Many new CCNA candidates have a lot of questions about Cisco exam registration. After reading this, EveDumps believe you will understand how to prepare for ccna exam and how to choose ccna dumps.

1. Is it just a matter of carrying out the ccna question bank or dumps?

A: Yes, you can pass the cisco exam dumps. The exam is the original question on the question bank. The title and option description of the multiple-choice question are the same as the question bank. The order of the options will change. The question type of the experiment question is the same as the question bank. The IP address of the experimental data will change.


2. What is the ccna exam code, question type, and score?

A: CCNA exam code 200-125, the test time is 140 minutes, the total score is 1000 points, and the score is 810 points. RS CCNA Exam questions: multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, and experimental questions. At present, the exam generally takes about 50 questions, the test is randomly selected, at least 3 experimental questions, and the drag-and-search questions are generally 0-3, and the rest are multiple-choice questions.

(1) The multiple-choice question is the original question. The description of the questions and options is the same as the question bank, and the order of the answers will change.

(2) Tow the picture, when the test is only to see the final result is correct, give some points to calculate the subnet mask, drag the left IP address to the corresponding position in the right picture, the IP address during the test There will definitely be changes, the questions are exactly the same, and you should understand the mastery when you look at the question bank.

(3) The experimental questions, the question type, the test site, and the method of doing the test remain unchanged, and the experimental data will change. The experimental questions are also simple drag and drop, or directly enter the command on the original question (clicking on the input command can directly call the command is very simple.

(4) The score, CCNA exam has no specific score for each question, the score is 300 points, and there is 300 points for one question. The multiple-choice questions and the drag-and-drop questions are about 10 points together, and the total score of the experimental questions is about 300 points.


3. When I was taking the exam, would I also like to ask a few answers on the question bank?

A: The exam is the same as on the question bank. The multiple choice question will prompt you to choose a few answers.


4. Does ccna have restrictions on applicants?

A: The US Cisco certification ccna ccnp ccie is an international exam and a business exam. No training requirements, no training can also be directly tested, as long as you can pass the exam. No requirement for education, major, age or region


5. When is the ccna exam time?

A: There is no fixed time for the exam. You can test when you want to, but you must register in advance to make an appointment. Exams are available in large and medium-sized cities across the country.


6. What time can ccna take in the morning and what time can I take in the afternoon?

A: It depends mainly on the opening time of the test center. The test time is open from 9:00 to 5:00, depending on the opening time of the test center.

7. Can I directly test CCNP?

A: Cisco certification requires CCNA to be tested before you can take CCNP. If you have completed CCNP and have not tested CCNA, Cisco will not issue you a certificate. There is no certificate. Of course, Cisco is allowed to directly test CCIE RS Exam.


8. When does the ccna question bank change?

A: ccna question bank has been very stable and will not change in a short time. According to our experience, it will generally change in 2-3 years. The so-called change is also to add some new questions on the original basis. Not all content has been changed.


9. What is the general salary of CCNA?

A: The current salary is about 3500-6500. Specifically look at the unit.


10. What services are included in the registration exam?

(1) Global test sites can be arranged to be responsible for all registrations before the test.

(2) Join vip Q & A group, full-time lecturer answering questions

(3) Answer the exam 'emphasis' difficult 'experiment' test process to avoid mistakes

(4) ccna classic video to further consolidate ccna knowledge


11. How long does the ccna e-Cert receive, how do I apply for both paper and electronic?

A: Students who register themselves in vue can register for a Cisco account password and apply for a certificate.

The e-Cert application will take 10 days to receive. The paper takes 6-8 weeks to receive, and the paper certificate comes from the US Cisco Post, so it is slower. If you are an urgent student, you can choose to apply for an electronic. The electronic certificate is in PDF format and has the same value as a paper certificate.

There is no Cisco stamp on the paper certificate, and there is no stamp on the transcript. Many people think that the paper certificate has a Cisco stamp, and it must be paper-based. The Cisco mailing paper certificate is also printed by electronic mail to you. Just like printing it yourself, it's just that the paper is different. It's the difference. It's the difference between printing paper, and everything else is the same.

For the first time, CCNA can only apply for a certificate for free. If you apply for paper for free, you can't apply for e-commerce for free, but you can buy an e-certificate for 20 yuan. If you apply for the e-commerce free of charge, you can purchase a paper certificate of 110 yuan, ccna re-certified students, the application for a certificate is a fee.


12. Can you register for registration?

A: You can invoice, the invoice amount and content are all set by the customer, but you need to charge 5% of the invoice amount. The invoice is our Shanghai head office, and the regular machine calls the ordinary invoice.

1 Invoice header 2 Amount 3 Content 4 Mailing address, send me four messages. The courier fee is borne by the customer.


13. How long is the certificate valid?

A: If you want to prepare for the CCNP, you need to keep the CCNA certificate valid. If you only need to go to the exam if you only need the CCNA certificate, then the validity period will be useless and the certificate will be permanent. This expiration date is only a time limit for you to take more advanced certification limits, and you must take a more advanced level during this validity period.


14. Does the ccna exam have a re-examination?

A: There is only one examination opportunity for the regular registration CCNA exam. We are only responsible for the registration exam. We are not responsible for the package. There is no free re-examination opportunity. If you have not taken the test, you need to re-pay the money and re-schedule the exam.


15. How much time do I have to register in advance and set the test time?

A: We currently have two registration methods:

CCNA exam fee is 2100 yuan (5 working days can be tested), if you are not in a hurry, register three to four weeks in advance, you can choose to buy 1599 yuan. For those who have not taken the time to take the test, we also provide packaged services. Of course, we must first participate in the training. This is the so-called training package.


16. What do I need for the RS CCNA exam? What documents do you carry, do you have a permit?

A: You must carry two types of documents when you take the test:

The matching of documents must conform to: one type of certificate + two types of documents

One type of document (with photo, within the validity period)

1 second generation ID card

Type II documents (within the validity period)

1 Credit card 2 Bank card with name on the front

The more important things  that you need to review others , the more ccna exam tips will coming in next ccna exam dumps tips


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