, You do not need to purchase any physical gear to practice all right. Having said that, If you do want to purchase gear to practice, You can do that too.

That's certainly an option like on eBay or use gear, But you know if you don't have the funds for that or you don't want to don't have the tolerance for the noise and you don't have to have physical gear because behind the covers it's the same I Mean the commands work the same, Whether it's a simulated environment or physical environment, Big the commands and so forth are intended to work the same and give you that hands-on practice in building and troubleshooting networks and that's what companies want. T want people who can support their network infrastructures. Alright. The third option that I want to share with you is for hands-on practice.

One is packet tracer, That's the number one choice I think for CCNA level iI would be a physical gear and the third option. Let me see about browser here for it, The third option would be CML, Cisco, Modeling labs, It's a license for the purchase from cisco. T have a personal edition, It's $200 us a year, So it does cost money.

But it's yet another way you can drag out. Routers and switches and firewalls and configure them all in a virtualized environment and away you go so for CCNA. I'D recommend packet tracer as hands-on, Hands-on hands-on as your main tool for practicing and anything above that, Including physical gear or Cisco modeling labs, Which is an emulator either. One of those can be used.

Additionally, If you would like to alright, So let me make sure I covered my points and then we'll finish number one get a mane course of study, Whether it's books or a article course and so forth. The solution of that challenge is check out our EveDumpscontent. It's amazing, I can tell you I'm pretty excited about networking, But guess who else is Jeremy Chara also is in created. That course, With us and also network chuck has created.

That course with us. It's Jeremy, Chara Network, Chuck and myself all creating that course. I'D encourage you to least check that out use the link below it'll. Take you right to where you can sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Secondly, As far as communities go join us here on EveDumps, If you like this article click on the thumbs up, That'd be great that other people know subscribe. If you haven't already so you don't miss a single article in the link for this article there's. Also, A link to our discord server, It's also free, So you can join our discord, Server, There's rooms for various topics for regarding CCNA and just have a fun time there, And also after many premieres, We hang out the voice chat rooms.

We talk, I've had an amazing opportunities to chat with so many people that I would not otherwise have so it's just. It's really cool cuz. We can just click on a button, And I can talk with you and it's been a real eye-opener with what are people looking for and and one of the solutions that this channel solves. Is that we're not creating an entire soup to dessert everything you'd ever want to know for Cisco CCNA, But what we are creating this? The problem. We'Re solving is that when somebody studying something like routing or switching or trunking or VLAN or network programmability - and t like just not quite getting it - this EveDumps channel, Which you, If you haven't already yet click on subscribe, This youtube channel is gonna fill a lot of Those holes and it's gonna, Help reinforce and there's been so many light.

I went to this course and it didn't cover that or I went to all this training. I never picked that up or oh my gosh, That's how it really works. That's that's the key of what we can get.

That's the problem this channel solves. Is that as you go through the articles and enjoy the time together and then jump in discord, We have conversations back and forth it's that light bulb going off like. Ah I get it like there's one coming. I get all the time. Why didn't? Why didn't somebody else? Just explain it like that.

I said what are my goals in this channel is to take concepts and present them in a way that I would have loved receive them. When I was first learning, I've been doing networking for close to thirty years and a CCIE in routing switching for almost twenty and then a CCI in security for about eighteen, Based on the time of this articles show maybe even longer all right. So, , So number one get a major course of study to join a community and put in the time enjoy and join joy and third get hands-on practice, And I release new articles on this channel at least twice a week. We also have an online quiz on Sundays, Which is fantastic. 11:00 am Pacific time.

We can support up to 2000 people, So the first two thousand people get into the quiz and then we focus like it's like the the best of two worlds of flashcards, Which are great to help, Remember, Topics and also games. So you take games and flashcards. You can put them together in a topic. You love and I host them once a week and up to 2000 people can play join us mark your calendar right now for Pacific time, 11:00 am every Sunday. What do I do next Keith? What do I do? Next? I would start by identifying what your main course of action is gonna, Be so, Whether whether your study material, Whether it be EveDumpsor somebody else, There's a lot of great training out there. I believe in our trainings at EveDumps.

You do the lab right there and get that hands-on practice as you go through it's fantastic, But whatever training resource you use, That's great identify one find out from others. If it's a good one use it bring it along and then start studying, Set a schedule carve out some time every day and study. Secondly, Join our community here in EveDumps by joining well subscribing, And then you can join on discord. Those are both free, We'd love to have you, And the third is do the hands-on, Which will be I'll.

Do I do packet tracer labs, Two or three a month, And I found those to be very, Very useful and getting people getting hands-on practice, Which again is absolutely free. I also commit commit just that. You know what maybe it's my time if you're nine to ninety, I don't care where you are in that frame if you are just getting into cisco certification, For you know the basic entry-level associate level stuff. This is your place.

My call to action for you right now is down below. There is a link for the master playlist. That's here on EveDumps, It's just a collection of live streams and content. I'Ve created regarding Cisco, CCNA topics.

If you click on that master play to side book market, So take a moment right now. You pause me if you want bookmark that playlist and then work your way through it and we're gonna start off with you know the basics intros to like what does the server one was a client and how t communicate and then start to build upon those. So take a look at that first article and just enjoy it have a great time studying is fun. So thanks for joining me in this article on the three main things we need to do for success in CCNA and I'll see you in future live events and articles or tools and tips. Today regarding getting your CCNA.

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