The re-certification rule of the new version of CCIE in 2021 is the credit system.

Recertification requires 120 credits. The core exam can accumulate 80 credits and the optional exam is 40 credits. Certificate validity
period: 3 years.

Three ways to re-certify:

Pass any one core exam + one CCNP optional exam
Pass any three CCNP elective exams
Pass any one direction CCIE LAB exam

Notes to share:

1) The CCIE written test was taken before February 24, 2020, and it is still within the validity period (the IE written test is valid for 18 months) can
take the new LAB exam directly.
2) If you have obtained CCNP certification before February 24, 2020:
If you currently hold a valid CCNP certification, from the day you obtained the certification or the most recent update of the certification
(whichever is more Within three years from the nearest date), you can directly take the CCIELAB exam in the same direction.

Affected by the epidemic, the validity period of the certificate is extended by 180 days.

It is understood that each small partner has a validity period of 3 and a half years. Dear students, check if your validity period has been delayed?

The latest case sharing analysis:

March 2018 start to September 2021 is called certified status;

If there is no re-certification in September 2021, it will become a suspend state; in this state until September 2022, if there is no written test certification during the period, there will be no more and you need to retake the CCIELAB test. , it will become a re-certified state, which is normal.

Every time there is a buffer period, if you do not take the test before the re-certification expires in April 2020, it will be in a suspend state before April 2021.
certified status and re-certified status, and Emeritus status after 20 years, are normal. The suspend state is a buffer period, during which time Cisco Gold and Silver Medals and agents cannot be linked.


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